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It has its redeeming qualities

Author: lomedae from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
27 March 2000

No matter how you put it, this movie was created to contain as many gimmicks as possible to exploit the 3D theme. And as such it succeeded beautifully.

I have seen this movie when I was 13, close to when it came out.

Little other movies of the 80s have made quite the same impact. No, it's not a good movie by normal standards. But Yes, this is probably the best 3D movie ever made, and as such is worth a couple of lines in someone's book.

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Loved it as a kid...

Author: Wizard-8 from Victoria, BC
2 June 1999

When I was a kid, I saw this movie and I loved it. I thought it was one of the best movies I'd ever seen. Ten years later, I picked it up at the video store to take another look.



This is a bad movie! Really bad! Cheesy, badly dubbed, almost everything is done badly. Love those wires on the "floating" key! The climax is hilarious!

One good thing about the movie: Ever reliable Ennio Morricone gives the movie a good score.

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I can see the string!

Author: Aaron1375
12 April 2001

I remember this movie coming on numerous times on HBO and Cinemax when I was a kid and I watched it every chance I could. I know now that it was a cheesy movie and if I watched it again it would probably be not as good as I remembered, but I did like it when I was a kid. Sure most 3-d movies do the hokey sticking stuff in your face routine, and this movie is no different, but I still enjoyed it. Even though during one scene of the movie you can see the string on the "flying" key. The parts I enjoyed most are the first and last parts of the movie. The lead guy in the first part has to get through various traps to retrieve this key thing. I always love boobey traps. The middle just consists of him recruiting people to help retrieve the two crowns. Then it is like a spy movie as they break into some cults palace that has numerous traps. And yes there were only three crowns, one only had paper, the other two had gems, the forth one supposedly was broken by someone who tried to open it without the key. I don't think this was in the original foriegn version. I think it was mentioned only because Treasure of the Three Crowns just doesn't have the same type of ring to it. In the end many of the characters die, and perhaps they get the stones or not...I would say but I don't want to spoil the really dumb ending.

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OK, if seen in 3D

Author: bukster007 ( from iowa city, Iowa USA
14 March 2000

I remember this movie being shown endlessly on HBO on Saturday afternoons in the 80's. Clearly trying to cash in on "Raiders of the Lost Ark", the only thing this film had going for it was the 3D and this is sadly missing on the video version. Strings are completely visible, repititous scenes of objects being poked at the camera and bad dubbing make for a difficult watch. Too bad MST3K didn't get a hold on this one.

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What Did I Just Watch?

Author: Ethan R Firl from California
29 January 2003

Watching this movie in the theater as a teenager with my friends was great fun - we howled and made fun of the film all of the way through, which was okay because everyone in the room was doing the same thing. That should tell you just how bad this movie is: so bad it's good. The thing is, I think the people responsible for this trainwreck meant for it to be a serious action film. Well, they didn't succeed. Instead what we got was really fake-looking special effects, bad acting and a story that barely held together. Other than the fact that the film is laughable the only reason to watch it would be to see Anna Obregon, the Spanish beauty.

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3D flick of people trying to get wanted gems

Author: SonlightPics from Florida, USA
30 April 1999

A bad movie with cheap 3D tricks (a spear in your face, looking at a rope hanging down). Now, I saw this when it originally came out, but I seem to remember that there were only three crowns. I guess they were hoping for a sequel. In any event, I could be wrong since it's been so long since I sat through this very thin, bad film.

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Four crowns, try two.

Author: JAKick
6 October 1999

I remember seeing this movie when I was 11 with my brother, 14. That was in 1982 and we still make fun of it and use it to make jokes. I remember only two crowns and no real purpose to the

3-D. This was just a bad movie. Not even good for a " bad movie night." Just stay away from it. Save that time in your life for something important, like cleaning lint form your bellybutton.

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Now, what else can we make 3-D?

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
11 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh sweet irony, thy name be "Treasure of the Four Crowns"… This movie revolved its entire promotional campaign on the unique selling proposition of 3-D effects, but it's this exact same gimmick that continuously muddles up the pacing and negatively affects the script's coherence. Instead of dedicating all their time and efforts to searching for as many 3-D possibilities as humanly possible, the makers should have focused on their narrative structure and continuity a little more. It sounds like a rookie mistake, but in fact director Ferdinando Baldi and co-writer/main star Tony Anthony should have known better. The duo previously made the underrated but splendid spaghetti western "Blindman", and that movie strangely enough revolved entirely on detailed character drawings and story building instead of on effects. I haven't had the pleasure (?) yet of seeing their other 3-D film, the oddly titled western "Comin' At Ya!", but I fear it'll be as bad as this one, judging by the rating and user comments. As you can undoubtedly derive from the title and cover image, "Treasure of the Four Crowns" is another Italian attempt to cash in on the huge success of early 80's adventure movies, more particularly the Steven Spielberg classic "Raiders of the Lost Ark". You know the principle of these Italian rip offs: everything has to be a lot more grotesque! Tony Anthony pretends to be a genuine Indiana Jones and the adventurous opening sequence lasts at least three times as long as the intro of "Raiders". Anthony plays J.T. Stryker, a professional adventurer hired to recover two out of four magical crowns from the malicious hands of the occult sect leader Brother Jones. According to the assignor, these Crowns hold the power to solve all the earthly issues like war, poverty, famine etc … only it's never really explained HOW. The evil Jones keeps the crowns in a hi-tech secured temple with laser alarm systems and deadly booby traps, so Stryker and his team of hired circus artists spend the majority of the film climbing walls and hurling on ceilings. There's plenty of action & stunts in the film, but it quickly gets really boring because it's always the same. Of course, it didn't help that wasn't wearing my 3-D goggles, but still, even then the action sequences would rapidly get repetitive. The last half hour is utterly atrocious and full of twists & turns that don't make the slightest bit of sense. Heroic characters die in the most ridiculous ways imaginable, faces get deformed and go back to normal and the fate of the titular crowns is inconclusive. The only truly great element is, as usual, Ennio Morricone's music.

Browsing through IMDb, I learned that director Baldi passed away very recently; on the 12th of November 2007. I wished I could have written better things about his movie, but it's simply not very good. Personally, I'll remember him for the aforementioned western "Blindman".

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Raiders of the Lost Ark Wanna Be

Author: Steve Van Loon from St. Clair Shores, MI, USA
13 June 2004

This movie is absolutely awful. As a kid of 8 years old, I saw this at the movies with my brother. I remember being bored during it then, but the idea of fantastic powers from crowns appealed to me.

I recently found it on Ebay and was excited to get it. Now, I look back on this movie as just trying to make a buck off of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the additional gimmick of 3D.

There is not character development. There isn't any point as to why the 3D effects have to happen. You can see all the strings used for the fireballs, darts, and the flying key.

I can just imagine the "creative team" thinking this movie up. "If one rolling ball was good for Indy, why not create 2 or 3 flaming rolling balls coming at the lead character."

This movie isn't even bad funny. To quote comic book guy, "worst movie ever."

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A Tale of Adventure, Romance, and FOUR...No Wait..TWO CROWNS

Author: FlyingWoodchuck from United States
7 April 2006

Treasure of the Four Crown in 3-D is the heartwarming story of a man suffering from impotency (Tony Anthony) who races through Southern California with the government closing in. A hypnotist (Ana Obregon) reluctantly helps in the daring plot. Gene Quintano disturbs in the role of fetishist "Edmond". While the performances are rather uneven overall, you won't forget Kate Levan in her breakout role as "Possessed Woman".

The film though cannot be fully appreciated unless viewed in 3-D. Only then do the strings attached to the "floating key" and the fact that there's only two crowns shown in the movie (though a third is briefly mentioned) truly jump out a come alive for the viewer.

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