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It's lewd, it's crude and it's funny - don't try to say you didn't laugh.
A portion of the audience will be strongly offended by Porky's, just as another portion will find it filthy but fun. However, there is no debating the success of Mr. Clark's casting, for he has assembled a cheerful, likable bunch of actors, most of them unknowns.
It has some of ["American] Graffiti's" sweetness of spirit, but none of its style or depth of feeling; it has some of "Animal [House"]'s raunchiness, but none of its loony anarchy.
If, by chance, Porky's should prove to be Melvin Simon's swan song in the film industry, it will either be perceived as a thunderously rude exit or a titanic raspberry uttered to audiences everywhere.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Porky's is crafty, offensive retro-fantasy for one gender. [20 Mar 1982]
Porky's is another raunchy teenage sex-and-food-fight movie.
Chicago Reader
It's as if Russ Meyer had made "Death Wish III" with an adenoidal cast, though it isn't that good.
Boston Globe
Unfortunately, except for one raucous routine, this "Animal House" clone is an overblown, over-publicized, overwrought exploitation flick that's about as funny as the first dirty joke my father told me. [09 Apr 1982]

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