White Dog (1982) Poster


Plot Keywords

dog racist
deprogramming actress
burglar rapist
african american blood
pistol reference to star wars
allegory firearm pointed at the camera
sour cream strangulation
animal psychology behavior modification
animal refuge credit card
animal conditioning protective hand mitt
bigot llama
dog escaping from a cage hit with a purse
dog climbing on top of a truck garbage can
garbage falcon
homicidal maniac dog chewing on a cage
searchlight feeding a lion
pulling up one's t shirt and exposing one's skin t shirt
drinking from the bottle whiskey
dog pacing in a cage junkie
wino hand over mouth
trailer park box of chocolates
bare feet bare chested male
horse san bernardino california
compton california barking dog
friendship friend
animal rental euthanizing a dog
film cameraman film camera
film crew throwing darts at a robot cardboard cut out
attacked by a dog robot cardboard cut out
glass repair truck protected by a dog
breaking a window dog jumping through a window
wrestling with a lion safari hat
cowboy hat dog steps on a man's crotch
licked by a dog tug of war with a dog
dog chewing someone's underwear underwear
dog medicine kissing a dog
hollywood hills staple gun
reference to blue cross insurance reference to the screen actors guild
wine aspiring film director
chimpanzee elephant
bear tiger
lion arena cage
arena exhaustion
protective body pads protective mask
gas station filling station
fencing mask hiding under a vehicle
dead dog reference to saint francis of assisi
stained glass window crucifix
finding a dead body leather manica
dog bite neck bandage
arm bandage dog fangs
climbing over a fence fence
trust dart
tranquilizer gun dart gun
reference to dr. jekyll and mr. hyde the novel rifle
cure gun
murdered in a church electric fence
reference to the hound of the basketvilles the novel fear
hate lobotomy
thunder storm
lightning hamburger
killed by a dog murder
death tears
crying train
truck driver truck
truck crashes into a building truck crashes into a dress shop
truck accident giving a bath to a dog
blood on a dog injured dog
pet adoption metaphor
sunbathing climbing up a hill
climbing sown a hill animal cage
jumping over a fence aspca
giving medicine to a dog dogcatcher
street cleaner search
pursuit chase
falling down stairs leg scar
little girl grandfather granddaughter relationship
race relations old man
hospital reference to noah's ark
eating food
feeding a dog screenwriter
cigar smoking filmmaking
reference to lord byron dog muzzle
reference to an academy award reference to john wayne
breaking and entering lost dog poster
lost dog volkswagen beetle
subjective camera polaroid
photograph photographer
camera slow motion scene
stabbed with scissors scissors
watching a movie on tv war movie on tv
attempted rape policeman
police telephone call
rabbit shooting a dog
killing a dog watching tv
kiss german shepherd
dog pound attack dog
animal compound flashlight
dog hit by a car veterinarian
black american bigotry
prejudice cult film
racial violence color in title
animal in title foreign language adaptation
white panties upskirt
panties slip nipple slip
accidental nudity ford mustang
dog attack church
stray dog social commentary
movie studio movie set
los angeles california hollywood california
dog training dog trainer
controversy compassion
boyfriend girlfriend relationship apartment
anti racism car accident
animal trainer tragedy
racism dog actor
animal attack terror
death of friend based on novel
title spoken by character

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