Creepshow (1982) Poster


Plot Keywords

terror creature
cake father's day
grave death
meteor crate
comeuppance ec comics
beach anthology
insect high tide
grindhouse critically acclaimed
first part child abuse
woman shot in the forehead killing an animal
gore poetic justice
actual animal killed buried up to one's neck
surveillance underwater
surrealism shower
family relationships cigarette smoking
cigar smoking animated sequence
future antiseptic
track suit rifle
overgrown lincoln
just desserts jeep
hunting grandfather clock
fur fear
family reunion family dinner
disco music cemetery
video camera tyrant
trap telephone
meat cleaver icing sugar
horror host horror comic
double murder control panel
cake decorating billionaire
wine wheelchair
villain victim
vengeance tropical fish
trashcan torture
thunder stage lighting
speech bubble spade
skewed camera angles salt water
punishment pumpkin
mental abuse letter column
kelp illustrated background
halloween freeze frame
family patriarch disfigured corpse
death by shotgun comic book art
caption animation cane
buried alive bucket
bourbon bottle
border bloody corpse
alcohol wraparound story
whiskey match
one word title gallows humor
dark humor patricide
seaside reanimation
man eater macabre
comic book attack
mist homage
graveyard crab
black comedy cult director
trilogy part of trilogy
first of series seaweed
broken neck cockroach
based on the works of stephen king based on comic
based on comic book mirror
blood farm
voodoo shot in the forehead
monster part animation
aquarium skeleton
adultery city
back from the dead revenge
split screen sea
lightning zombie
blackout severed head
control freak skull crushing
cult film living dead

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