Wrong Is Right (1982) Poster


Only Patrick Hale can prevent a desperate president, the head of the CIA, a trigger happy general, terrorists, an arms dealer, and religious fanatics from destroying our world, But he has other things on his mind.
If it doesn't happen on TV, it means nothing!
A very funny look at the world.
In a moment World War III... but first a word from our sponsor.
Patrick Hale was invented for television. He's a superstar TV reporter whose special news broadcasts reach a billion people every day. And in the past ten hours, he has uncovered the most incredible story of his career. The bad news is: it involves the President, Vice-President, Director of the CIA, a trigger-happy general, an Arab terrorist, a European arms dealer, religious fanatics, and the result may be World War III. The good news is: his ratings are going through the roof.

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