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A lost treasure...

Author: steve-millunzi-1 from United States
18 October 2006

Unfortunately this show was cancelled way too early. I had a chance to ask Stephen Collins about it once and he said it had more to do with politics between the network and the executive producer than it did with ratings. Yes, it was obviously inspired by the success of Raiders of the Lost Ark but that doesn't make it bad. Where would Battlestar Galactica be without Star Wars or The Facts of Life without Cooley High? The point is this was a great family adventure show. A fun cast aided Jake Cutter, a cargo plane pilot, in his efforts to make a living in the South Seas in 1938 while avoiding the Japanese and Nazis in the pre-WWII era. A highlight has to be the one-eyed dog, Jack. Jake lost Jack's glass eye in a poker game - classic. This dog was part Lassie and part Clyde (Every Which Way But Loose) and he understood several languages. Sarah and Corky rounded out an ensemble of comic relief that made this show as entertaining as it was exciting. Even though this was in the mold of 1930's action serials this show was pure 80's - a harmless romp. My only hope is that the complete set (all 21 episodes) will become available on DVD so some day when I have kids I'll be able to show them what family television used to be all about. They may have buried this show in the television oblivion but they'll never take away that one year my whole family watched Gold Monkey every week. Awesome.

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Best TV adventure show

Author: Andy4444 from United States
29 August 2006

I remember when this came out and it blew me away. I had seen Raiders of the Lost Ark and this was in the same genre. A former American Volunteer Group (aka "Flying Tigers") fighter pilot in the late 1930's has his own Grumman Goose flying boat and sets up shop on a fictional south Pacific island run by a cool Franch magistrate. He has a mechanic named Corky and a great sidekick, a one-eyed dog named Jack. His love-interest is a woman named Sarah, who is a covert spy for the American government. Surrounded by the Japanese military and their nazi allies, as well as remote islands full of lost treasure, it's a dangerous and exotic location and every "milk run" job Jake flies turns into a swashbuckling adventure (of course!).

The pilot was especially good, with lots of action, lovable good guys and a great twist at the end. In fact, with a bigger budget it could've been a fine theatrical film.

And if you love old airplanes, there's no question what the draw to this show was.

A final note: Bellisario concocted this show in the late 1970s, prior to the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the networks suits wouldn't bite until they saw how well Spielberg's film did, so it's not fair to call this a ripoff. Spielberg wasn't the only film maker or writer rediscovering the magic of 1930s-era adventure stories.

And this was one of the best.

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We loved this as kids

Author: craig-brown-1 from Australia
24 June 2005

I remember my buddy Mike in particular hooked me and my buddies onto this series. And of course we were all instantly hooked. What's not to love about an adventure series with a flying plan, a dog with an eye-patch, and a bunch of evil Nazis. Did I mention the beautiful women and the sly Frenchman? Mike already had a fixation with planes and this set him off as a fan of those old flying boats (or was it floating plane?) This was a great movie at a great time. Computer games were a wonderous and exciting things (Defender and and Battlezone were at the local pub we had the occasional Saturday night dinner at.) Indiana Jones was thrilling us. Our local town cinema was even running the 20's (30s?) version of Buck Rogers on Saturday afternoons as a preview to the feature movie.

This TV series was a classic example of the innocence of those times and the adventures we dreamed about.

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Author: rolietm-1 from United States
4 March 2007

1982 was a good year for TV. Magnum, Fall Guy, and The Golden Monkey. The Golden Monkey was a well crafted hour.... something you just can't find on the tube nowadays other than syndicated re-runs. Magnum was tops but The Monkey was special and I was stumped when the next year came and it didn't. Perhaps I'm old school and like the simplicity of family view type shows. They just don't do the Magnums and Monkeys like they used to. Foolsihly lost in nostalgia is where I belong as my little children that used to watch these old shows are now watching what I used to. They also agree that the best stuff to watch is the old stuff. Now where's that cold beer and chili dog... Magnums on at 7:00 and maybe just maybe, The Golden Monkey will pop up.

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Excellent Show shame it's not on video

Author: gazzhammond-2 (gazzhammond@hotmail.com) from Hereford, England
8 October 2000

I have watched the episodes many times and considered them excellent, shame they are getting old now and need replacing. Hopefully the series will be available on tape or preferably on DVD. Then people to young to see them at the original airing can see the show!!

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Raiding Raiders

Author: Fluke_Skywalker from United States
24 March 2016

Raids 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' in nearly every way imaginable, from the time period and search for a mysterious artifact (the titular Gold Monkey) to the two-fisted, leather jacket wearing hero battling Nazi bad guys. It's not like Indy is exactly %100 original, but coming right on the heels of 'ROTLA', 'Tales' does seem like it's definitely raiding Raiders.

Stephen Collins (yeah, I know, me too) is reasonably effective as Wannabe Jones, and a few "Oh, yeah. Him/her!" types round out the cast. The script features the occasional bit of wit, and the production values are above average. The show only ran for one season, but it has developed a bit of a cult following over the years (current IMDb rating is a more than respectable 8.2). The components for a reasonably fun bit of weekly escapism are here in this pilot episode, though I don't quite see it as being a, well, lost treasure.

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This show was Brilliant!!!!

Author: james826 from United Kingdom
17 October 2008

I have fond memories of watching this show in Hong Kong as a kid and loving it. This show decided my young mind's career prospects, all I wanted to be was a bush pilot in the South Pacific.

Many years later in the early '90's when was I on an Universal Studio tour the bit that I really remember being the highlight was seeing "Cutters Goose" sitting on the lot.

You can now download "Cutters Goose" to fly on Flight Simulator 2004, 2 versions, 1 comes with Corky, 1 with Sarah as your co-pilots, both come of course with Jack, also a neat switch which plays the theme tune.

Definitely will buy the DVD if it ever comes out,if anything just to show the kids that there was a time when T.V shows could be watched and enjoyed by the whole family without worries about too much adult themes, bloodshed or swearing.

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Raders this show was not

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
13 July 2004

I remember being a kid, waiting for summer to be over to watch this show. Hey, the commerical made this show another Raiders of the Lost Ark. In the end, this was another cheap telivision rip off. Maybe, the build up was too much. I found the stories too long, and draged out. The action too tvish. The lead actor was no Harrison Ford. Maybe, if I watched this show as a adult I would like it better, but I only watch a couple of them, and half the movie. My friend Marco liked it, but I found the series to be a big disapointment. In the end, the show did not last that long either. 3 out of 10 Is it even on in reruns. I can not believe I even rememberd it. I guess it was because it was such a bad memory.

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