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Sequel To Spoof!
AaronCapenBanner28 September 2013
More-of-the-same sequel sees Robert Hays, Julie Haggerty, and Lloyd Bridges(among a few others) return as they are now involved with the first lunar space shuttle that is accidentally sent into a collision course with the sun after a computer malfunction. Once again only Ted Striker can land the ship, and save their lives, with help from the airport crew(this time William Shatner as Buck Murdoch).

Sequel tries awfully hard for laughs but comes up short; most are either recycled from the first, or outright fail, though William Shatner is the highlight here, successfully spoofing his "Star Trek" action hero persona well(Watch out for the Enterprise...) Promises a Part III that never materialized, so we'll likely never know if that was a good or bad thing!
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Oveur was over Unger, and I was under Dunn.
pleiades1030 August 2000
Another hilarious spoof of disaster films, this one takes most of the cast of the original "Airplane!" and puts them in the future where space shuttle travel is the hot new thing. Robert Hayes and Julie Hagerty reprise their roles as Ted Stryker and Elaine Dickinson, two bumbling and likeable characters who fall in love (like so many times before...) during the inevitable breakdown of... well... EVERYTHING on the Mayflower 1's maiden voyage to the moon. Some of the jokes are tired retreads of the earlier film's efforts, but most are rapid fire gags that hit the mark every time.

I'm still surprised that NBC didn't develop a sitcom based on Stephen Stucker's character of Johnny...

"Tell me everything that's happened so far, Johnny."

"Well, first the Earth cooled, then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they died and turned to oil. And then the Arabs started buying Mercedes Benzes. And then Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady Di's clothes, I couldn't believe it..."
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More of the same
mjw23054 February 2006
Airplane II - The sequel is quite literally more of the same, same cast (I'm glad to say) except Leslie Nielson (shame that) same jokes (Most of which still work well) same plot (Only this time we are in space) and the same hero.

Given all of the above, you may wonder why bother? Put simply - it's still funny, it's still better than a lot of spoof movies and OH YES! why change a winning formula.

Aiplane 2 is inferior to its predecessor in every way, but if you enjoyed the first film, you'll be entertained by the sequel (Just not quite as much) 8/10
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I know that it was silly, but for some reason I enjoyed it
Kristine4 August 2006
Now, I know that this was the same thing and same jokes as the very first Airplane. But for some reason, I think because I was just in such a good mood that day, I really did enjoy this funny sequel. True, despite it being set in the future, they used the same characters, and you could totally tell that it was still set in the 80's, it was still a fun movie to watch. The only thing I really missed was Leslie Neilson.

I know this also has a lower rating than the original, but I think everyone just needs to have fun with it. Yes, it was an unnecessary sequel, but it still had a few good laughs you have to admit. They brought back all the jokes we loved, and yes, it's unoriginal, but at least it's what makes the movie work. So, I know as silly as it may sound, I think you'll get a kick out of Airplane II: The Sequel. Like I said, just have fun with it!

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Lukewarm sequel
Superunknovvn15 July 2003
The makers of "Airplane II: The Sequel" simply took every joke from the first one and made it again. This gets boring after a while. People taking things too literally is so overused in this movie it's getting painful (like the "trip" scene - ouch!). There are one or two good moments, though (some William Shatner scenes and the 2001 waltz spoof) and it's a good thing that the main cast (excluding Leslie Nielsen & Robert Stack) from "Airplane!" returned for this one. All in all, "Airplane II: The Sequel" is watchable but I'm glad that they never made a third part. It only could have gone downhill from the original, anyway.
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More Of The Same
ShadeGrenade17 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
'Airplane!', the funniest film Mel Brooks never made, came out in 1980, and became one of the year's biggest hits. This wild spoof of '70's disaster movies did not, as some believe, kill the genre ( it had burned itself out well before then ), but certainly made a fitting headstone.

Interviewed at the time, Jim Abrahams said a sequel was in the offing, to be provisionally entitled 'The 747 Strikes Back'. But when it finally appeared two years later, it was called 'Airplane 2: The Sequel' and neither Abrahams nor Jerry and David Zucker had anything to do with it. Ken Finkleman, writer of 'Grease 2', served in the dual capacity of writer and director. He retained most of the original's characters ( except for Leslie Nielsen's 'Dr.Rumack' ).

After the events of the original film, Ted Stryker ( Robert Hays ) became a moon pilot, but got incarcerated in a lunatic asylum ( named after Ronald Reagan ) following a major screw-up, while the love of his life, the beautiful Elaine ( Julie Hagerty ) is stewardess aboard the maiden commercial space shuttle flight to the Moon. A faulty computer sends the craft hurtling towards the Sun. Luckily a passenger ( Sonny Bono ) had the foresight to bring along a bomb in a briefcase. But who can bring the craft down? Guess who?

The problem is that 'Airplane!' did not need a sequel. The original's freshness was bound to be lost - and was. I would imagine that the people who found this really funny in 1982 were those who never saw the first. Many gags are recycled; the hysterical woman being slapped by a long line of people, the 'what is it?' exchanges, MacCroskey ( Lloyd Bridges ) leaning on his desk and mimicking the pose on the picture behind him, someone throwing away a cigarette and causing an explosion etc.

Some gags are lame - when someone says 'this panel is so hot you could fry eggs on it', we next see just that!

But there are absolute corkers; the poster on the in-flight movie is 'Rocky 38' starring an elderly Sly Stallone in boxing gloves, a topical gag has E.T. trying to phone home and getting trouble from the operator, an elevator plays 'MacArthur Park' incredibly loudly, Stryker escapes from the asylum, and a searchlight picks out Jack Jones singing the theme from 'The Love Boat', a dog-owning family is told that 'Scraps' must have his shots, and then the customs officer pulls out a gun and shoots the animal, and a boy plays with a computer navigation system thinking it to be a game and almost kills a plane's passengers.

William Shatner hams it up wonderfully as the Commander of 'Moonbase Alpha Beta' ( a reference to 'Space: 1999' ), and the presence of Peter Graves ( once more 'Captain Oveur' ) allows for a dig at 'Mission: Impossible'.

Despite the over-familiarity of the material, 'Airplane 2' manages to outclass dismal recent attempts at spoof movies, most notably the 'Scary Movie' series.

Funniest moment - MacCroskey shouts Stryker's surname and a man, misunderstanding him, punches out a woman. I do not endorse brutality towards women but it creases me up each time!

'Airplane 3', touted at the time, went unmade.
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Airplane II: The Sequel 8/10
movieguy102123 October 2002
In case we couldn't tell, Ken Finkleman decided to put "The Sequel" in the title. Why, I have no idea, but it gives it somewhat of a muddles sound. Or maybe saying that most of the jokes are repeated from the first movie.

Robert Hays yet again plays Ted Striker, but he doesn't have Elaine (Julie Hagerty). Instead, Simon (Chad Everett) is going to get married to her as soon as they get back from the first commercial flight to the moon, where Elaine is stewerdassing. And what does Ted do? Buy a ticket. And what happens? He has to fly it.

But the controls are out of human hands. A computer, ROK, is driving the ship. It's a not-so-subliminal parody of 2001: A Space Odyseey. And what happens to ROK? He becomes drunk with power and becomes demented. Oh yeah, and there's a crazy person (Sonny Bono) who brought a time bomb onto the ship. And there's a horse.

Hays strikes right on as Striker, and cheery Hagerty outplays everyone. Unfourtanetly, as you watch, you'll be waiting in vain for Leslie Nielsen. Where is he when you need him?

A2TS is still very funny, even though the jokes are used over from the first one (Austin Powers, anyone?). They're played in different ways. More "what is it" and "war is hell" jokes are here, but they're still funny. One setback is the numerous flashbacks which hinder the course of the "plot". I'm not saying they're not funny, but in a run of jokes, it's not necessary. And, it seems like a comedy where they don't know they're in a comedy (the jokes are always funnier that way).

Luckily, Lloyd Bridges reprises his role as Steve McCroskey, the vice-driven commander. And Rip Torn makes a miniscule appearance. How could we forget Stephen Stucket, the delightfully quirky Jacobs (Johnny in the first) who can lighten up any dank situation.

So, it's still funny (even if it reuses jokes), it's got Sonny Bono, and it's got Raymond Burr on the other side of the courtroom in a flashback.

My rating: 8/10

Rated PG for nudity, language, and comic violence.
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Made for a quick buck. (SPOILERS!)
zardoz121 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
From what I can tell, "Airplane!" was the little film that could, a small picture that made loads of money. For whatever reason, the "Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker" comedy team was not connected to the sequel; instead film non-entity Ken Finkleman was given the task of writing and directing. What he delivered was the same motion picture, with most of the original gags, though now the focus was on spoofing the Space Shuttle and science fiction movies. What kills "Airplane II" is the bad comic timing, the feeling of deja vu (most of the orginal cast reprise their old roles,) and the self-conscious chintziness. A good example of the latter is the footage used in Stryker's flashback of the experimental space shuttle crash; it's the same Boeing 747 crash test footage used as a joke in-flight movie in "Airplane!" An even better example is the film's use of the "Battlestar Galactica" theme. It's like they built this film with off the shelf parts! Watchable only if you never saw the orginal, or never read "Mad Magazine."
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Pretty much the same as the first. Still, it does get laughs
policy13424 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When Airplane first landed in my VCR back in the good old 80's, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. Here was a movie that was devoid of any logic, continuity and for the most parts would have actors say the most outrageous lines with straight faces (eg. "Jimmy, do you like gladiator movies?" - "That's just what they are expecting us to do" and of course the most quoted "Surely, you can't be serious? I am serious. And don't call me Shirley!" After seeing like hundreds and hundreds of movies trying to rip off this style, the worst of them being the reprehensible Scary Movie franchise and other titles with the word Movie in it, this film, which is basically a repeat is a very nice viewing experience.

Of course, many of the same jokes are repeated and you still wonder how Ted Striker can remember things from the war which suspiciously look like World War II when the movie is set somewhere in the distant future. Still, William Shatner going crazy over flashing buttons and knobs is priceless and Julie Hagerty as Elaine is given more to do. She is definitely a talent that really never got her due.

The ending does fall a little flat, though and it is not that funny but basically the movie does give you what you expected and maybe that's not such a bad thing. An odd bit of trivia is shown at the very end which is a tag for a sequel. What more could they do?
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Crash and burn
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews24 January 2009
You know those movies that really don't need sequels? Can you tell the Hollywood producers about that? Abrahams and the two Zuckers, or ZAZ, agreed not to do this. Thus, they abandoned this, and evidently took almost all of the hilarity with them, whether or not they intended to do so. That left this with some pieces of comedy, but mostly what there is just hacks, coughs, sputters and dies slowly and painfully before the viewers' eyes. It's not a pretty sight. This is a soulless, less "honest" spoof. There is arguably more objectionable content in the first five minutes of this than the entirety of its predecessor. The bits that are, at times directly, lifted from it tend to do little other than highlight how little this one has on the one that came before it. Several cast-members return, including the two leads, however, the script they were given leaves them powerless to save this. Even Shat doesn't quite save it(and he certainly does try, and does well with what he had to work with). It would be too harsh and critical, if not by particularly much, to claim that none of this is funny at all(heck, when at its best, which is extremely seldom, it isn't without outright hilarity). It's pretty half-hearted, and comes off as being made for the bucks, not the laughs. The fact remains that it offers next to nothing, and certainly not a thing that comes even remotely close to being worth possibly risking messing up the memory of Airplane!, if one fears an inclination towards that. There's a lot more sexuality(and usually the gags and jokes go on for so long, it ceases to even hold potential for humor... and reach the level of being gratuitous), other offensive material(except for drug references) and language in this. The end credits featuring the as-of-yet-unfulfilled promise of a third entry is really a perfect testament to the failure of this. Perhaps it can at least help deter follow-ups that are useless and uncalled for from being released. It certainly isn't alone. Lastly, let me point out that this is not merely a case of a sequel being a letdown... it's simply not a good film. I recommend this to those who must have both in the series. 5/10
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Nothing Tops The Original, Airplane II is an "Average" Flight
jbartelone23 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Airplane II is an OK sequel, but that's it. The story involves most of the original crew from the first movie on-board a lunar spaceship that is headed for the moon. A computer malfunction forces the ship off course. Once again, Ted Striker (Robert Hayes) and Elaine Dickensen (Julie Hagerty) are appointed to land the craft.

A lot of Airplane II's jokes are taken from the first movie. The humor is predictable. Airplane II however is mostly strained because there is nothing original to the film. The Zucker brothers who did so well with the spontaneous humor and wit of the first film, by humorous reactions to "play on words" situations, did not direct this movie. Airplane II just resurrects most the original cast from the first film and puts them on a spaceship instead of an airplane with the same jokes. In addition, the humor is a bit more crude. (A joke of a dog being "shot" with a fake gun, I found disturbing.) There are also some sexual references in the film that I think should have made this movie rated PG-13. However, because this rating was not available from the MPAA at the time of its release in 1982, the film is rated PG. However, I do NOT recommend it to anyone under 13.

The cast however makes an honest effort with the time worn material, and there are a couple good laughs but nothing really memorable. The best summery and problem with this movie is that, "We have seen it all before." I give Paramount credit for not releasing Airplane III! There is a promo for it at the conclusion of the movie. Either it was thankfully "shot down" (pun intended) pre-production or something else may have happened to prevent its release. This was a good thing.

A second time is more than enough.
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New film, same jokes...
Having said that however, I don't think this film is as bad as some other reviewers have stated. Sure they re-hash a lot of stuff from the first movie, but hey! It's still funny right? I think this movie has a lot going for it. Some of the jokes fall flat, but some are hilarious. You've just got to take the rough with the smooth.
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What went wrong?
kdryan16 June 2003
I find it hard to understand how someone can take a classic like 'Airplane!' and follow it up with this crap. Basically a rehash of the first genius film, 'Airplane II' recycles the same old jokes over and the few new ones that are there fall flat on their face. If you don't want to taint your enjoyment of Airplane! then skip this turkey.
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Mostly funny.
gridoon20 April 2002
Yes, many of the gags do seem to have come out of the recycling bin. It's still a fairly funny film anyway. It's literally jam-packed with jokes (sometimes two or three are running on simultaneously, in the same frame) and if you don't like one, chances are it will be followed by a better one after only a few seconds. And the acting by almost everyone is very good; they never slip out of their characters. (**1/2)
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Not THAT bad!
Idolprincess14 July 2004
Sequels are rarely as good as the first movie. Everyone should know that, specially while watching Airplane 2. In my opinion, Airplane 2 still has the same quality of humor as Airplane does and it only repeats a few jokes. It never seemed repetitive for me, but maybe for most people it can get old to see two movies with the exact same type of humor and the same type of universe and imagery. I thought it was really funny that they went into space this time, and they could have done a lot more science fiction movie related jokes, but they didn't, and I suppose that's okay. I didn't expect it to be as good as the first one, really. Of course the first one was better, but I wouldn't say it was much better. I've seen much worse sequels for comedy movies. I personally thought it did fine as a sequel and I'd recommend it to anyone who liked the first one.
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There's no ballpark, and the team's relocated...
sebastiankunz25 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I was surprised to learn that so very many of the gags I remember as being from "Airplane!" were actually from "Airplane II: The Sequel".

Jack Jones singing the Love Boat, seeing the boobs in the security monitor, the multi-country newscasters, and Steven Stucker's CLASSIC long line...

"first, the Earth cooled. Then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat. So they all died, and turned into oil. Then the Arabs came and they bought Mercedes Benzes. Then Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady Di's clothes. I couldn't believe it! He took her best summer dress, and put it on and went to town..."

But to say that most of the gags were jokes that hit the mark every time... as I just read here on IMDb, is a clear overstatement.

Case in point:

McCroskey: "There's a passenger who is carrying a bomb." Elaine: "A b-" *gasps* McCroskey: "No, not a buh, a bomb."

Smile-funny, not laugh-funny, but they actually took a second, much worse stab at this gag a short time later.

Ted: "(Saluchi) has a bomb on board." Stewardess: "A BAAAH?" Ted: "No, not a buh, a bomb."

Totally fails.

In listening to the director's commentary on "Airplane!", I learned that the Zucker brothers and the Abrahams dude had nothing to do with The Sequel.

Further, in watching the Sequel today, I saw the name Ken Finkelman as the writer and director. I knew I recognized that name...

According to IMDb, he's the actor and star in that Canadian show called The Newsroom. Since I'm a news reporter, I bought that on DVD a couple of years ago to see if the cover's claims of "Funniest and most brilliant CBC show ever produced" was true. (I watched from beginning to end, but just felt like I was missing something. I'd say more, but this is about "Airplane!".)

But Airplane II felt a little more star studded... Shatner (his wife Marcy Lafferty is also a lady in line), James Noble (Governor Gatling from Benson), Rip Torn, the guy from Battlestar Galactica, Sonny Bono, Wheel Of Fortune's Pat Sajak as a news anchorman (his editorial: AAAAAAAAHH!), David Leisure (Empty Nest and the Isuzu guy), Rick Overton, Herve Villaichaize as the little breather, and IMDb sez Joyce DeWitt (Janet from Three's Company) and George Wendt (from Cheers) even have uncredited roles!

But clearly, Howard W Koch thought he could capture lightning in a jar more cheaply... with Finkleman sted ZAZ, and it came off as a cheap knockoff more than a real ZAZ production (like Airplane and Police Squad).

It's no wonder that the teaser after the credits end (for Airplane III) never came to be. -Sebastian Kunz
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A sequel that IS as good as the original
alanpuzey10 September 2011
I've just watched 'Airplane 1' and 'Airplane 2: The Sequel"' for the umpteenth time. They are both 10/10 films for me, but I'm reviewing these films under 'Airplane 2' as this is the only time I've enjoyed watching a sequel that is is virtually a rerun of the first film with a few changes. In this case I laughed out loud even more.

Both are great examples of modern slapstick films - full of numerous obvious gags which means that, if you like this sort of movie, they stand watching many times over, often revealing subtle little visual or audio jokes you didn't spot first time. The casting is excellent with many actors extending their career in a new vein. In Airplane 2 the visual gags were even better and towards the end William Shatner gave an inspired performance.

These films were the first in a long line of similar spoof movies from the same makers, and although there is some tailing off, most of them are very funny in the same way as 'Airplane'.
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One of the funniest sequels ever
buddhadan-117 September 2006
This is one of the funniest sequels ever. It has all of the same types of jokes, the same writing style, the same filming style, and a hilarious cast of people who understand exactly what it takes to make a movie funny.

The site gags, the plays on words, the silly facial expressions and the overall humor of this movie works so well that I can watch it over and over without losing any real fun value.

I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who liked the first movie or who can watch a funny movie without taking it seriously at all.

I think that this is one of the first movies that William Shatner was in that I really liked, and he helped add a lot to the fun value of the movie. It might be that this is one of the first movies he was in where he did not take himself seriously, making it even funnier.
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What a great way to spend 90 minutes (possible spoiler)
udeaasykle27 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
It's silly, it's stupid, it's dumb and it is hilarious. Enter Ted Striker once again to save the day. This time he has to save a space shuttle which is heading straight for the sun. Can he do it? Of course he can, he is TED STRIKER!!! He tells story that no one wants to hear, he sweats a lot, he has a drinking problem, and he is the best darn pilot alive. You have to be in the mood for a silly film for this to work for you. There are a lot of spoofs and word game humor in this movie and it is all good. My favorite part of the movie is when he sees the open door which says. "danger: Vacuum" The music is also great, which i learned is from Battlestar Galactica from 1978. So get that popcorn and your coke, but be careful. It might just come out your nose while watching. I rate this movie 6/10
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tastyhotdogs8 June 2008
For the first time in ages, we hired some weekly DVD's from our local "Blockbuster". I was crestfallen by the current "New Releases", so decided to go for some old school comedy. First up- "Flying High 2".

Early into the movie I realised I hadn't seen this, which surprised me as I see myself as a connoisseur of 80's comedies. The plot is kind of like the original, except on a spaceship. Pretty early on it was obvious this was going to stink it up....and it did. It wasn't written by the famed Abrahams/Zucker combo but by some guy called Ken Finkleman, who was responsible for another putrid sequel, "Grease 2", and the Madonna flop "Who's that girl?". The jokes are pretty much the same, most of the cast is back (except Leslie Nielsen who was probably the only one not that desperate for the work) and the story is about 10% different from the first. Just awful.
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More of the Same, but in the Future
Dave Kaminskas3 September 2002
It is the future. People are getting ready for there first transport to the Moon to live in Moon colonies, and Ted Striker knows something bad is going to happen. The Roc 4000 computer goes nuts and kills the crew of the spaceship and sets the ship towards the sun. If Striker can't take back the ship and change it's course they will all fry. Sequel to Airplane! is mainly a parody on 2001, with all the original Airplane! jokes thrown back in. Most of the cast has returned including Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, and even the jive talking dude. William Shatner and Sunny Bono are very good as a few new characters. Is it funny? Yes, but not as funny as the first. People who enjoyed the first one should enjoy this one. Fairly average comedy. **out of **** Note: After the end credits they say Airplane 3 coming soon. It never came.
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Not even close to the classic
terrors895 May 2005
The sequel to the groundbreaking hilariously funny Airplane is neither groundbreaking nor hilarious. Most of the time it's slightly amusing. Most of the time the sequel rides the wave that the first movie created and the writer/director of this movie did nothing to help it, only hurt it.

This time the ridiculously silly movie starts off like the last Airplane movie except that this time it's the first commercial shuttle flight to the first colony on the moon. Ted Stryker, played by Robert Hays (Dr. T and the women,) was the test pilot to test the shuttle and after the prototype crashed he was sent to the insane asylum. Meanwhile, the shuttle goes forward with its mission. Stryker escapes and tries to get on the shuttle to stop it. Of course he does, and he tries to stop the mission and get back together with his girlfriend Elaine, played by Julie Hagerty (What about Bob?) OK the first movie was written and directed by Jim Abrams and the Zucker Brothers, David and Jerry. Airplane II was written and directed by Ken Finkleman. I mention this because Finkleman appears to have nothing to do with the first movie, and with very few exceptions he steals every joke from the first movie, makes a minor change to the joke and then puts it in the new film. Doing it once or twice, say like in Austin Powers, its OK, but if most of your jokes are based on the original jokes from the first movie, then it quickly becomes tiresome and unfunny.

There are a few jokes that are funny, the beginning with the Iran Air Courtesy shuttle is one, and most of the stuff with William Shatner was funny until the very end. There are some bits and pieces in the middle but Finkleman depends too much on the original jokes and end the end it kills him.

The failure of the movie is on Finkleman. Haggerty and Hays and everyone else did a fine job but they weren't shooting another film as much as performing an encore of the previous show. However the one actor who was missing from this movie which was noticeable was Leslie Neilson. He had an uncanny ability and timing for these kinds of movies which made the Naked Gun series so wonderful. His absence hurt the movie.

I say if you have never seen the Airplane movies, get the first one, it's the best. Ignore this one unless it's on TV, but don't see the sequel before you see the first Airplane movie or any of the Naked Guns, it is a poor imitation.

**This review and others can be read at*
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Even More Biased Than The First Film
ccthemovieman-121 November 2006
This is great fun, and a ton of laughs.....if you are an atheist, Democrat and generally a person of few morals.

Yes, if you can laugh at all the sleazy jokes and naked breasts, chuckle at the priests and nuns looking like fools, along with the reference to some nut-case thinking he was Jesus Christ; laugh at child molestation gags, Ronald Reagan insults, etc., then this movie is for you!

Hey, I love outrageous humor but make SOME attempt and being "fair and balanced." Why are there no Liberals trashed in here? No Jews, blacks or anyone else besides white religious people? No, like its predecessor, this is so sickening left-wing it's disgraceful, or should I just say "typical Hollywood."
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Um, Zuckers anyone?
kimcobun2 November 2006
In case people didn't know, the reason this movie was such a travesty was because the Zuckers and Jim Abrahms, the writers/directors of Airplane!, didn't do it. Hence the rehashed jokes and overall lack of magic that was in the first one. Though there are some fairly amusing moments, Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahms and David Zucker were the only people who could have pulled off a truly good sequel. Despite the return of much of the original cast (except Leslie Neilson, *sniff*), they couldn't help the painfully bland script with minimal plot and dozens of re/over-used jokes. Oh, and a horrible ending! For more Zucker magic, please please please turn to Top Secret!, which is almost as funny as Airplane!.
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A less funny "Airplane!" in space
TheSeaLion13 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you've seen "Airplane!" than you've seen this. "Airplane II: The Sequel" is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed parody film from 1980 with many of the same elements. For the most part, the story, characters, and jokes are all the same, only this time the film is set in space and is parodying movies like "2001: A Space Odyssey".

For the most part, the comedy style for this film was the same one that was used in "Airplane!" using lots of play-on-words jokes to keep the tone of the first film and did not fall victim to other comedy film sequels where it is nothing but juvenile humor. I did find myself getting annoyed at the fact that there were jokes recycled from the first film like the little boy (Oliver Robins) and Captain Oveur (Peter Graves) and the mix-up with the pilot's names. Another problem was that when a joke happened occasionally, I had thought of a funnier punchline in my head, which took me out of the movie a little and sometimes, the jokes just didn't work.

"Airplane II: The Sequel" brought back a number of characters from the first film including Striker (Robert Hays) and Elaine (Julie Hagerty), McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges) and Johnny/Jacobs (Stephen Stucker) and featured some new characters like Murdock (William Shatner) and Simon (Chad Everett). The problem is that the returning characters are the only ones who are really funny while the new characters, almost all the time, fall flat. Also, while the characters from "Airplane!" were funny and memorable, the only memorable characters from this movie are the ones that were brought back from the first film.

In the long run, "Airplane II: The Sequel" is a less funny "Airplane!" set in space. The film had some good jokes that the writers thought up of themselves and the returning characters were good in it, but the same can not be said for the new characters. The jokes, for the most part, were either mediocre or the audience could think of better punchlines for them in their heads, and it did have to borrow a lot of jokes from its predecessor. When it comes down to it, though, "Airplane II: The Sequel" is a comedy sequel that is not as funny as the original, but it manages to make you laugh enough times to make the viewing worthwhile.
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