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Now I Remember This
richard.fuller131 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The deal wasn't so much that she was a tomboy and was growing up and changing, it was THAT she was changing and becoming more girl-like and he wasn't maturing just yet and still wanted to play in the clubhouse.

I think she was talking and laughing with jocks and he reacted to that and all.

There were so many after school awkward kid programs, I think I am confusing this with one of the My Mom's Having A Baby kids, but in the end, he wrecks the clubhouse and she catches him doing this, finally showing some interest in their previous life together.

Oh yes, they would also make a silly secret face at one another where they would suck in their cheeks and make a face like a fish.

At the end, he shows up at the party, hair combed in a clean suit. No more baseball caps and t-shirts, I guess.

I'm sure they danced and as he left, he called out to her and they made the fish face at each other as their own little secret.

I found this looking up Heather McAdam programs and didn't realize she was in this one, or I had forgotten about it.

But as a sixteen year old at the time, I do remember this program.
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