Porky's (1982) Poster


Plot Keywords

sex revenge
florida virginity
shower sheriff
redneck bar
school strip club
practical joke teacher
prank nightclub owner
high school 1950s
teaching cheerleader uniform
sexual desire sex in laundry room
copulation coitus
panties pulled down upskirt
mini skirt female in shower
girl in panties yellow panties
red panties panties
public nudity leg spreading
lust pubic hair
female pubic hair nude girl
nude topless female nudity
scantily clad female cleavage
prostitute corrupt cop
breasts anti semitic slur
jewish high school student
year 1954 reference to lassie
virgin masturbation
cigar smoking bare breasts
no panties loud sex
fat girl one word title
county sheriff high school comedy
measuring penis penis
male nudity male frontal nudity
locker room sex female rear nudity
female full frontal nudity fake blood
bare butt female nudity
teen movie prank telephone call
nerd anti semitism
woods voyeurism
vest underage drinking
truck trapdoor
towel teacher student relationship
student stripper
smoking singing
shotgun school bus
revolver rebel flag
police peeping tom
motorcycle martial arts
machine gun loss of virginity
locker room jujitsu
high school dance handgun
gym gun
forest flag
fat woman fat man
exotica dancing exotic dancer
erotic dancing dancing
cowboy hat convertible
confederate flag condom
chainsaw car
cabin bus
bridge boxing
boxer boat
beer basketball
cult film crude humour
swamp racism
pig fight
female frontal nudity teen sex comedy
crook nudity
party gay slur
blockbuster con artist
voyeur fraud
gym class roadhouse
teenager erection

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