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A real eye-opener!
Cal-1627 November 1998
This is quite a fascinating film. It shows us how the criminal justice system works and what it's like inside prison. We feel intimidated, hopeful, disgusted, and downright "in love", just as the lead character does. We can see both sides of the picture, too - from Captain Ellis' very logical advice to the lawyers' dilemma. The games the lawyers and judges play are very realistic, as well. This is based on a true story, and you'll be very much caught up in it. Both sides of the issue have good points. I'm very glad this important issue was given center stage.
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Based on a True Story
beachtime2911 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Don't believe everything in any movie that states, "Based on a true story". This could have been a good movie and gone a lot further than it did had they portrayed additional truth to this movie. I am a family member and I know what really happened. The fact that they portrayed that her family did NOT care or even call was CRAP!!! We were VERY involved in her life through all of the events that led up to her ending up in prison! And even when she was in prison..we were ALWAYS there and NEVER EVER deserted her!!! So the next time you see a movie, that is based on a true story..that is exactly what it is....BASED...leaving some very important information out of a movie.
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