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Alternate Versions

A "Director's Edition" was released on DVD in August 2002, which features three minutes of footage not in the theatrical release: (NOTE: The Director's Edition does NOT use the ABC-TV version of Kirk and Saavik's conversation in the turbolift, which was more "steamy" and used close-ups (instead of one long "master" shot). Also, unlike, the ABC-TV version, all "Ceti eel" scenes are NOT edited for content.)
  • Expanded conversation between Kirk and McCoy in Kirk's apartment about his birthday gift, the glasses. Also, McCoy now says "For most patients your age, I'd usually administer Retinax Five". This is an alternate take, since in the theatrical version, he says "recommend" instead of "administer" (Seen in ABC-TV version).
  • Conversation between Kirk and Midshipman Preston in the Enterprise engine room, with Scotty revealing that Preston is his nephew. Also, the "take" at the scene's end with Kirk addressing Scott and McCoy asking "Admiral, what about the rest of the inspection?" is different from the one seen in the theatrical version. Kirk's dialogue is also slightly different. (Seen in ABC-TV version).
  • The scene where Chekov informs Dr. Marcus and her team about their new "orders" via com-pic has been expanded. Carol Marcus now asks "Who gave the order", and the mind-controlled Chekov dances around the answer a bit before David says, "Pin him down, mother" (Seen in ABC-TV version).
  • The scene where the scientists at Regula One argue about Starfleet's "order" is a different take, and has been expanded at the end to show Carol Marcus telling everyone to pack their things up so they can depart before the Reliant arrives. (Seen in ABC-TV version).
  • McCoy and Spock's argument about Genesis in Kirk's cabin has been slightly expanded. They discuss what might happen if Genesis fell into the wrong hands, and whose hands are the "right" ones. Kirk attempts to break the two up, but Spock cuts him off with a comeback to McCoy (Seen in ABC-TV version).
  • Preston's death in Sickbay has been expanded. Preston now says "Aye" and dies in close-up (instead of in the medium shot with Preston's back to the camera and the others visible around the table seen in the theatrical version) Scotty asks why Khan wants revenge. McCoy's line, "I'm sorry Scotty" now comes in the middle of the scene, instead of at the end. After Spock informs Kirk via intercom that impulse power is restored, McCoy and Kirk talk a bit longer, and Kirk says they only survived because he knew something Khan didn't about starships (Seen in ABC-TV version).
  • An added shot of Kirk, Spock and Saavik climbing a ladder between decks has been added, in which Kirk says, "That young man is my son", and Spock replies, "Fascinating". Also, the music in the scene has been "looped" to account for this added shot, but it "loops" at an earlier point than in the ABC-TV version. This makes the music flow better, instead of repeating the same bit of music twice in succession.
  • An extension occurs as the Enterprise approaches the Mutara Nebula. Saavik wonders if Reliant will follow them in, and Spock states that he must remember to teach her about the human ego. The music is "looped" at a different point than in the ABC-TV version to accommodate this extension, and it is thus much less distracting.
The UK cinema and original video version was cut by around 6 secs and released as PG. Only later was the video reissued uncut as a 15 Cert. The scene cut from was a closeup shot of the 'bug' coming out of Chekov's ear.
Network TV version features additional footage not included in theatrical release, including some dialog between Spock and Saavik, where Spock talks about the "human ego."
In the TV version, there are also several scenes that represent alternate takes of scenes present in the theatrical/video version. For example, in the scene on Regula I in which the scientists are debating why the Reliant is coming to take the Genesis project, Kirk's son says, "scientists have always been pawns of the military." Comparison of the two versions makes it clear that they are different takes - he places emphasis on different words, and one scene is slightly longer.
In one of the early US TV versions, there is a scene prior to the Enterprise setting out when Kirk is inspecting Engineering. Kirk was teasing Scotty's nephew about being so young. The Ensign ducks out of formation and hands Kirk a "left handed spanner."
There is a short scene missing in the Network TV version when Kirk is in a shuttle, piloted by Sulu, right before docking with the Enterprise. Kirk makes some glib remark about "having (Sulu) at the helm for three weeks...I don't think these kids can steer"; Sulu responds, "Well I'm delighted." But in the theatrical release, Sulu goes on to say, "Well I'm delighted, anytime to be aboard the Enterprise is a treat."
Another missing scene in the TV version takes place during Kirk's inspection of Engineering. Kirk stands near to Scotty's nephew. Seconds tick by until finally the young midshipman can no longer contain his pride about the state of Engineering and says, "I'm sure you'll find everything is in ship shape, Capt'n". "Oh do you?" Kirk reponds incredulously. "Do you have any idea, midshipman Preston, of the ribbing I get in the officer's mess about the Enterprise, and that it's nothing more than a flying garbage heap?" Stammering, the boy responds, "Oh no sir, the Enterprise is the finest ship in the fleet." At this point Kirk and Scotty have already locked glances and are smiling about their inside joke.
Another alternate take in the TV version is a scene featuring Kirk and an off-duty Saavik talking in a lift. The TV version makes use of close-ups not present in the theatrical release. In addition, Kirstie Alley plays the scene more seductively.
The network version has Kirk's question to McCoy, "It's charming... what is it?" and McCoy replies, "They're for your eyes. For most patients..."
After the death of Preston in sickbay, there is a short scene between Kirk and McCoy. Kirk asks McCoy if he's ok, and McCoy says yes and proceeds to thank Kirk for getting them away from Khan, to which Kirk replies that they're only alive because he knows more about starships than Khan does.
Additional dialogue featuring David Marcus and Saavik was shot for the film's epilogue on the bridge, but this was cut.
Original film prints did not include the "II" in the title.
All versions shown on the Sci-Fi Channel,TBS and TNT, and syndicated television versions are re-edited versions of the theatrical version, and not of the ABC-TV version.
The Kobayashi Maru simulator computer has more dialogue in the ABC version.
In the network TV version, during the sickbay scene where the young Ensign dies, we find out that the Ensign is actually Scotty's nephew, thus explaining Scotty's emotional state. In a version that aired on AMC, the relationship between Scotty and the Ensign is established in a scene where Kirk is inspecting the Engineering section. He and the Ensign have a spirited discussion, afterwards Scotty mentions in a light-hearted asside to Kirk that the Ensign is his Sister's son. In the theatrical version the same scene is shorter, leaving out any mention of who the Ensign is and why Scotty is so upset.
An additional scene found only in the ABC-TV version: After returning to the Enterprise from Regula, Kirk and Spock are climbing a ladder in an access tunnel. Kirk proudly proclaims, "That young man with us? [referring to David Marcus] He's my son!" To which Spock quite wearily offers his token response, "Fascinating."
The Director's Edition also has a different font for the subtitles when Spock and Saavik have their Vulcan exchange in the torpedo bay.

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