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8 May 1984
After realizing they haven't done the wash in almost three years, the boys take a trip to the launderette and then Neil remembers that they have been chosen to be on "University Challenge".
15 May 1984
The boys are broke so they force Neil to get a job as a policeman to raise money for Vyvyan, who is pregnant.
29 May 1984
Mike and Vyvan try to get their video player working as they are plan to watch video nasties, Neil has a bath and Vyvan, Rick, Mike and Neil are terrorized by a vampire.
5 Jun. 1984
After having a dream that he, Rick, Vyvan, Mike and Mr. Bolowski were in the American television program Dallas (1978), Neil awakes and finds Rick has been sleeping with an axe murderess.
12 Jun. 1984
Vyvan, Rick, Mike and Neil are ill and they have colds. The Boys get taken hostage by violent criminal Brian Damage Balowski and Mr. and Mrs. Pye, Neil's parents are coming to the flat to have tea.
19 Jun. 1984
Summer Holiday
It's the end of the term at College, and Vyvan, Rick, Mike and Neil are having a lazy summer holiday. But they end up getting evicted by Mr. Bolowski and decide to rob a bank, before making a getaway on a bus.

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