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  • The Federation along with a group of scientists are working on Project Genesis, which is to bring a dead planet to life. So far the preliminary experiments have been a success. Now for the next phase which is to actually bring a planet to life, a dead planet is required. So the Federation sends a starship, the USS Reliant to find one and its first officer is Commander Pavel Chekov. They come across what appears to be a dead planet in the Ceti Alpha system. But the sensors detect something which makes it not a dead planet. But the Captain thinks maybe they can remove it, so he and Chekov go and investigate. But they find what appears to be a lifepod. When Chekov sees something, he tells the Captain they should leave, but they are captured by the inhabitants. When they meet the leader, Chekov recognizes him as Khan Noonien Singh, the genetic superman from late 20th century whom Kirk found 15 years ago. Khan tried to take over the Enterprise and kill Kirk, but Kirk subdued him and left him on Ceti Alpha V. Khan reveals that Ceti Alpha VI exploded shortly after they were left and the force shifted Ceti Alpha V's orbit which turned the planet into a wasteland. Khan deduces that Chekov and the Captain thought they were on Ceti Alpha VI. When he asks them why they are there, they don't answer, and Khan puts wormlike creatures in them, which makes them susceptible to suggestion. Upon learning why there are there, Khan takes over the Reliant, tries to steal Genesis and have revenge on Kirk. He starts by making Chekov contact the scientist in charge of Genesis and telling her that Kirk has ordered him to take possession of Genesis. She then calls Kirk who has no knowledge of what she is talking about but before they can talk any further, they lose contact. Admiral James T. Kirk is attended by Mr. Spock, who is now in command of the Enterprise, and is taking some cadets on a training cruise. But now he tells them they have to investigate what is happening. So they go and meet the Reliant, that's when Khan attacks the Enterprise crippling it. Khan then calls Kirk and demands that Kirk turn himself and all data on Genesis. Kirk uses the time to come with a counter move which he executes. So while Khan repairs the Reliant, Kirk heads off to find the Genesis scientists.

    - Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com
  • It is the 23rd century. Admiral James T. Kirk is feeling old; the prospect of accompanying his old ship, the USS Enterprise--now a Starfleet Academy training ship--on a two-week cadet cruise is not making him feel any younger. But the training cruise becomes a deadly serious mission when his nemesis Khan Noonien Singh--genetic conqueror from late 20th century Earth--appears after years of exile. He begins capturing Project Genesis, a device holding the power of creation itself, and schemes the utter destruction of Kirk.

    - Written by Gregory A. Sheets <m-sheets2@onu.edu>
  • In the 23rd century, Admiral James T. Kirk is now an instructor in Starfleet Academy, while Captain Spock serves as a cadet training officer, while being in command of the USS Enterprise. Meanwhile, scientists aboard Space Station Regula I are conducting Project Genesis, a top secret experiment, and the USS Reliant is assigned to the project. While surveying a lifeless planet in the Ceti Alpha system, Captain Clark Terrell and Commander Pavel Chekov beam down to the sixth planet, and find a shocking discovery, in which cargo containers are located. Unknown to the Reliant crew was that the cargo containers housed refugees from the Eugenics Wars of 1990s Earth, with Khan Noonien Singh in charge. Khan later revealed that Ceti Alpha VI exploded, and shifted the orbit of the fifth planet as a Mars-like haven. Khan manages to take over the Reliant, and manages to steal the Genesis Device. Admiral Kirk takes the Enterprise on a training mission, and is involved in a surprise attack, in which Khan vows to avenge his exile. Unfortunately, Captain Spock sacrifices himself to save the Enterprise from the premeditated arming of the Genesis torpedo, and after his death, his casket (which is a converted torpedo tube) was fired from the starship.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • It is the 23rd century. The Federation starship USS Enterprise is on routine training maneuvers, and Admiral James T. Kirk seems resigned to the fact that this may well be the last space mission of his career. But Khan Noonien Singh is back. Aided by his exiled band of genetic supermen, Khan--infamous conqueror from late 20th century Earth--has raided Space Station Regula One, stolen a top secret device called Project Genesis, wrested control of another Federation starship, and now schemes to set a most deadly trap for his old enemy Kirk... with the threat of a universal Armageddon!

    - Written by Robert Lynch <docrlynch@yahoo.com>
  • With the assistance of the Enterprise crew, Admiral Kirk must stop an old nemesis, Khan Noonien Singh, from using a life-generating device, the Genesis Device, as the ultimate weapon.

    - Written by Trance


A female Vulcan sits in the command chair on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. While the senior crew and some cadets work at their consoles...

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