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  • Vyvyan is studying medicine.

    Rick is studying sociology or domestic sciences (it varies), and is the only one who ever seems to do any work.

    Neil is doing Peace Studies, which is actually a real course in many colleges: see

    Mike is blackmailing his tutor and the Dean for grants and passing grades for a business degree.

  • The Special Patrol Group (SPG) was a unit of Greater Londons Metropolitan Police Service, responsible for providing a centrally-based mobile capability for combating serious public disorder and crime that could not be dealt with by local divisions.

    The SPG was active from 1965 to 12th January 1987, being replaced by the Territorial Support Group.

  • This featured on Only Connect. It was Kendall Mintcake (played by Ben Elton), Miss Money-Sterling (played by Emma Thompson), Lord Snot (played by Stephen Fry), and Lord Monty (played by Hugh Laurie). Ben Elton is the only one who didn't audition for Footlights.


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