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Remarkably funny and entirely convincing, film pulls off the rare accomplishment of being an in-drag comedy which also emerges with three-dimensional characters.
This movie gets you coming and going.
Boston Globe
Tootsie, the story of a man who liberates himself by masquerading as a woman, is the funniest, most revealing comedy since "Annie Hall." [17 Dec 1982]
This year's miracle is called Tootsie. It is not just the best comedy of the year; it is popular art on the way to becoming cultural artifact.
As hilarious as it is touching and tasteful at the same time, Tootsie will offend no one and uplift anyone who watches it.
Rather than confront what it sets up, it takes the one joke and runs - till it runs out of steam.
There are several solid laughs and some excellent supporting performances. But this is a film to be wary of.

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