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Age cannot wither it, nor custom stale...

Author: unclepete from Liverpool, England
11 March 2001

As a TV series that is nearly twenty years old, "We'll Meet Again" should be looking a little rough around the edges now. It is, however, a timeless classic worthy of inclusion in anybody's collection.

The story describes the effect on a small British village when an American Bomber Division lands during World War Two.

The feeling of 'old England' is captured beautifully, not least in the fabulous portrayal of stalwart shop keeper Albert Mundy by Ray Smith.

The series is long, weighing in at 690 minutes, but is very compelling as you are absorbed into the intricate history of the residents of the village and their interaction with the 'Yanks'.

The success of this show was phenomenal when first aired in the UK, and its conclusion brought about a national press campaign for a sequel, which was eventually commissioned for serialisation by a UK National Paper.

If you were there the first time, then I strongly urge you to invest in the beautiful DVD set available only on region 1 DVD.

If you love romance, nostalgia, or B-17s then this is for you!

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My favourite ever TV series

Author: Kathy Richards (
23 January 2002

I loved this series and have watched it several times. A well made, well acted production which was very evocative of the WWII period. My favourite actor, Joris Stuyck, played M/Sgt Chuck Ericson. I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good romantic story. Beautifully filmed - it's such a pity there was no follow-up series.

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Best Movie Ever !

Author: WeeNook from USA
27 June 2002

I purchased this series three years ago; and, I have watched it, at least, 20 times ! It is wonderful ! The direction is splendid ! The acting is superb ! Recently, I purchased the DVD so that I have a more 'permanent' copy. I have loaned it to people; and, they have thanked me profusely. It is simply WONDERFUL ! Superlatives fail me, I don't know what else to say ! I continually thank my lucky stars that prompted me to purchase it (I knew nothing about it) ! It is that good !

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A Must for WWII Enthusiasts. (Minor Spoilers).

Author: highpriestess32 from United Kingdom
5 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This classic 1980's drama charts the lives of the residents of a rural English town upon the arrival of the American Air Force.

Typical of it's genre, the story revolves around loves, losses, jealousies as well as exploring the resilience of the war-torn British.

It's 1943 and we see a jeep enter the small village of Market Wetherby. The locals are out in force going about their usual daily business when two "Yanks" appear asking if anybody speaks English. The local girls are of course overwhelmed by the sight of American GIs but one particular shopkeeper (Albert Mundy), views them with utter contempt. As a survivor of WWI having fought in the Somme and the father of a love-struck teenage daughter, he sees only trouble ahead.

Meanwhile, the local gentry - Major Ronald "Ronnie" Dereham and his wife, Dr. Helen Dereham (Susannah York), face both marital intrusion via the handsome American, Major Jim Kiley (played well by Michael J. Shannon), and Ronnie's ensuing war wounds.

The series flows well as we witness good character development. However its conclusion leaves the viewer with many loose ends to tie up. It may well be expressed that "This is not the beginning of the end but merely the end of the beginning" but this is how I felt the series concluded. Thankfully, author David Butler went on to make a written sequel named "The End of an Era" which I have just purchased and look forward to reading.

In conclusion, a very enjoyable series which really cried out for a continuation. It ended in the middle, effectively.

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The lives of the inhabitants of a small village in WWII are changed forever when a squadron of the American Air force arrives

Author: Caroline from Brussels
17 January 2017

I liked the series. I have it on DVD & watch it from time to time. I agree some of the characters are a bit of a caricature and some of the American accents are appalling, but it's worth watching it just for Michael J Shannon who is completely believable as a USAF Major and the chemistry between his character Maj. Kiley and Dr Dereham.

In response to "jehaccess6"'s review - Susannah York was just over 40 when making this (not 50) - 3 or so years older than Michael J Shannon - and I think we're supposed to assume that Maj. Kiley was attracted to and by her character because she was more sophisticated, or perhaps more aloof, or just unavailable? I don't see him falling for her daughter who was frankly too young for him as well as the fact that she rather flung herself at him and followed him around like a lost puppy. We all go for the unattainable, don't we? Furthermore we can't help who we're attracted by can we?

Although the quality of the recording isn't brilliant, the series isn't dated because it's set in 1943.

I quite liked the addition of real footage of B-17s and airmen - gave it more authenticity.

Incidentally for those who are wondering, according to the book "We'll meet Again - the end of an era" which was a sort of sequel, Maj. Dereham dies so Helen marries Jim Kiley, they go to the USA and he becomes a politician, Vi & Chuck also go to the USA, have a couple of kids and Chuck becomes a dentist, Rosie Blair marries Peter Mundy & they take over the shop when Albert Mundy has a stroke, Hymie marries a friend of Rosie's and Lettie becomes a famous actress via rather dubious methods. Lettie's daughter grows up with the Mundys unaware who her real mother is.

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Some satisfying elements if you ignore the screaming incongruities.

Author: jehaccess6 from United States
21 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I suppose I approached the material from the angle of a WW2 buff instead of a romance/drama. The script would flow along well enough for a while and then some ridiculous plot development came along and spoiled the whole process.

The attack on the Yank airfield was ridiculous. The ME110 that roared in dropped its bombs on a shed instead of hitting some far more lucrative target such as a fuel depot or ammunition dump. Then the pilot proceeds to attack a lone cyclist and a group of women farmworkers. The Yanks seem remarkably unconcerned by the attack and no attempt to intercept the intruder is even considered. A wandering Yank in a Jeep blunders on to the farmland attack scene with no apparent reason why he should be wandering about on remote farmland except to allow him to meet his future wife.

The remarkable stupidity of the Letty character really stood out. She was so eager to get away from her stifling home life that she deliberately got pregnant with her Yank boyfriend to lock in his commitment. When the first boyfriend died, she latched onto the first new Yank that showed any interest.

The romance between the Yank major and the British doctor really lacked any force. Especially considering the risk the Yank was taking in his pursuit of a locally prominent married woman. The quite attractive daughter of the doctor would have eagerly welcomed any interest on the major's part. Her rejection in order to allow the major to concentrate on her mother would have likely led to her drawing the attention of the Major's commanding officer to the sordid conduct of the major.

The invincible composure of the injured husband of the doctor was astounding. He was content to allow another man to break up his family in order to avoid a confrontation. His wife's betrayal was not worthy of challenge.

The fact that Susannah York was about 50 years old in this production was too much to overlook. She was too far past her prime to be convincing as a woman who could arouse such passion in a much younger man. In all the closeups, we see that all the foundation is loosing the battle with the set lighting.

Well, this is not the worst historical drama ever, but it will never take top honors in my book.

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A missed opportunity, a major disappointment

Author: hjmsia49 from United States
25 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I looked forward to this series with great anticipation as I like intelligent interchange between Americans and Brits. I found too many of the characters so stereotypical and lacking in believability. I enjoyed seeing some old pros like June Barry (Forsyte Saga) and Stuart Wilson (Anna Kerenina)again trying to raise level of the performances. The lead characters, the British doctor and the American Major lacked any chemistry in their vain attempt to bring some conviction to their relationship. The doctor's invalid husband raised the level of British stiff upper lip stoicism to absurd levels. Americans Mario, Hymie and Elmer were little more than cartoon characters. The series was further burdened by plot twists that strained credulity. It is obvious they borrowed a post war B-17 as their major prop. The problem was that their B-17, named Ginger Rogers, was an unpainted silver version, totally different than the brown versions used by the 8th Air Force. It stood out like a sore thumb alongside the actual bombers used during the war. It had a chin turret lacking in machine guns. Every time the silver streak returned to its base, you could anticipate the "wounded aboard flare" as it landed and you waited to see which of Lettie's boy friends would expire. In addition, can you believe that a German Me 110, with an inviting American base close by, would bother to strafe a farm girl in a field and a lonely cyclist on a country road? Can you believe an American airman, who bails out over Belgium and manages to stroll through German occupied France, cross the Pyranees into Spain and Portugal where he hops a British planes to return to his base? Can you believe a 15 year old American tail gunner who shoots down two German fighters on his first mission? While June Barry was excellent as the poor anxious mother and shopkeeper, her hairdo was the best of the entire female cast. She always looked like she just returned from the beauty parlor. If any series required a sequel, this one certainly did with so many plots left hanging. We can only ponder the final fate of the doctor and her two Majors, the Mundy siblings, the flirtatious Rosie and if the crew of the Ginger Rogers 2 would survive the war? We'll never know? Finally, "We'll Meet Again" was a very popular song during WWII by British songstress Vera Lynn. It would have added to this production.

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Shame there was no second series

Author: Kris Gray from Germany
29 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember this series fondly from the early 80's when it was first broadcast, I agree with most of the reviews written here however jehaccess6 I have to point out to you that Susannah York was only 4 years younger than Michael Shannon so not a considerably younger man.

As for drbetteridge, a one star review, was it because your husband enjoyed it so much, was there something on another channel you would have preferred to watch? For your information regarding the American accents, some of the actors portraying them were in fact American, Michael Shannon, Lou Hirsch, Richard LeParminter, so you don't know anything about accents and I really thought Christopher Malcome was American at the time. As for the Brits, I'm sorry but that is exactly how they were in the 40', especially in rural England, most of them really hadn't been much further than the end of their roads. I've lived in the country and even now days a lot of them still haven't been any further so you really don't know what you are talking about.

The Yanks were really shocked at the way of life in England it really was like landing on another planet so this is a accurate depiction of the times. Sure it was low budget but then so were most UK TV productions of the time. It is well written and well acted, so if you have never watched ignore the one star review and and treat yourself. It really was a shame there wasn't a second series, I really never understood why

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I rate this a 7.5 and highly recommend it

Author: Honda Seller
8 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've seen enough war shows to last me a few lifetimes so I am definitely not a fan of war shows, however, this was well done and I enjoyed it.

I thought it was realistic and well acted. Too bad it only ran for one season. I'd have given it an 8 but for the ending not being complete.

I thought they did a decent job in tying up a couple of main relationships, having Sally and Mac get back together and Chuck return after having been missing but oh come on - couldn't they have at least let us see Chuck and Vi hug??! I think of the mindless footage wasted on Himey being petty or the strange yet rather meaningless storyline wherein Letty goes a bit crazy in the last episode.

The main relationship through the entire series was the affair of major Kiley and the Dr... and yet, how could they leave it up in the air in the end and not give us any sense either way who she chooses?! Sigh :\

Any way, a better ending than many series I've seen so I still highly recommend this show. I was able to view the entire series on youtube.

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My uncle and aunt's romance was the real-life story of this series!

Author: Joni Linville from Ohio, USA
10 May 2014

I saw this TV show while I was doing overseas student teaching in the spring of 1982. There are 2 reasons why it has stuck with me - 1) it was really good, and 2) my uncle, in whose home I was staying while I taught in the UK, was the US military adviser for the show and his name appeared in the credits at the end of each episode!! I was so proud! His name was Lt. Col. Donald W. Brewer. He and my British-born Aunt Beryl's wartime romance was the real love story that was mirrored in the TV series. I have a full-page article/interview entitled "The real "We'll Meet Again"love story", from the newspaper they received at the time. It recounts the details of their whirlwind WWII romance and marriage and how it was that he was asked to read the script and give his opinion on the accuracy of the language, dress, and similar details of the US soldiers portrayed in the series.

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