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Funny and heartwarming
schlenn1 December 2002
Nolie Minor (Robby Benson) and his elderly grandfather, Ross Minor (George Burns), are two of a kind in that nobody seems to believe in them but each other. Nolie, a mentally retarded 21-year-old man with the intelligence of a child, goes to a special school for the mentally retarded and lives at home with his parents, who can't seem to agree on how to raise their son. His father (Cliff Robertson) struggles with embarassment over Nolie's disability and wants to see him independant as an adult, while his overprotective mother (Barbara Barrie) is unwilling to let him go and still treats him like a child. Meanwhile, 81-year-old Ross is left by Nolie's parents in a nursing home, where he is given medications that seem to take all the life out of him. When Nolie goes to the home to visit his grandfather for the first time in two years, he is shocked and heartbroken to find him bound to a wheelchair, unable to respond or communicate. However, he is determined to bring his grandfather back to the old "Papa Ross" that he has once known. Nolie visits him frequently in the home to do exercises with him and spend time with him, and gradually sees Ross improve back to the way he was. At the same time, Nolie learns some valuable lessons about life from his grandfather, who frequently calls him "Einstein" and encourages him to always believe in himself. In summation, this movie has its funny moments and its sad moments, but is basically a poignant story of the power of love between a boy and his grandfather, and how believing in someone can truly make a difference in their lives.
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A gem...
FilmFella30 July 2000
A film that will put a smile on your face. Robby Benson is perfect as a mildly retarded young man; and the late, great George Burns is a delight as his grandfather. If you get a chance to view this film, you won't be sorry. (The only thing that really hurts this film is a sappy, early-80s musical score.)
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Very realistic parents
Cal-161 August 2001
While it's true that Robby Benson and George Burns did a remarkable job in this movie, Cliff Robertson and Barbara Barrie also deserve much applause. They both demonstrated so well the awkwardness of a father who loves his family but is having a difficult time making that love understood, and a mother who is dealing with a disabled child the best way she knows how but is unwilling to accept his growing independence. Their portrayals are true-to-life. I know. I've been there myself.
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What A Magnificent Journey! What A Powerful Message!
liberalgems19 May 2008
Movie making doesn't get any better than "Two Of A Kind!" This is one of the most deeply moving films I have ever had the the privilege to watch! The chemistry between Robby Benson and George Burns is magnificent! The acting is so phenomenal, I'm going to locate any film Robby Benson has ever made! I miss George Burns, and I have never seen him in a drama before! At first, I almost didn't recognize him! He was that good!

This is a story about two men on the fringes of American society: an elderly man in a nursing home who is suffering from a deep depression and at the same time, being over medicated; and his mildly retarded grandson, who also happens to be very clever and tough! He cuts through all the B.S. and gets the job done! He is truly a man!

"Two Of A Kind" will remind anyone who has forgotten, in a concrete way, what the power of love and a strong will can accomplish! Lets hope Hollywood starts making more films like this one! And isn't it about time "Two of A Kind" is released on DVD? I think it's very important more people see this subversive film!
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Two Incredible People!
Cal-1622 July 2001
This is a story of a beautiful relationship between grandfather (Papa Ross) and grandson (Noel). Papa Ross had been written off by his family and was doomed to a bleak future in the nursing home. After all, his son and daughter-in-law had a retarded son to care for. Taking care of both would be too much for them. Papa Ross was getting weaker and weaker, and had become quite uncommunicative. Noel loved Papa Ross and refused to give up on him. Taking what he learned in his life-skills classes and what he knew about Papa Ross' life in previous years, he helped his beloved grandpa rediscover joy and become active again. Each helped the other, arriving at the story's fantastic conclusion.

As the mother of a son with a similar disability, I especially appreciate Robbie Benson's portrayal of Noel as a warm, loving, incredibly sweet human being. He must have done extensive preparation for this role because he did it exceedingly well. Robbie, if I had the power, I would give you an Emmy for this film.
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Many probably passed this by, but shouldn't
tearianamcfarland15 October 2012
If I could give this a 15 out of 10 I would. It is that good. As other reviewers stated all the actors did an incredible amazing job. Sadly the other film by the same name is what comes up when you "Google" "Two of a Kind," that film in my opinion was "ok" maybe a 6 out of 10?

There is definitely humor, but you have to wait for it. And what Noelie says to Grandpa when he first sees him after a long time of not being allowed to is permanently engraved on my heart, silly I know, but that just the way it is.

So if your looking for amazing, fantastic, incredible storyline and acting, a movie that will stay with you forever, this one is it.
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