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Let me start with the great opening of this movie. The 80ties feeling beams straight into your living room, the "Hammeradian" sound score, guiding the opening-credits and the credits themselves have this cliché font in its 80ties yellowish color, impeccable!

The movie features every possible cliché, pointing the finger to several well known horror movies. Surprisingly there are plenty of catchy funny moments popping-up at the most unexpected moments. The on-screen victim-counter adds a certain but important extra towards the exaggeration of wanting to be a spoof-movie. The trick works. Very striking were absolutely "THE" many characters that pass by. Only this, is reason enough to give the movie a shot, because I can't think of any other movie that features such strange diversity of mavericks. I was for the 1st time introduced to some weird looking species with special features, such as: The- coolest-nerd, The-most-repelling-female-bus-driver, The-biggest-nut-case-shock-treatment-patient "EVER", Paper-Rocket-Science-Boy, The-school-example-of (dumb)-blond, quite aggressive-waitresses, a Godzilla-stewardess and The-toothpaste-addict, to name only a few. You just can't think of such diversity of characters, and that's the exact reason why you will be flabbergasted over and over by the most but certainly very interesting- aberrant bunch of weirdos, and pay attention, all of a sudden we see Miss Eva Arden in a well known role, her role as "Principal". For those who don't her know, definitely have to see "Grease"! She shows once again her powers and qualities that made her famous. Nevertheless as personal favorite, I stick to the amazing, "Paper-Rocket-Science-Boy! The technology used by him to deliver newspapers is NASA's biggest classified document, nevertheless our paperboy had a master class rocket-science! The moment you think you've seen it all the movie knows to surprise you "AGAIN", plenty of WTF?-moments with absolute tremendous originality when talking about VISUAL comedy. Here I have to mention a remarkable detail, that's the fact, in this movie the Canadian Mountain police comes standard with the horse. Accurate and precisely placed visual comedy! Top-Notch! Not even mentioning the Disney-guided-tour that happens all of a sudden in the middle of the sport stadium while the cheerleaders have their practicing round.

The acting as we can and should expect of such movies is simply said, spot-on! Dialogue can be as penetrating as a freshly sharpened knife. This actually counts for the whole lot. Acting, camera work, screenplay, dialog, sets, you name it is as cliché as it could be, nevertheless it all works flawless like a fine oiled machine. Viewers who watch a little closer and read between the lines will discover and deeply hidden, a plot that surprisingly links us to "Carrie". The movie doesn't try to hide anything, reason why they almost, "show-off" with their rip-off, of the classic, by now well known and used a zillion times in other movies, the Jaws-tune.

Not all jokes reach their intended climax, some of them are a letdown but because of the speed-editing and the pace of the movie, these few misfortunes of jokes disappear straight into the oblivious fields of our mind, just because of this editing and the amount of countless knee-slappers, a bad joke disappears into thin air.

If I had to pick one of the widen choice that are available, definitely I'll go for the: "I'm-goin-to-brush-my-teeth-and-you-can-watch-Mr. decay-scene! Hilarious material. At the same time an "Electric-toothbrush" gets a complete new definition. One of these quick paced scenes, which has an hilarious impact, is the scene where the police car arrives at the crime scene. Who's sitting in the back of the police car, sticking out his head? The Canadian Mountain policeman's horse! A priceless moment!

This great little film, that doesn't prove at all looking at its art-cover to be a comy-horror movie, will surprise every viewer no matter his or her age! The movie is one big laugh and top entertainment!

9 outta 10 / momentous spoof!

Now, after reading this you can honestly vote, useful yes or no… Thank you,

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I laughed.
lakenstein17 July 2008
whenever I rate a comedy, i rate how much i laughed, and to be honest i laughed quite a bit while watching this lesser known horror spoof. the acting is actually decent, everyone does a fine job. I'm also going to have to disagree with everyone who said Paul Rebuens was the best part of the film, he wasn't in my opinion, he was rather annoying actually. I also smiled every time Tom Smothers said oot instead of out, hah. anyway I must say this is a rather enjoyable comedy that hits more then it misses, I was not disappointed and I would recommend people to watch this lesser known comedy film, it's tons better then ungodly crap like Meet the Spartans, of course i'm sure every comedy ever made is better then any of the goddawful tripe those fools put out, but that's another review for another time, eh? I'd probably rate this a 7 or an 8 out of ten, but i've never been that good with ratings ya know, it's a good comedy, it's no "Blazing Saddles" but it's worth the 82 minute run time to watch.
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Extremely funny and fun slasher movie spoof.
NateF8829 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Pandemonium is one of the best horror movie spoofs ever made. It's definatly as funny as Scary Movie, which was made after this. It's about a woman named Bambi ("Like the little deer." she says)who helped out at a football game in a town called It Had to Be, Indiana. She wanted to be a cheerleader badly so that the man of her dreams (that is a football player there) would lover her. When the football team wins the championship game 5 cheerleaders are impaled on a flying javeline after the game and are murdered. Soon after tons of cheerleaders die over the next 20 years, where some die from exploding pom-poms! Finally cheerleader camps all over the country are shut down, and closed permenently. 20 years later, Bambi's Summer Cheerleader Camp opens up. Many fear a tragedy.

Bambi's the leader of the camp, along with helpers Pepe and Salt. There are six cheerleaders comming. 3 boys and 3 girls. They are Candy ( played by Carol Kane who was adorable and wonderful for the role), Sandy, Mandy (a cheerleader obssessed with having perfect teeth and toothpaste), Randy, Andy, and Glen(who's last name is Dandy, so everone's name rymes.)Little do the seven who are at that camp know that a killer is at the camp and is ready to kill all seven of them. But not if Sergeant Reginald Cooper, his assistant Johnson, and his pet horse Bob can stop the killer. Jarrett, a psycho, who killed his whole family with a hand drill and turned them into bookshelves escaped from a mental institution and begins to kill the residents of another institution. He is mistaken to be the cheerleader killer, so the cheerleader killer is a mysterious killer. Every minute you will be laughing.

Im surprised this was rated PG, there is violence (most is comical), language, sexual humor, and sexual material. So really, this is a PG-rated version of Scary Movie. Event though it's PG, it wouldn't be suitible for kids under 5. But it's still a great movie, and I highly recommend it. *spoiler* The killings are funny. A girl gets drilled to death in her mouth with a toothbrush, a man has a pom-pom stuffed into his mouth choking him, and more! It's really funny. I recommend it highly. see it on t.v. (it's on Showtime usually). This is a must see for people who like spoofs of horror movies!
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somewhat amusing, but disappointing horror spoof
FieCrier10 March 2005
Odd thing about the post/cover art for this: you'd have no idea it was a horror movie at all, it just looks like a straight comedy. I knew it was a horror spoof, though, and watched it almost back to back with Student Bodies (1981), which I feel was slightly better than this one. This almost feels like it was made for TV.

It starts off with a shot of the moon, and we see the shadow of a wolf baying on the moon's surface, which is revealed to be cast by hands doing shadow puppets, which become hands grabbing a football pass. Four cheerleaders get skewered by a long javelin toss by a mystery killer, so long, the javelin is more like a heat-seeking missile. It makes a shish-ka-bob of them. This is in "It Had to Be, Indiana" at It Had to Be University (It Had to Be U - I like Bullwinkle's Whattsamotta U better).

Years later, a woman reopens the cheerleading school. Each of the new students is introduced by a caption "Victim #1," "#2," etc. Exposition is accompanied by an "Exposition" caption, then "Still More Exposition" etc. A bit weak. Student Bodies relied on captions for humor too.

Isabella Telezynska plays a character spoofing Maria Ouspenskaya's Maleva character from Universal's The Wolf Man, offering a warning in rhyme about pompoms. Carol Kane plays a Carrie-like psychic girl raised by an oppressive mother.

Meanwhile, a driller killer who turns his victims into wood furniture somehow has escaped from prison, and a madman wearing a mask has escaped from an asylum and they hit the road together. The madman's doctor is in pursuit.

Tommy Smothers is the local cop, a Royal Canadian Mountie, for some reason, who has a horse with a circle painted around one eye, and a deputy or servant played by Paul Reubens, doing his Pee Wee Herman voices and laughs, but behaving surly.

The deaths are not quite as odd as in Student Bodies, but there are a lot of them. There are a number of good actors in this movie (like Donald O'Connor and Phil Hartman) who are on screen for so short a time, and given so little to do, often stupid, that they are wasted.

There are some funny lines in the movie, and it is just funny enough not to be a total waste of time.
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Give this film a chance
crystalart21 January 2010
This is a very clever comedy.

Tommy Smothers has made a couple of unusual comedies, and this is one. The other is 'Get To Know Your Rabbit' where Orson Welles himself gets into the act.

'Pandemonium' is an excellent spoof of the slasher films that got too numerous to count.

Carol Kane is wonderful as the girl who's "finally going to get to use my diaphram". I think this is the first film in which I ever saw Judge Reinhold. Paul Reubens could hardly be better.

Give 'Pandemonium' a chance and you won't regret it.
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this movie is hilarious, i don't know who couldn't like it
absolut_chikkin13 May 2006
This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, it's just brilliant! It is full of classic smothers brothers/airplane-esquire humor that you just can't miss. I wish this movie was out on DVD! They don't even have it at any of my local video stores, so I haven't seen it in probably 4 years, when it was on HBO for about a week.

The humor is blatant and the plot/script simple, but that just makes it all the better. It is the type of movie you watch when you just want to laugh for about an hour without even the possibility of the humor going over your head, :). It's very clever and witty and is sure to make anyone laugh.

I highly recommend this movie, it's a classic. If you can find it, don't pass it up.
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amazingly funny,
ashers-221 November 1998
at first glance in the tele mag i thought that Pandemonium would be a disappointing film to watch, but i watched it anyway and to my delight it was a well spent hour and a half.

It's a comedy spoof of friday the 13th. there are many refrences to friday the 13th in the film like when they play strip poker and how there are 3 boys and 3 girls, and one teacher.

If you like comedy and you like spoof films this is definitely the film for you. All the characters have their own comedy side to them essential to the nature of the film.

Watch out for appearances by Judge Reinhold and Pee Wee Herman!!!
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Could also be called "Scary Movie", but for different reasons!
Poseidon-314 July 2004
In the wake of the monumentally successful "Airplane!" came dozens of parody/spoof films in the same vein (or attempting to be in the same vein.) This one has to count as an attempt, and a fairly poor one at that. Someone has been killing cheerleaders for decades near the town of It Had to Be, Indiana. (Thus giving the film makers the opportunity to have a university called It Had to Be U.....) It falls to Smothers, as a Canadian Mountie, to crack the case. Azzara has just begun a cheerleading camp (with participants Candy, Sandy, Mandy, Andy, Randy and Glenn) and, before too long, the killer starts to pick them all off. Also on the loose are a prison escapee and a mental asylum escapee. The plot is deliberately slim (and even then doesn't really make much sense) to make way for the various (mostly horrible) jokes and sight gags. Among the many stabs at humor, only a scant few things emerge as even remotely amusing. What makes the film palatable, if it is at all, is the cast of familiar faces (some quite surprising along the way) and the general amiability of the film. Meant as a spoof of "Friday the 13th" (it was even called "Thursday the 12th" in pre-production), it lacks the graphic violence and vulgarity of that film and its sequels and opts for a kinder, more coy approach. This disappoints fans of the actual slasher movies and is aimed more toward an audience who probably doesn't even really watch such films! Smothers (headlining a feature film in 1982?) doesn't really have a lot to do, but does fit his role well and utilizes his deadpan style admirably. (His horse tends to get more laughs than anybody!) Reubens, as his assistant, basically does an adult extension of his Pee Wee Herman character to middling effect. Most of the high school cheerleaders are (as an in joke to the genre) pushing 30 and they all try to bring a lot of energy and spark to the proceedings, but they have been left out to dry with substandard gags and even more substandard direction. The jokes and potentially humorous visuals are often filmed with minimal creativity and impact. A few amusing things slide through such as a trip to a (really!) greasy spoon diner and a planeload of Japanese (who employ an unexpected and ludicrously funny stewardess.) If one doesn't expect much and gets enjoyment out of intentionally stupid humor (and checking out some stars before and after they were stars), it isn't that hard to get through and is mercifully brief. It pales mightily next to anything Jim Abrahms and the Zucker Brothers did, though. Hunky Hunter, as a football star, shows more animation here than he did during his whole career as a contract actor! Arden looks terrific, but should have skipped this. "Grease" was one thing, but... Many other notable character actors turn up briefly with varied results.
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After 30 years of only hearing of it, I'm very glad to finally see Pandemonium
tavm12 September 2013
Since today is Thursday, September 12, I thought I'd watch a movie I knew was originally was supposed to be called Thursday the 12th. This was a horror spoof I remembered being promoted on HBO back in the early '80s but for some reason, I didn't get to see this until now on YouTube which retained the original HBO "feature presentation" opening sequence from that time. Anyway, it opens with a football game from 1963 where a murder happens afterwards, then goes to 19 years later when some others will take place. I'll stop there and just say this was very funny to see perhaps because of the way many horror movie references were used to comic effect and the way the performances were gleefully over-the-top the whole time. Depending on your familiarity of many movies and TV shows, you may also get a hoot of how many of the players were recognizable though I was surprised one of them, Phil Hartman, was so small in screen time. I did know he was an associate of another player here-Paul Reubens, best known as Pee Wee Herman-and he hadn't had his big break on "Saturday Night Live" yet so that was probably why his was just a cameo. Anyway, on that note, I highly recommend Pandemonium.
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This has the best one liners EVER!!!
skooshie30 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The first time I saw this was as a teenager and now 20 years later it is still just as funny. Tommy Smothers, Carol Kane, a very young Judge Reinhold, and the young man that became Jimmy Olsen in the 1970 version of Superman Marc McClure. If you want a to spend a little time with a movie that is laugh out loud funny and makes you want to take a milk bath (chocolate chip cookies included) then this is the film for you. It is a true culmination take off of all the really good horror movies that you know and love. This movie is also billed as one of Paul Rueben's(Peewee Herman) movies. Tab Hunter as the killer is awesome and who wouldn't like a piece of the furniture produced by the inmates at the hospital. Well, worth a look see especially for those Canadian Mounties!!!
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manders999991 June 2001
This is one of the funniest spoof movies ever made! It has tons of references and people you would see on something like *before they were stars..the films they want to hide* The air tokyo and the furniture references are great! Godzilla as a stewardess..who knew? In fact, I am watching it now! Definately worth seeing if only for it's cheesiness..
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You're frightened of baloney?!?
Coventry14 November 2010
Even though the overall quality level of "Pandemonium" is just average, I don't believe I ever laughed as hard in my life as I did with one of the dumb jokes here. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, there's a scene where an elderly Romanian and superstitious woman bumps into a couple of teenagers running around the house at night. She asks: "Are you frightened of the night?", to which the boy replies: "Baloney!" and then the old lady looks very confused and mumbles in herself: "You're frightened of baloney??". Okay, admittedly this is a really dumb gag, but it was actually so hilarious that I nearly choked in my drink and laughed for five minutes straight. There are a handful more of jokes like this, genuinely hilarious I mean, but also a whole lot of embarrassing moments. Still, in comparison with the other contemporary horror spoofs/parodies – like "Wacko" and "Saturday the 14th" – this one is fairly successful. The opening sequences are in good old-fashioned Hammer Studios style, with Gothic music and (completely irrelevant) images of a traditional castle. Back in the early 60's there was a serial killer targeting the young and obnoxious cheerleaders at a summer camp. He/she killed so many of them that they eventually had to shut down the camp, but now a former employee intends to reopen it. Naturally, the grand reopening coincides with the return of the killer. There are several inventive characters in "Pandemonium", including the Canadian Mountie and his inseparable horse (and I do mean inseparable) and a Carrie who fires off laser beams with her eyes. The film is well- directed, oddly enough by the same guy who made the hugely suspenseful "Alice, Sweet Alice".
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Bored? Pandemonium.
djeld1319 August 2003
This is the type of movie that one doesn't watch to learn anything or feel any great huge emotions. It's one of those "time-to-kill" films that many people will enjoy, and many others will not. The jokes are not killer, and the script falls a bit flat, but the actors manage to make a good deal of it work. So many stars are in this movie (some not as famous as others), most very good in their roles, but if you are not interested in the big names in the film, then the plot might not hook you, either. All in all, Pandemonium is a movie which could have been better, but succeeds at what it is...a nice little boredom buster with some cute laughs and just enough camp to make this horror parody float.
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This movie is cute. Not Hilarious.
mercuryix30 April 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This movie is cute. Not hilarious, and of course not scary, but cute. Carol Kane makes the movie worth watching (I'm afraid it wouldn't be without her), as a teenage girl off to college with the same psychogenetic powers as Carrie from "Carrie." How did she get her powers? They came to her when she got started on the Pill. If the movie had been a parody of Carrie with Carol as the lead, and a sharp script, it would be hysterical. Unfortunately nothing about the script is sharp, and Carol Kane is not given enough screen time. The funniest part of the movie to me is when she is yelling at her levitated mother, and finishes with "...And I'm finally gonna get to use my Diaphragm!!!" Many moments from other actors are amazingly painful, but its the fault of the script. Definitely worth checking out if its on Comedy Central. But I wouldn't spend the money at BB unless you are a serious Carol Kane fan.
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This one takes itself less seriously.
Aaron137516 October 2002
Like Student Bodies this one is a parody of slasher flicks. Unlike Student Bodies this one never has scenes that are too serious. Having said that it isn't the best movie ever, it is merely tolerable. Though I loved Paul Reubens (Pee Wee). His character made me laugh any time he was on screen.
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A dozen french-fried dolphin abortions -
Gangsteroctopus5 March 2004
  • would be funnier than this incredibly LAME parody of slasher movies. Even Mel Brooks' later films, using a scattergun approach to comedy, at least occasionally got something to stick to the side of the barn. Not so with this film, which is so utterly lacking in laughs that it could be used to induce clinical depression. What's amazing is how many relatively big names there are in the cast, many of them normally funny people (Carol Kane, Donald O'Connor, Pee-Wee Herman) - that is, when given decent material with which to work. Other casting, though, is really inexplicable, like Tab Hunter as a college football player (he's clearly at least 20 years too old for the role). The whole enterprise reeks of Canadian tax write-off.
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Delerium, boredom, ad nauseum....
Mister-613 August 1999
Remember "Airplane!"?

Sure you do; the spoof to end (or in this case, begin) all spoofs. A takeoff on all the "Airport" movies and any other disaster film that took place in the air.

Well, someone must have seen "Airplane!" and thought: "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to make a spoof of mad slasher movies?"

I'd like to strangle the person who told them that was a good idea. Because after that, they went and made "Pandemonium".

The biggest problem with "Pandemonium" is that it's tone deaf; it tries for jokes but goes at them the wrong way. They come off as either too broad or half-baked. And all the comedians (and comediennes)! Don't they know that for a film like this to work, they have to have people in the cast that no one KNOWS is funny? That's why Leslie Nielsen was so funny in "Airplane!". And Lloyd Bridges in "Airplane!" and the "Hot Shots!" films.

But no.... Here we have Tommy Smothers, Candy Azzara, Debralee Scott, Edie McClurg, Paul Reubens (yes, Pee-Wee himself).... If what they were doing was funny that would be different. But it ain't. So, it isn't.

I must admit, Eve Arden caught me by surprise as the prison warden who is sent to the "gas chamber" (you'll have to see that one yourself). She's only in two scenes, though. Bummer.

Clever to set things at a cheerleader school, though. And the "Randy, Andy, Brandy, Candy" thing was cute. That's it. What you haven't seen before, you'll wish you hadn't seen at all.

In fact, the only clever parody of the mad slasher films has been the "Scream" flicks. You want to laugh, see them instead.

Two stars. Nice try. Maybe if you had Wes Craven as a consultant....
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Save Your Microwave Popcorn
TedMichaelMor25 August 2012
"Pandemonium" had potential but fails. The production obviously involved effort and even care. Almost nothing seems to click in ways that are genuine parody. The silliness is simply silly.

The overall look of the film is ugly. That would not be bad were the ugliness not apparently accidental rather than by design.

I have rarely seen a film that wastes such a remarkable cast thrown away in an aimless script. Individual effects reveal a good eye for film design but the narrative never engages one. Surly, the people involved in making this film sensed that it lacked focus. I wonder when it got to editing what one had on film, that one just did what one could to splice the mess into something that vaguely resembled a movie—well, their effort failed. It never becomes even the semblance of a parody. There is no soul here, not even a ghost of one. How could so many talented people be wasted this way?

Save the microwave popcorn for something funny and fun. Skip this one.
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Some funny liners, but mostly bad
bonwardulr21 August 2009
I've heard about this movie for many years, and finally got a chance to see it. A massive murdering of cheerleaders back in 1963 and 1969 eventually cause a cheerleading camp to close up. Fast forward to 1982, and Bambi, a former student, opens it back up with new recruits, among them Candy (Carol Kane), Glenn (Judge Reinhold), and Sandy (Debralee Scott). One by one, they are murdered by the killer, until only one remains. It is then when we find out who did it and why.

Also in the movie are Tom Smothers doing a terrible accent as a Canadian Mountie, and Paul Reubens doing his Pee-Wee Herman schtick. The plot overall isn't very well developed, and quite lame, but some funny scenes do occur, namely the House of Bad Pies and the strip poker scene. The ending seems like it's thrown together, which is a shame.

Overall, good for about ten or fifteen minutes total, the rest you can just fast forward through. Maybe catch it on TV, but it's not worth buying.
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And Andy!!!
Cristian14 December 2006
I remember parodies like "Airplane" and "Scary Movie". "Pandemonium" is a special, but not so loved like maybe could be, parody about horror movies. Is about a school of cheerleaders. There are a crazy man who search kill cheerleaders. One by one is killed without mercy in rare ways. Is a horror movie and sounds like "Friday the 13th" but with more cookies, more milk and more laughs.

With great and funny jokes and a super cast, "Pandemonium" is a very funny parody. I remember many of the jokes, that of course i don't tell, and make me laugh a lot. The film has very interesting and rare scenes that make you pass a wonderful veiled of horror and much, much pastures dental. This remember a thing that i had very clear. We always recognize that famous movies and we talk about it, like the great thing. But, come on... we ignore a lot of movies because we think that titles maybe can stink. But, if you try with one or other title that you maybe ignore because is a silly film, a stupid film, a film just to pass the time and you know is a comedy that can make you laugh, perhaps you had a nice and funny surprises. But, always think the title good before you rent it or buy it. I say it because we must see nice films. "Pandemonium" is not an excellent movie,but... what the hell! I love it!!!

PD: All movies of "Friday the 13th" don't scare me, just make me laugh. Are so stupid.

*Sorry for the mistakes... well, if there any
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Rent STUDENT BODIES instead for a funny horror satire
mamamiasweetpeaches27 January 2004
I had heard people mention PANDEMONIUM before. Okay, so not in a flattering light. I dont know WHY I thought it was a recent movie starring Carol Kane. Its actually a 1982 movie starring Carol Cane (also judge Reinhold, DebraLee Scott and PeeWee Herman to mention a few). with a cast like that you might expect some good laughs. Well, you wont get many here. The movie starts out with a bunch of cheerleaders having just done a "Hurray For Vegetables" halftime show, which explains why one is carrying a giant mushroom, one a giant tomato(although a tomatoe is a fruit....anyway....) As they file out of the gym someone throws a javelin at them spearing them together into a giant cheerleader shish-ke-bob. This scene was funny. I thought the whole movie would be that cute and clever, but nay, it was just dumb bottom-of-the-barrel humor. Nothing near as funny as STUDENT BODIES or SCAREY MOVIE. I would recommend renting one of those (or even National Lampoons Class Reunion,which was not great,but silly)
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More stupid than funny
jhaggardjr9 April 2000
"Pandemonium" is a horror movie spoof that comes off more stupid than funny. Believe me when I tell you, I love comedies. Especially comedy spoofs. "Airplane", "The Naked Gun" trilogy, "Blazing Saddles", "High Anxiety", and "Spaceballs" are some of my favorite comedies that spoof a particular genre. "Pandemonium" is not up there with those films. Most of the scenes in this movie had me sitting there in stunned silence because the movie wasn't all that funny. There are a few laughs in the film, but when you watch a comedy, you expect to laugh a lot more than a few times and that's all this film has going for it. Geez, "Scream" had more laughs than this film and that was more of a horror film. How bizarre is that?

*1/2 (out of four)
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