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An 80's Action Masterpiece!!!
jay_amer16 January 2018
Wow.....what a hell of a movie! First Blood is an action movie that is unforgettable and intense! The story is great! Everything about this movie is perfect! I give this a 10/10. Would highly recommend it to others! Great movie!
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Rambo movie that started all in the action genre my personal favorite Stallone's best movie
ivo-cobra82 January 2018
First Blood (1982) is a classic action movie that started all action genre one man army types action movies. It is my personal favorite movie of all time. I am a huge Rambo fan and I love John Rambo character. I love First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo to death. I love them so much it is my favorite film series. I love First Blood to death this is my personal favorite action film. It is in my top 5 Stallone's favorite action films part 4 and 5 is Cliffhanger and Demolition Man. It is my personal favorite action film in the Rambo series. I love Rambo: First Blood Part II to death it is my number 1 favorite action film in the action genre. First Blood is my personal favorite action film of all time it is right up there with Part II. It is my number 3 favorite action in the Rambo series but I still love First Blood to death.

This is my comic book hero this is my childhood movie the movie I grew up with it. This is the best movie ever my all time favorite action movie. It is the best of the best of all time. Sylvester Stallone co-write the script and started and the men can act, he is an action hero on screen in my opinion his best film. Yours is Rocky mine is Rambo action hero. I love Rambo's Survival Knife he rally's on his knife.

"I could have killed 'em all, I could've killed you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it! Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go. Let it go! "

First Blood is a realistic film portrayed about John Rambo a troubled and misunderstood Vietnam veteran who saw hell in the Vietnam War and he is hunted by the past. Sylvester Stallone plays the character of John Rambo very convincingly and Director Ted Kotcheff brings out the story to an effective scale allowing us to see the action through the character's eyes.. "First Blood" doesn't deal with CGI nor does it deal with special effects. It deals or tries to deal really hard on what is real. He feels that society is against him and he is angry.

The movie has ton's of action, the motorcycle chases. Rambo climbs the wall of mountain and is been pursued by a helicopter and the police officer becomes the killer and try's to shoot Rambo with a riffle. Rambo jumps and hangs him self on the tree. That jump was for real and Sylvester Stallone really performed it. Rambo uses his martial arts to defend him self against abusive corrupt cops to escape. I love how the film shows Rambo trying to survive out in the woods while the guards are hunting him when in turn he is hunting them creating these traps putting these officers in painful situations.

The best thing about "First Blood" is that we know that John Rambo was in the Vietnam War and was trained to kill, yet, he doesn't kill a single human in the film on purpose. John Rambo uses M60 machine gun and shoot up various stores in town including police station destroys the gun store and gas station. Brian Dennehy and Richard Crenna both acted opposite Sylvester Stallone and they both acted well. Brian Dennehy as Sheriff Will Teasle was excellent bad guy he performs his character well. Richard Crenna is Colonel Sam Trautman who trained and command Rambo in Vietnam for 3 years he is excellent as father figure to Rambo.

"First Blood" is the best of the Rambo series mine personal favorite action film . The movie has beautiful music score from Jerry Goldsmith 10/10 Grade: Bad-Ass Seal Of Approval My personal favorite action movie of all time.
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a drifter rages a one man war in a town were nothing happens.
2karl-2 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
to my surprise this is an anti Christmas film with rambo destroying the town. When for no apparent reason , a small town police chief arrest a loner driffting thorough , little does he know or realise that he has set in motion a catastrophic series of events. The vagrant in question is in fact John Rambo. A congrssional medal of honour winner and Vietnam vet who was a hero there . Responding to the harassment of his captors with sudden ferociousness, Rambo makes a daring escape from the small town jail, steals a motorcycle and roars off to the shelter of the mountains, as the manhunt begins , Rambo is in his element preparing himself for a one man war. they only person can save him is his army general. this is a small budget film but made 50 million back in the 80s this is a classic from sly. It's 1hr 39mins i gave it 10/10 he killed 1
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All he wanted to do is get something to eat!
stevenrotherforth21 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First Blood

Amidst the action movies of the 80's First Blood is one of the greatest. Not for the action or the explosions but for the stand out performance by Sylvester Stallone. An underrated actor who is as much to blame for the negativity that is often bestowed upon him. He has made some poor movie choices throughout his career but First Blood certainly isn't one of them. The film is based on the novel by the same name written by David Morrell and tells the tale of John Rambo. A Vietnam war veteran who on his return home finds that his country doesn't want to accommodate him anymore. He wanders from state to state, a drifter with no purpose. All his friends have been consumed by the war either on the field or by the chemicals sprayed on to the fields. The opening scene of the film describes this to heart wrenching effect. Alone in the world Rambo stumbles upon a small town where all he wants is to get something to eat. He is bullied and made unwelcome by the towns sheriff played by Brian Dennehy. From here on the story unfolds as local law enforcement mistreat the drifter causing him to retaliate. Stallones performance here is at first subdued before over boiling with fury. He looks gaunt, undernourished and tormented. The fear is apparent in his eyes. But there's also a rage there too. A fire that still burns, a war that wages within him. He was extracted from a war he was told he wasn't able to win. He was returned home to a country that seemed to not care for him. A country that he had sworn to serve. A country that he loved but didn't love him back. When the switch in Rambos head is flipped and he goes off like a land mine all those around him, all those who crossed him will pay. Stallone doesn't have much dialogue in the film except right at the end where a broken man finally breaks down, confiding in the only friend he has left. Colonel Trautman played brilliantly by Richard Crenna. In the novel Rambo dies. Killed by his only friend. In the movie obviously he survives as several silly inferior sequels followed. First Blood should be judged as a stand-alone film and not have the cartoon like sequels tarnish its brilliance. The movie is wonderfully shot and has a fantastic score by Jerry Goldsmith. With a strong cast and a career best performance by Stallone this film has stood the test of time. A character study of a man broken by war and it's aftermath.
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Alienation of the Vietnam Vet
david-sarkies16 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those films that was hugely popular back in the eighties but for some reason simply fell by the wayside and has effectively been forgotten about. Okay, while it isn't the movie that catapulted Stallone into stardom (that was Rocky), it certainly helped. Mind you, it is also one of the movies that also Stallone as a stereotypical tough guy that speaks more with his fists than with his mouth. However, as a film it is quite good, and certainly much better than the three sequels that came after it. In fact the sequels seemed to toss the whole purpose of this film to simply turn Rambo into your typical action hero whose job is to go out and rescue people.

Anyway, the movie is about a former special forces officer who served in Vietnam but upon returning to America has simply become a drifter. In fact everybody who he knew as a family have simply died leaving him effectively alone in the world. So, he simply drifts from place to place, however one of those places happens to be a small town called Hope, and the Sheriff decides that he doesn't particularly want people like Rambo wandering through his town so he forcefully has him removed, and when Rambo doesn't comply he arrests him, takes him to the station and roughs him up a bit.

Well, that happens to be a bad move because not only does it trigger a number of flash backs, but it also causes him to snap, beat up all of the occupants of the police station, and then flee into the mountains. Well, being the cocky small town police that they are they decide to go after Rambo alone, but pretty quickly discovered that that is definitely not a good idea since he takes out each and every one of them. Then, when the cavalry is called in, he not only manages to escape their trap, but takes the fight into town where we come to the dramatic conclusion.

First Blood isn't your typical action movie by a long shot. Okay, you do technically have the bad guys in the form of the police, but the thing is that these police aren't corrupt in the sense that some police officers are but rather they are simply protective of their town to the point that they will push strangers around and politely ask them to leave if it seems as if they are going to cause trouble. Well, the problem is that when you push the wrong person around it has the potential to come back and bite you.

The thing with this film is that it is about how the Vietnam Vets were treated when they returned home from war. It wasn't the heroes welcome that the WWII vets received, but rather they were ignored, and in some sense blamed, for the failure in Vietnam. This was America and they don't lose wars, but Vietnam was an effective loss, so it must have been the troops who were the reason that they lost. The thing is that this was a different type of war, and one that they Americans didn't adapt to at the time (though past experiences have demonstrated that they can fight a guerrilla war). However, that is not the issue in the film, it is the treatment of the vets that is.

In a way they were left on the trash heap of society, and when they were able to pick themselves up out of it they were once again blamed for where they landed up. In many cases it was the World War II vets that were looking down on them because they too had been to war, and they had managed to transition back into civilian life, so if the Vietnam Vets weren't able to then maybe they weren't trying hard enough. However, as mentioned, Vietnam was a different type of war and as such the experiences that the Vets had over there were different to those that the WWII vets faced.

Some people simply label First Blood as a mindless action film, but I would say that it is much, much more than that. It doesn't end the way a mindless action film ends, but rather confronts us with the alienation that Vietnam Vets face in the United States. It also confronts us with the bigotry of small town America, though you are no doubt going to find that in many small communities the world over. It challenges us to how we should look at working with our vets, and attempting to seek solutions to these problems than simply sweeping them under the rug. The thing is that no doubt there are going to be similar issues in relation to the vets of the Iraq War, and things no doubt have the potential to be much worse for them due to the hypercapitalist nature of the modern world.
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They drew first blood, he drew a landscape painting while hiding in the wilderness
one-nine-eighty9 August 2017
John J. Rambo, awarded the Congregational Medal of Honour for services in Vietnam. Back on US soil his friends are nearly all dead, he feels unwanted and the abuse he suffered during war has turned him into the shell of a man. In today's world he might be diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, paranoia, violent tendencies. As he wanders through small backwater towns looking for any friends who may have survived he is the victim of abuse from a small town sheriff and he his troops. He's locked up and starts having flashbacks to the torture he received during war. Something snaps in him. He escapes with only a hunting knife and heads into the wilderness, pursued by his taunters. He is forced to survive at any means necessary which he does to great effect with his years of training and past experiences.

The Rambo character was big in the 80's, becoming a cult icon and spawning spin-off's, cartoons and merchandise. However that was in the 80's, today's audiences barely just remember "Rocky" and probably aren't too familiar with Rambo. This isn't at all a family friendly film, it's more of a macho bloodthirsty action film rather than anything deep and inspiring. Stallone does a decent job as John Rambo showing that he's an onion with layers of passion and pain. The supporting cast is good and believable, especially Brian Dennehy, Richard Crenna and even David Caruso. The score is effective and drives the movie on. It gets a little cheesy in places, especially towards the end but that doesn't sour the film one bit. Like the subject of the film this is dark and misunderstood. Not the kind of film I'd watch with kids, family or a lover. While audiences have moved on to a different kind of film this offers a bit of 80's nostalgia. Worth a watch, but you wouldn't be missing a masterpiece if you skipped it instead.
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Excellent movie, plenty of action
Tony Briley16 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First Blood is the first in a great series of movies.

John Rambo is a Vietnam veteran still haunted by the demons of the war the soldiers weren't allowed to win. The transient Rambo goes to see one of his former friends and fellow soldier only to find out he died from exposure to agent orange.

While passing through a small town, the local sheriff spots him and decides their quiet community isn't the place for people like Rambo. After refusing to leave, Rambo is arrested, tortured, and ultimately escapes into the dense forest.

The rest of the movie is a cat and mouse game between the local sheriff's department, state police, national guard, and Rambo, with Rambo ultimately becoming the cat and the police the mice.

Rambo is fast paced with action and the last several minutes of the movie are unforgettable, as Rambo breaks down and perfectly gets across the demons that still haunt him.
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Action movie gold
aleksamladenovic13 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First blood is certainly one of the classic action movies of all time.Character of John Rambo is actually very interesting as a war veteran,who has terrible traumas from war.That fact actually explains his pain as well as his skills.Rambo isn't all muscles and skills,he actually has reasons why is he like that.That is a big plus for this movie,because most of the 1980s action movies didn't have that type of hero.
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Rambo: Chronicle of an underrated movie
stormhawk201826 June 2017
Sylvester Stallone stars as John Rambo: a lonely, alienated, and troubled Vietnam vet just trying to move on with his life until he gets unlawfully provoked over a misunderstanding, and finds himself in a war against a sheriff's department and the national guard. The fight doesn't seem fair, mostly because Rambo is outnumbered, but all bets are off since he's a former Green Beret, and he's had a really hard time moving on with his life. Unlike the sequels, this one is (for the majority of the run time) more of a dramatic survival story and not a balls-out action film. I really loved the focus on stealth and guerrilla tactics over pure brute force. It's a great character study with focus on vet's rights, PTSD, and intolerance. It does get kinda preachy, but nevertheless is still very compelling and gripping. Sylvester Stallone is wonderful. He shows off his action skills, and he's great as expected, but where things really shine is with the character and the acting. The action is a main part of who he is, but he's still a flawed and rounded character. Stallone really has to act here at times too, delivering what's still the most dramatic monologue of his career that actually sees him breakdown in tears. It's not often you see something like this, much less have it actually be really powerful and moving. Bravo. For supporters, we get a young David Caruso that's kinda fun to watch, but the main support that really holds the film up is with Brian Dennehy as the determined narrow minded sheriff and Richard Crenna as Rambo's mentor- perhaps the only one capable of bringing the senseless conflict to an end. Both are great, and this is some of their best work. You sort of sympathize with the sheriff a bit, but probably not as much as you should. The film really paints it as Rambo good, everyone else bad, and that's a shame that they didn't go for a bit more complexity or moral ambiguity in that area. Things fare better with Crenna's character, but he too could have been a tad more developed. That's really my only major issue here: the film is a bit too one sided, and towards the end, things just kinda start crumbling. I get how Rambo said that if they kept pushing he'd really ramp it up, but when this all happens it just took me out of it all somewhat, and seemed a bit inconsistent. Fortunately things don't crap out too much, and the film does conclude pretty satisfactorily. It's just the lead up to the climax where it has its stumble. The film is well shot, the locations are great, there's pretty strong direction, neat ideas, and, probably most effective next to the acting, we get Jerry Goldsmith's absolutely thrilling and brilliant score. I still get chills every time I hear the opening notes to the main theme. EVERY time. Definitely check this one out.
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They just had to push him
Tweekums6 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Vietnam veteran John J. Rambo was only hoping to visit an old war buddy but when he gets to his home he learnt that he died the year before from cancer caused by Agent Orange used in the war. He walks on to the nearest town, just hoping to get something to eat before moving on. Here he is stopped by the local sheriff, Walt Teasel. He doesn't want drifters like Rambo in his town so drives him out of town. Rambo turns to walk back into town and is promptly arrested and once in custody he is mistreated by some of the deputies. This causes him to have flashbacks of the torture he experienced in Vietnam. He then fights back and escapes, steals a trail bike and heads to the wooded mountains outside town. Teasel and his deputies give chase but it is soon apparent that they have bitten off far more they can chew; one deputy tries to shoot Rambo from a helicopter but falls to his death after Rambo throws a rock at it. The rest are picked off one by one; not killed but incapacitated. Eventually State Police and the National Guard are called in. At this point Rambo's former C.O. Col Trautman arrives and cautions against continuing the chase unless they want a war that they have no chance of winning.

Given that this film has a reputation for being overly violent one might be surprised that only one character died… perhaps those criticising it had just read the book which contains far more deaths. There are other scenes of violence though; the way Rambo is treated is definitely 'police brutality' and the way the deals with the pursuing deputies is shocking at times. This film is an impressive action film but it also has a message about the treatment of Vietnam veterans and police attitudes to people they don't feel fit in with the sort of people they want in their town. This message is pretty obvious without being too heavy handed. Sylvester Stallone is on great form as Rambo to such an extent that it is impossible to imagine anybody else in the role. Brian Dennehy is also impressive as Sheriff Walt Teasle; the character could easily have been a pantomime villain but Dennehy's performance makes him human. There is also a fun performance from Richard Crenna as Col Trautman and solid performances from the rest of the cast. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to anybody wanting a solid action film that packs lots of great moments into its short run time.
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Win by attrition
dworldeater27 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First Blood is in my opinion, Sly Stallone's best film and best performance that made him an icon in the action genre. Sly is John Rambo, a highly decorated Vietnam War vet and former Green Beret that is passing through the small town of New Hope, Washington for a little grub and is stopped and harassed by its sheriff(played by Brian Dennehy). The sheriff tells Rambo that he is not welcome in his town and escorts him to the city limits. Rambo ignores the sheriff and is arrested for vagrancy. When in custody at the police station, he is beaten and abused by the local deputies. He then beats them up, steals a motorcycle and heads into the mountains. Armed only with his hunting knife, the local police, state police and national guard don't stand a chance. John Rambo's character is mostly developed through the dialouge of other characters. This works well and Stallone truly delivered a very grueling and totally believable performance. Richard Crenna gave an excellent performance as Col. Trautman and it is never clear how he will handle the situation with Rambo until the end of the film. While First Blood is an action film(and one of the best),the film is very well made, the story and character development are fluent and the acting is solid. The Rambo franchise is often associated with ultra patriotism and right wing politics(which are prevalent in the next two films), but the character of John Rambo is nothing like that in this film. If anything, he hates the US government as they have abandoned him. He is an outsider struggling to find his place in society. Authority figures such as the small town sheriff try to shun him and beat him down and he reacts by fighting back and blowing up the town. As tough and as skilled as Rambo is, Stallone played John as a very tragic, flawed social outcast that wants to live a peaceful life, but is driven to violence by the local law enforcement authorities that won't leave him alone. First Blood is one of my all time favorites and by far the best movie in the series.
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The very first one man army movie.
avraham_tal20 March 2017
Today at 2017, there is nothing new about this concept. But, 35 years ago when I went to see it in a theater (that no longer exists by the way), with my neighbor, it was a big hit.

This is not a very intelligent movie, and nothing to look forward to now days. But back then it was original.
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THE Treatise For Vietnam Vets
zkonedog10 March 2017
The Vietnam War was a difficult time for our country. Stuck in a war that siphoned off the lives of so many young soldiers, we ended up with nothing more than a stalemate that propped up another corrupt government. Plus, the anti-war venom grew so fierce stateside that when soldiers returned, they were often jeered instead of cheered for their service. This film tells the story of one of those soldiers.

For a basic plot summary, "First Blood" focuses on John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone), a returning 'Nam vet who gets hassled by a small-town sheriff (Brian Dennehy) for no more offense than looking like a drifter (with his scraggly beard, beat-up army coat, and knapsack). When the sheriff won't back down and Rambo has some war flashbacks that set him off, it sets up a manhunt in the woods that sees the soldier start picking off the town's policemen one by one in order to "survive". Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna), Rambo's old commanding officer, then shows up to explain to the sheriff what he is dealing with...the best of the best who will never back down.

The thing I find truly amazing about this film is that, while it is a "war film" through and through, there are not actually any scenes of warfare involved in the entire 90 minutes. Instead, director Ted Kotcheff takes a much more oblique, psychological approach to the character of John Rambo. Though the audience never knows exactly what Rambo did or saw in Vietnam, by the time the film concludes it is very much apparent the type of man/soldier he was and thus why he "snaps" under pressure from the sheriff.

The acting in "First Blood" is also first-rate, with Sly Stallone turning in arguably his best ever on- screen performance, despite not uttering more than a handful of lines the entire movie (though his impassioned plea to Col. Troutman ranks up their with Jack Nicholson's "You can't handle the truth!" speech in A Few Good Men). Dennehy is perfect as the ignorant sheriff that the audience can love to hate and cheer when he "gets his" in the end.

Overall, I consider this to be one of (if not THE) best of the "war effects" films ever produced. Current movies like "Brothers" and "Jarhead" have tried to duplicate this type of filmmaking, but have fallen far short of this standard.
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Not the best, not even good.
Rodrigo B.10 March 2017
I had to hold myself not to run here to write how much this movie absolutely blows. It's one of the worst movie experiences I've ever had in my life, and I have seen some pretty shitty stuff.

I had to take a second to take in consideration everything that was going on at the time in the US, with the 'nam war and all. But even when you take that into consideration, it still sucks in monumental proportions. It fails every moment it promises to deliver some kind of depth and by the end I felt like I needed to format my brain to try and go back to a me that hadn't seen this disappointment.

One thing that came into my mind is that this movie is what fetish is for porn, as it is really weird redneck patriotism - it's like an American soldier killing American policemen. It's really particular as to it's appeal and, if there is any, I most certainly, evidently, couldn't tell.

If you're some weird retrograde overly proud north American watch it, you might like it. I don't know. If you, in other hand, are anything but, and thought this would be a good movie because of all the acknowledgment it got: do not watch, do not watch and do NOT watch.
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Shouldn't be an action oriented film
Brazilian_Pharaoh9 March 2017
Don't get me wrong, the action is necessary to see how bad ass Rambo is and to show something resembling his struggle during Vietnam. But Rambo's PTSD and society's prejudice (which are only shown during the beginning of the movie and Rambo's final monologue) should be the driving factor of the movie, especially with Stallone's acting who really does great as John Rambo.
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Well Done
Richard Dominguez5 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Yesterday I Watched The Last Rambo Movie So I Thought Today I Would Go Back To The One That Started It All ... As We Expect The Action Is High End And Almost Non-Stop ... Well Choreographed The Action Seems To Build As The Movie Moves Forward ... The Pacing Was Excellent No Boring Moments And Yet You Have no Trouble Keeping Up With What's Going On In ... The Scene When John Is Talking To Trautman In The Precinct At The End ... Yes I Know The Acting In That Scene Was Less Than Stupendous But I Close My Eyes An I Picture A Real Vietnam Vet (Suffering From PTS) And I Listen To The Words ... It Is What He Is Saying That Is Important Not How Stallone Was Saying It ... An Excellent Movie ... A Tribute To Those Who Survived Vietnam Came Home And Were Forgotten Anyway ...
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They drew first blood, not me!!
fmh_markbuys17 October 2016
The first time I saw a movie with Sylvester Stallone, it was First Blood. In a time that Betamax recorders were still on the market! Jonh J Rambo, a Vietnam veteran who visits one of his last friends but this friend was already gone to heaven. John is wundering around and gort picked up by an annoying sheriff. And from that moment on, the shits hits the fan! An old movie, but I still like the story, I still like this movie and I like the action! As a kid I loved the scenes that Rambo was holding with one arm the M60, the other arm was carrying the ammo! Now, many years later, I still love this piece of action! Great movie! On of the best of Sylvester!
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Tells the real story of war
al-8784114 October 2016
George P. Cosmatos's 1982 action film, Rambo First Blood, is seen by most as a classic bare bones shoot em up action movie, but in reality tells a commentary on the dehumanizing effect warfare can have on the men and women forced to kill or be killed. John Rambo is a testament to the true effect of war, sure he is able to single-handedly take on the US army, essentially a one man army, but at what cost. He was a war hero, he gained glory and prestige from battle, but in the process he lost his humanity and his sanity. Upon returning to the country he fought to defend, he discovers that he can no longer fit in with with the people he swore to protect. He is haunted by PTSD from his experiences in the war and the scars it left on him and is a danger to himself and others because of it.
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Forget the cheesy sequels, this grimly realistic film is the best of the original trilogy
Leofwine_draca16 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Not content with creating one hugely successful film franchise with the iconic ROCKY series, Stallone joined the burgeoning ranks of '80s Hollywood action stars by bringing the character of Rambo to the screen. Of course, the muscle-bound ex-soldier soon became one of the most famous movie creations of all time, so it's interesting to go and look back at his roots in FIRST BLOOD, an adaptation of a dark action novel by David Morrell. Some things were altered in the transition from book to screen, namely the transformation of Rambo into a good guy instead of a misunderstood anti-hero.

Anyway, FIRST BLOOD is a great flick, another fantastic movie made in a very good year for film. When mentioning Rambo, most people think of the two sequels that turned the franchise into a cheesy, over-the-top guns-n-explosives fest along the line of Arnie's COMMANDO. FIRST BLOOD isn't like that – it contains a modicum of realism, even during the pyrotechnic-heavy climax. It's a thoroughly engaging storyline, about a drifter who finds himself up against a corrupt police force, and it's scarily real – as each plot twist plays out, you realise that human nature has never been put so well on screen. Stallone is excellent as the psychotic soldier, and he's given great support from the cast which includes a career-best Brian Dennehy, a hammy Richard Crenna, and many others.

The plot is packed with suspense and achieves a level of primal fear and tension in the woodland setting, reminding me of the similarly-themed SOUTHERN COMFORT in some places. There are many great moments to enjoy as Rambo tackles a totally hateable enemy – the corrupt, bigoted small-town mentality of a police department. His initial prison break is the stuff of legend, while the subsequent stalk-and-slash pursuit in the woods is one of the best portrayal of jungle traps and survival I've seen. What also hits home is how sad the story is – Rambo finally reveals his motivations and reasoning at the climax, and it makes for all-too-real drama. While the fourth film in the series, Rambo, is still my favourite, FIRST BLOOD is nevertheless a fantastic film that's up there with the best and definitely the best of the original trilogy.
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Made Stallone the action start we all know!
tankace30 June 2016
First Blood was an adaptation of the 1972 book of the same name, but lets be honest we know the movie, which as action films go is awesome, grounded and open the career of Stallone to the action genre ,no some say that was wrong , but the volume of amazing flick born of that decision like Demolition Man ,Cop Land ,Tango & Cash and Ants, makes me think was worth it.

So to the uninitiated the film follow John Rambo, a Vietnam veteran who tries to find his comrades from his platoon, but when the police mistreats him ,he is forced to fight back and unfortunately for the cops, a trained green beret is better than some police officers. What you were thinking , he is a commando, not a bump, he clearly has more experience in fighting back. The important thing however is not the intense scene, which are really good (bonus fact: the movie was made with only 15 million dollars!), it is that Rambo wasn't looking for trouble, he only wanted to be left in peace and the reaction of the society forced him in the defense.

That fact is very real for the veterans coming back for literally the other side of the world and after the pain of war brinks ,they are called names (not the nice ones) and put on the side by their countrymen for whom it was said to them they were fighting. Personally both the Vietnam War and the Irak War were quit mismanaged endeavors and the soldier on the ground ,altough they were many persons who deserve court martial for their actions, the majority went their because they believed that what they did it was for the greater good. So to treat them like jerks ,when they return home is to say it polite bad karma!

First Blood is no doubt a awesome flick ,with well written character story and good action and suspense . Is a rock solid 8 out of 10, if only didn't make sequels it would have been better, although Rambo (2008) wasn't to bad at all.
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First Blood
adonis98-743-1865037 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The reason why First Blood is so popular and people love it so much it's because in reality maybe just maybe something like that could happen since the whole police station is run by a bunch of idiots that even a 3 year old could kill. Rambo benefits from the strong performance of Sylvester Stallone as the title character which is still a mystery why he hasn't won an Oscar for his performance especially in the ending of the film where he totally kills it. Maybe if the film ended how it supposed to do maybe people would like it even more but Rambo became an even much more bigger Franchise than anyone could ever thought since Sly returned 3 more times after this. Rambo: First Blood is Awesometacular!!!
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"They Drew "First Blood", Not Me."
Predrag3 May 2016
Everything about this movie was brilliant and it also featured an iconic stars in the form of Sylvester Stallone and two other fantastic actors in the form of Richard Crenna and Brian Dennehe. The emotional performance given by Sly Stallone in this masterpiece is nothing short of stunning. Stallones' acting is fantastic and the story romps along with one outstanding scene after another. This film portrays the way that American society shamelessly shunned, spat at and castigated the returning soldiers of the Vietnam War.

John J. Rambo walks through the wrong town at the wrong time and walks right into an ignorant, small time sheriff, excellently played by Brian Dennehey. What happens next is probably one of the greatest, violent, emotional and very political manhunts in cinema history. The disturbing thing is that at the time ( 1982), you can imagine it really happening in America. That is what makes this work of art so captivating. This film is an absolute must!

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.
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More of a wilderness survival movie than anything else
StevenSmithNYC26 April 2016
There is a lot of patriotic drum beating about the character of Rambo, but in reality he is suffering from a mental illness which the movie doesn't address. He kills innocent people for no good reason. It is a perfect example of people who continue to tell young people to join the military should be made aware of and that is, that they won't acquire all these great skills useful to employers, only to return to the US not able to function in normal society. The killing is pointless and proves nothing. Rambo needs mental health care, not a group of part-time weekend soldiers in a small town to slaughter. There are some mildly interesting scenes with Rambo hiding and camping out, but it isn't worth watching this movie to see them. Better off watching a real one, like Survivor man.
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First Blood - mindless action film
neil_luscombe-7022219 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Not having seen any Rambo films before, but aware that it is one of the two series that made Stallone's name, I came to this film expecting top rate action if not much to think about. The action was actually less exciting than I had hoped; I was right about the lack of thought-provoking dialogue and plot. I knew that it had something to do with war but was expecting a war setting, so the idea it was a Vietnam vet on the loose in America, up against the local police force, gave little reason to like Rambo compared to if he were fighting a just cause abroad. He was psychologically damaged yes, and you feel for him, but he's still not really a likable character. Some scenes are exciting, especially early on, in the early part in the forest, but the film feels more meandering as it goes on. The police chief was equally unlikeable, and very two dimensional, always sure he can bring down Rambo despite the mounting entrance to the contrary. The best character was Rambo's leader in Nam, the only one of the three who talks sense. I'm not a fan of mindless violence but some recent action films I've seen such as Apocalypto engage the mind as well as on multiple other levels, which didn't happen here. I pitied Rambo but just couldn't really muster the will to get wholly in his corner.
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First Blood Review (Spoilers... Maybe)
ramos-alexandre9811 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First Blood Review

First Blood is an action movie that came out in 1982. This movie follows the story of John Rambo, a Green Beret who is pursued in the woods by the police force from a small town.

In my opinion I think that First Blood is a pretty good movie. Although many people seem to think this movie is a prime example of 80's action cheese. I can agree with that, but I think that this movie has a much deeper meaning to it than explosions witty dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, there really isn't much dialogue in this movie. John Rambo is a very quiet person who is only doing what he has to do to survive. He speaks with his actions telling everyone to back off, as he is truly more skilled in the art of combat then the police officers are. I think that is what sets this movie apart from something like Commando or The Terminator is the main character. The 80's were a great time for action movies as they really developed into what they are today. But First Blood had something different. The character John Rambo was a Green Beret in the Vietnam War. He was scarred with the things he went threw. This really gave the character a, not-exactly relatable character as many of us have never been in a war, but relatable as in the sense that he had human emotions and was a flawed and hurt human. This humanized the film for me and made the experience that much better.

Now although the movie Is really good I still think that it has it's fair amount of cheesiness throughout. For the most part I really only found myself on the edge of my seat when the action was set in the woods. The first time the police officers are ambushing Rambo and they are getting taken down left and right really gave me a rush. This ONE MAN was destroying everyone. I think that sense of epic action really dies out around the end of the second act and the beginning of the third act. By that time Rambo was just a ramped machine that was destroying everything, and that's where I think the movie was a little disappointing. Some of the action sequences were a little underwhelming during this time and I felt that the movie's pace lacked a little for me.

However the closing sequence to the film where Rambo is in the city and is running around with a machine gun really brought back that action I was looking for. Although it was not balls to the wall action it was well paced and suspenseful. Watching the sheriff running around on the roof while he frantically looked for Rambo was very suspenseful.

The Final thing, which I think really made this movie excel, was again John Rambo. By the end of the third act we find out why Rambo was the way he was. He had a mental condition, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This plot point made the machine he was into a human that most could relate with. It sent out a strong message to me and made the movie all worth while.
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