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It's the Law!

Author: Flinx-2 from Kansas City
18 January 2001

Debbie Does Dallas 2 was the first Porno that I ever owned, although I didn't know that was the title until years later. A friend copied it off for me, and I'm sure I pretty much wore the video tape out during puberty, along with a host of other 70's schlock porn.

This was a longtime fave for everyone to poke fun at, with the major scene being Debbie's jail adventure.

Witness -

Cop - "Take off your shirt" -

Debbie - "No"

Cop - "It's the Law" - She does

Cop - "Take off your pants"

Debbie - "No"

Cop - "It's the Law" - She does

Cop - "Take off your socks"

Debbie - "No"

Cop - "It's the Law" - She does

Cop - "There's one way out of here - (hint hint)"

Debbie goes down on him without comment or complaint.

Great flick, in it's own nostalgic way.

8 out of 10, and I'm in no way prejudiced.

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Sequels and the appearance of Ron Jeremy.

Author: Baldach from Arizona
4 June 2002

The orginal Debbie does Dallas was about a young lady becoming sexually mature. In this sequel after quitting her job as a Dallas cheerleader she visits her aunt's home. She quickly discovers her aunt runs a brothel, and Debbie becomes a working girl. I thought the plot was standard compared to other porno films. I remember this being first movie I saw Ron Jeremy in. Ron Jeremy, is nicknamed the "Aardvark" due to his hairy back and blue collar looks. Seeing the "Aardvark" having sex with Bambi Woods sends chills down my spine.

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All of Bambi's scenes are excellent

Author: sickcritik (
13 December 2001

I hadn't seen this for ages: wonderful movie Like the original, the plot is cute but rather silly; Debbie goes to her aunt's bordello and snoops around until she finally becomes one of the girls there, Bambi Woods is gorgeous (drool, drool), Ron Jeremy is funny and -gasp- thin (he's still hairy of course :-)) and so does not damage the film. There is quite a bit of NC-stuff that VCA amazingly has left uncut. All of Bambi's scenes are excellent, particularly her 3-girl scene in the cathouse. On a good day I'd give it a 9/10 but the silly plost really doesn't let me be as liberal as I would like to be.

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Let's talk

Author: Steve Pulaski from United States
15 December 2013

The innocent blonde teenager Debbie Benson (Bambi Woods) returns in Debbie Does Dallas: Part II, which picks up shortly after where its predecessor left us. Debbie and her friends have received money to travel to Texas to audition as cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys cheer squad thanks to discrete sex acts they performed for their bosses at their oddjobs. The film opens with Debbie telling a trucker (Robert Kerman from the original film) about the unfortunate circumstance that was her Dallas tryouts, saying she no longer has interest in cheerleading and wants to move on from that life. She winds up staying at her aunt's home before discovering her aunt owns a brothel in Texas, one of the most hoppin' joints in the state. Must I go further?

Debbie Does Dallas: Part II escalates much more quickly than its predecessor in addition to covering a bigger, more explicit ground. For example, before arriving at her aunt's home, Debbie is arrested and thrown in jail. The sheriff who keeps her behind bars demands she take off her top. "It's the law!," he shouts at her. She does. He then demands she take off her pants, and then her underwear, and then her socks, each time being met with Debbie's imperative "No!" only leading to the sheriff using the same justification. He then hops in the cell with her, "checking for drugs," and what ensues is some strangely-placed non-consensual sex (it should not be mistaken as rape, however).

This kind of sex has evolved into its own more brutal sub-genre of sex and it's one I'm not frankly amused with. Another scene of similar nature exists in the film which I don't plan on touching with a ten foot poll. I was in no way offended by the film's material, but I do see it as an abrupt and rather unnecessary jump from the loss of sexual innocence in the original film to awkward scenes exhibiting forceful encounters in the sequel.

The sex in the film is hit and miss. Some scenes, like the sex scene in the brothel, go on for an absurd amount of time and, unlike the original film, aren't directed with the same kind of light and intimacy. The brothel scenes are (a) too dark and shadowy and (b) feature tedious and boring sex, the kind so tame it may even be allowed in a burlesque show. It's nice to see Bambi Woods return in what would be one of her only roles in porn, or film in general, but it's depressing to note that she seems to be fulfilling an obligation or the needs of an empty wallet. There's little spark and energy to her, unlike the original.

The only thing potentially more memorable than the sex scenes here is the score. The infectious background music included in the film make for a more enjoyable experiences, somewhat arousing and inanely catchy. You know you're either bored or fulfilling the duties of a film critic when you point out the redeeming musical qualities in a pornographic film.

Also boasting a sex scene with Ron Jeremy (some will take that differently than others) and a winning nod to the original film at the end, Debbie Does Dallas: Part II is a mixed bag one can only recommend to seasoned fans of the first or those desperate for a stroll down memory lane.

Starring: Bambi Woods, Robert Kerman, and Ron Jeremy. Directed by: Jim Clark.

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Debbie might have had fun, but I didn't.

Author: The_Void from Beverley Hills, England
19 November 2007

The original Debbie Does Dallas is somewhat considered a classic in it's own right; it's one of the entry level porn films, and I would assume that most teenage boys will have discussed it at some point or other in their school career; but the same cant be said for Debbie Does Dallas 2, or at least I don't think it can; I'm not really sure because the version I saw was cut down to seventy minutes and had a big oval blob in the middle of the screen every time there was a sex scene! I guess I got hold of a copy of the prudish version (thanks, BBFC). Of course you may wonder what I was thinking watching a porn flick with all the good bits cut out...and to be honest, I struggle for an answer to that question. Anyway, the plot has a lot of room for plenty of sex, and focuses on a brothel. Debbie (Bambi Woods reprising her role from the first film) goes to stay with her aunt who runs this brothel, and naturally wants to become one of its employees. From there it's basically country music and sex scenes; some of them looked like they may have been decent, I'm not really sure for the reasons already mentioned. I'll give the benefit of the doubt since the version I saw was chopped...but I probably won't bother tracking down an uncut version.

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Great Flick, But I Need To See The Original

Author: elpaz79903 from United States
24 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, I Just Acquired This Forgotten Adult Film From The Eighties and Got It On Original VHS Format and After Viewing It, I Was Impressed But Not That Impressed. To Think, I've Never Seen The Original and Yet I Have This Sequel So Oh Well. This Movie Starts Off As Debbie Benson Goes On The Road To Her Aunt's Ranch Only TO Get Taken Into Custody By The Sheriff. From There She Gets To The Ranch and Finds Out That Her Aunt Runs A Bordello and Becomes A "Model Employee". From There, It's Your Basic Adult Film But The Biggest Surprise To Me Was Seeing Ron Jeremy Before He Gained All The Weight.

This Has To A Forgotten Piece OF Adult Film History Cuz It's A Great Movie and It's A Shame That I Haven't Seen It On DVD. I Understand That There Is A Part 3 and Bambi Woods Also Comes Out In It, But I Haven't Seen It Around on VHS or DVD. Try To Find This Great Flick Wherever Possible Cuz Debbie Does Dallas All Night Long.

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