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Author: Bats_Breath from Phoenix, AZ
8 September 2001

Badly butchered version of the TV show Voyagers!, Voyager from the Unknown belongs on Mystery Science Theater. MCA added in goofy sound effects, edited dialogue out and worse of all, had Meeno Peluce come back and reloop dialogue when his voice had already started to change. Jeffery now comes from 1984, not 1982. The sound the OMNI makes is different as his the sound of the Voyagers landing or disappearing. Oh yeah, the cosmos they pass through is missing too. As is the rousing musical score that accompanied the TV series. AVOID this trash and watch the TV series, "Voyagers!"

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Voyagers Are Time Lords

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
1 October 2008

Voyager From The Unknown is a film made from the short lived, but acclaimed Voyager television series. Now that's a series that I'm surprised Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel hasn't picked up to do a 21st century version of.

It's hard to believe seeing Jon-Erik Hexum that in two years he'd be dead, victim of a senseless and stupid accidental shooting. As Phineas Bogg, voyager into time and space and setting history right, he seems so vibrant.

One thing I liked about this film is that while the bridging narrative is somewhat clumsy, it does give an indication of who the voyagers are and what they do. Maybe another word for them is Time Lords and is it possible their planet is named Gallifrey?

More than that, has the TARDIS been reduced to the size of an old watch. Just press the button and you're off. Well computers were once the size of buildings so anything is possible.

A lot of this film is taken from the episode involving Hexum and his young companion Meeno Peluce on the doomed Titanic where they meet another Voyager(Time Lord) in the person of shapely Tracy Brookes Swope. I did like the banter between Hexum and her.

I do hope the Voyager show is revived.

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Not the best but really a good single-shot intro to the series

Author: russedav from United States
27 February 2014

This is a combination/remake of episodes 1, Voyagers + 15 Voyagers of the Titanic. The negative reviews are really VERY uncalled for so I had to give this to even up the score at 2+ & 2-. I grant that the special effects aren't fantastic, but that misses the point. If you stand back and look at the big picture, as with most action adventure sci fi this is about RELATIONSHIP, and considering this is Jon-Eric's first starring role, it's really good for those with eyes to see, unlike the bad reviewers. It's absurd how just like blind brainwashed people talk about folk being "black" or "white" when scientifically everyone is really different shades of melanin brown, so too, the sickos that say this is NAMBLA territory are also useful idiots for perverts. Those who aren't mindless tools know this is the wonderful gift specifically of Phineas being the dad Jeffrey never had and generally of him being a hero saving history, though I do think it would have come off better if it had been less camp/silly and more serious, but most audiences are sadly too childish for that. What's particularly irritating about these negative reviews is their at least potentially fatal interference with what might have been an attempt at reviving the series, which would be a wonderful idea, though pretty hard to follow in Jon-Eric's heroic footsteps, though I'd love to see Star Gate Atlantis's Joe Flanigan take that lead. Don't let the inappropriately negative reviews fool you into missing out on this. They have a right to their opinion but that doesn't make them authoritative and I can guarantee many disagree.

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Actually it's garbage....

Author: EraserheadDr from United States
9 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, this film really didn't need to be released, because of the TV series "Voyagers". First of all, i'll talk about the mistakes in the film. It shows Phinneas Bogg as the voyager flying through time, and you can briefly see each time that he has a string on his back. Also, Meeno Peluce's voice changes a lot in this. Sometimes he talks with a deeper voice. Since the film was made in 1982, Jeffrey says that it was 1984. That same scene, Phinneas says, " 1984", but the way his mouth is moving, he's saying 1982.

So it has a few errors in the film that are pretty noticeable. Now to the story of it. It hasa good story to it, but the mistakeas make it horrible. It's about a voyager named Phinneas Bogg that has a job going back in time to make the history of wherever he's at has to make it look right and better. So, I suppose Phinneas was suppose to go see Christopher Columbus, because of this line..., "This isn't 1492...where's Columbus kid?!" So at that time he meets Jeffrey from a window he crashes through, and accidentally thrown out the window, with his dog with Phinneas's guide book.

The voyager guide book tells him what he has to do in order to get the job done. Strange huh? Well him and Jeffrey, an 11 year boy, go and try to make history happen rightly. So, they visit The Wright Brothers, Titanic, the World War, and few more places. But I mean, the film didn't have to be made, since there was already gonna be a TV Series of it. But actually, this is how the boy Jeffrey ends up with Phinneas Bogg in the first place.

So, it has an interesting story about going back in time, and making history happen. The only thing is the mistakes and maybe the choice of actors in the film. Jon Erik Hexum plays Phinneas Bogg. I think he really plays a good part as starting as an actor, unfortunately he died of that accidentally shooting that happened. But still I think the film is okay, but just never lived up to success in cinema very well.

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