Poltergeist (1982) Poster


Plot Keywords

ghost moving
television first part
star wars reference 1980s
apparition tape recorder
hallucination photographer
upskirt camera
interview tornado
panties real estate agent
bulldozer entity
teenage girl golden retriever
pot smoking watching tv
burial dead canary
little boy remote control
goldfish american football
pet dog skeleton
tv set video cassette
burial ground neighbor
parapsychologist employer employee relationship
phonograph record alternate dimension
psychic investigator paranormal phenomena
sister sister relationship bike riding
reference to star wars brother sister relationship
toy clown life force
video camera lifting a female into the air
boy spreadeagle
crotch shot white panties
television image comes to life television as portal
one word title paranormal investigator
supernatural power suburb
mother son relationship mother daughter relationship
kitchen husband wife relationship
father son relationship father daughter relationship
family relationships object floats in the air
chair moves by itself toy moves by itself
floating toy vertigo shot
symphonic music score source music
orchestral music score lifting someone into the air
afterlife barefoot
child's point of view science versus supernatural
dysfunctional family coffin
evil doll psychic power
thunderstorm parapsychology
middle class ancient burial ground
good versus evil little girl
hair bangs fringe first of series
girl the star spangled banner
marijuana animate tree
paranormal investigation mirror
evil clown corpse
clown wilhelm scream
blockbuster obscene finger gesture
psychotronic cult film
cult director real estate
swimming pool suburbia
child in peril ghost hunter
housing development cemetery
missing child poltergeist
psychic reverse footage
maggot killer tree
haunted house attempted child strangulation

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