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As James is building his snowman, legs and arms appear suddenly.
The positions of the parents as they're sleeping.
When James is turning the light on and off to show the snowman, the switch always remains in the same position.
When James and the Snowman look at the motorcycle from the window, there is no snow on it. When they go outside to ride the motorcycle, there is snow on it.
The teddy bear on the little boy's end table goes from being on the floor to back on the table.
After the Snowman has tried on the parents' clothes in their bedroom, as he leaves we see him in the mirror without his own hat, but in the next shot his hat has reappeared on his head.
When the little boy goes outside to see his snowman, it has just turned midnight, but when he returns to bed after a party with the snowmen and Father Christmas his clock says 11.35.
When the boy comes downstairs there is a pendulum swinging in the grandfather clock. When he is going outside the pendulum has gone.
As the snowman gets off the motorcycle his legs are normal. Next shot shows his legs glowing from the heat of the engine.
When James gets up from bed on the first night his bedside clock says 8:00 but the grandfather clock says 12:00 (approx 5 min 40). When James and the Snowman leave the kitchen to go upstairs the grandfather clock says 8:05 again (9 min 06).

Errors in geography 

They are in the South of England and fly over Brighton and towards the Brighton Pier - this is heading South and Father Christmas is in the North Pole.
When James and the Snowman are flying to the North Pole, they fly over some penguins which are not found in that region.
Before leaving Santa's house, the Snowman points to the sky outside to indicate that the sun is coming up. Any location north of the Arctic Circle, presumably including Santa's house, would be shrouded in darkness around Christmas time, and would not have a rising sun.

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