E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Poster

Plot Keywords

alien boy
friendship friendly alien
stranded tween girl
shot in sequence star wars reference
stuffed animal collection nipples visible through clothing
orchestral music score cartoon on tv
defibrillator 1980s
leitmotif symphonic music score
electronic music score pez dispenser
coors beer sitting
lifting male in air video
game dance
rhyme in title suburb
family relationships empathy
innocence childhood innocence
child protagonist alien friendship
ghost costume period in title
space travel hazmat suit
dolly zoom lifting someone into the air
contemporary setting male tears
penis joke learning speech
dissection cult film
girl child's point of view
imitation child swearing
teen angst acronym in title
seti trick or treating
mother son relationship loneliness
pizza delivery loss of friend
drunkenness ufo
scientist mission
fish out of water encounter
children hiding in a closet
extraterrestrial yelling
running california
baseball beer
cardiopulmonary resuscitation blockbuster
transmitter missing child
brother sister relationship child driving a car
product placement car chase
brother brother relationship construction site
quarantine famous entrance
frog storm drain
dog single mother
christ allegory roadblock
school bus school
spacesuit tool shed
defibrillation playground
spacecraft stuffed animal
rainbow gay slur
scream halloween
refrigerator forest
invention bicycle
flower death
disguise sick child
resurrection car bicycle chase
healing famous score
healing gift fake illness
suburbia absent father
flying search team
auto theft chase
miracle expedition
levitation heart
government agent alien contact
character name in title

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