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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Dorothy is in Julie's flat trying to calm a wailing child by holding it in her arms and running around in circles, the baby isn't actually crying at all.


In the final scene between Julie and Michael, a taxicab appears and disappears over Julie's left shoulder.
Julie throws the flowers that Dorothy gives her on the table twice.
When Sandy comes over and surprises Dorothy in her apartment, she takes her coat off twice.
When Julie and Dorothy are talking in Julie's kitchen, Julie's trousers change twice.
When Dorothy and Julie are practicing their lines, her baby is sitting near her facing Dorothy in one shot, camera goes to Dorothy and then snaps back and the baby is facing in the other direction.
Dorothy's purse disappears between shots on the staircase in the party scene
In the scene where George Fields and Michael Dorsey are arguing in George's office about Michael's being difficult to work with, the pen in George's hand and on his desk disappears between scene cuts consistently.
In the party scene, when Michael (out of drag) meets Julie and lays "the line" on her, she throws a drink in his face. The drink hits the back of the man behind them. The man jumps, but doesn't turn around. When Michael turns to dry his face on the man's coat, the coat is dry - and Julie's glass still has champagne in it.
When Michael is packing his clothes for the trip, they move around in his suitcase between shots.
When Sandy bangs on the door to Michael and Jeff's apartment, Michael removes his wig, tosses it on the dining table, and runs into the shower to remove his makeup. Jeff does not take the wig off the table, but when he let's Sandy in, the wig is no longer there.

Revealing mistakes 

In the beginning of the movie, when Michael is auditioning for a part in various shows, the speaking voice of the director is exactly the same for each play.

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