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Jess Franco's Bloody Moon

  • Fangoria
The weird and wonderful work of controversial genre filmmaking legend Jesus "Jess" Franco came to my attention via an article in Fangoria, the periodical I currently write for. I was in the late 80's and I was in my early teens and one of my favorite Fango scribes, Tim Lucas, had scribbled a piece based on his intrepid investigations into the serpentine oeuvre of the elusive Eurotrash auteur. It was a fascinating column – the first of an ongoing series that would bleed over into Fango's sister magazine, Gorezone – that attempted to differentiate between authentic "Franco's", those he merely had a hand in creatively and the myriad of none-to-clever forgeries.

Reading Lucas's words was akin to following a sort of cinema obsessed Indiana Jones down a spiraling wormhole of weird movie bliss. It was my first master class in the mind boggling world of vintage international exploitation filmmaking and perhaps more profoundly,
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