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Not that good, but eh, eh....
Sean Richard McCarthy22 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know how to explain this movie! It is NOT enjoyable as far as I am concerned! But it has some kind of idea that might appeal to others (especially sport fans).

It stars "Doug Mckeon" (later in the WONDERFUL movie "On Golden Pond"). He does not want anything to do with the bunch (0f boys).


What is sad is that it takes the DEATH of his younger brother to cause him to "COME BACK" (Hence "The Comeback Kid"). WHY is he so ready to take on the world now that is baby brother is dead and HOW can you make a sequel to this TRAGIC movie??!!!! Yet they did and it is called "The COMEBACK KID STRIKES AGAIN"! Who will die to give him his inspiration this time???????
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chameleonfilms17 January 2003
Angie McCright was outstanding as little Lisa my favorite line would have to be "Are we still gonna have the track meet" A must see for any comedy fan.This movie is a great example of how John Ritter can make any kind of movie enjoyable.
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