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  • It's an extraordinarily touching true-story about Terry Jean Moore, the determined, independent and young woman who is imprisoned for 7 years on account of a "five dollar" robbery. In the prison she will be pregnant by a jailer and she has to fight for bear and keep her child.

  • Terry Jean Moore is a 17-year old girl, trying to survive, in her small hometown in Ohio. She really doesn't have much in the way of belief in her own values, so when her cousin shows up to raise some hell, she goes along with him for the ride. She knows this kid is likely to cause a lot of trouble for them both, but she doesn't have much in the way of wherewithal or confidence in her own ability to tell him so. When he commits an armed robbery of someone, Terry knows things just got very real, and when they are caught, it is she, instead of her punk cousin, who catches the most heat. Because of a lot of self-destructive rage she carries inside, she ends increasing her time in confinement, and in fact is sentenced to a Florida womens prison where she meets a deputy, played by Beau Bridges, who promises her the moon, with no intentions of following through. Soon, she is pregnant by this man, and slowly begins to realize that there is no something very real for her to fight for. With the love and support of a few inmates, namely J.J., played by McKenzie Phillips, Terry Jean writes to and begins a professional relationship with an attorney who offers to represent her, and helps her change the laws of incarcerated, pregnant women in the State of Florida. While Terry Jean Moore was released shortly after the birth of her child, her story inspired many women that there was indeed something worth fighting for. Perhaps they too could enjoy the same hard-won redemption.


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  • This is based on a true story. While Terry Jean Moore was certainly no angel she was also very young when this crime happened and took the fall for someone else. Amy Madigan gives a great performance.

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