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This was Magic
scenario3 August 2006
Voyagers! was a time travel series that aired Sunday nights on NBC from 1982-'83. I was 7 years old and instantly hooked. The lighthearted fantasy concept involved a kid, a pirate and cool watch like time machine (the Omni) that was worn on the belt. As a kid I wanted my own Omni more then I did a Jedi lightsaber.

The show was about a recently orphaned 12 year old named Jeffrey Jones (Meeno Pulce). Jeff is living a dreary life in his Manhattan high rise with his aunt and uncle, who don't like the idea of suddenly raising a kid themselves. One night a time traveler named Phineas Bogg (Jon-Erik Hexum) crashes into Jeff's bedroom. Bogg is a ruggedly handsome man that's dressed like a pirate from the 1700s, who happens to be a member of a mysterious organization called "Voyagers". "I am a Voyager" Bogg says, "You ever hear of one? Course not, no one has", Bogg continues to tell Jeff. Voyagers are people that are trained to "travel through the ages" to keep history on track and make sure it's always on the right path. They don't get into the philosophical aspects of what is the right or wrong history, and there is no need to in a fun show like this. If the Omni flashed red then something was wrong with history. Once the good guys fixed the problem it became a solid green. The Voyagers seems to exist out of our linear time, they appear to be from the past but use technology from the future. Through a series of mishaps Jeff winds up as Bogg's time traveling companion, and Bogg is unable to take Jeff back to 1982 because his Omni would only go up to 1970. Apparently it was malfunctioning, which led him to land in Jeff's 1982 high rise apartment in the first place. Jeff is a child genius who knows everything there is to know about history. Bogg doesn't know much about history so Jeff proves valuable to Bogg, as Bogg left his Guidebook back in Jeff's 1982 bedroom (remember they can't go back). Jeff basically becomes Bogg's new Guidebook and the two improvise their way through solving problems the best they can.

This was created as an educational series for children, and it worked. They hit it out of the ballpark with this one. I probably learned more about history from Voyagers! then I did from any of my 2nd grade classes. There was always a main plot and then a secondary story line where Jeff and Bogg visited another time line. Sometimes a brief third time story would be thrown in. The best episodes had two story lines that mirrored each other in some way. "Agents of Satan" had Jeff and Bogg land in New England during the Salem witch trials, after escaping being burned at the stake the duo land in 1924 Boston during a séance that just happens to have Harry Houdini in the audience. Houdini never believed in real magic or the supernatural, only the incredibly well staged illusions that he performed. He famously went around the country debunking phonies swindling people out of money, so when Houdini sees our heroes appear out of nowhere and then immediately vanish into thin air he is convinced that ghosts are real. Jeff and Bogg inadvertently turned a green light zone into a red one. This kind of story telling was just flat out AMAZING for a kids show. The writing was top notch. Other great episodes were "Worlds Apart" (Thomas Edison and Lawerence of Arabia), "The Travels of Marco Polo", "Barriers of Sound" (Alexander Graham Bell), "Voyagers of the Titanic", "The Trial of Phineas Bogg" (we get to see the Voyager school) and "Jack's Back" (Jack the Ripper).

I have acquired all the episodes in recent years, complete with the NBC bumpers ("Voyagers will be back after these messages"). A few of my episodes even have some of the old NBC ads from the time, with Meeno and Jon-Erik dressed in costume and telling us "Sundays are the place to be on NBC!", which was a precursor to the "NBC Let's All Be There!" ads a couple years later. I get a flood rush of magical childhood nostalgia when I see stuff like that. I was nervous that show would look just too ridiculous and immature for my adult eyes. I was proved wrong. Sure there are a couple of forgettable episodes and yes there are some corny moments here and there where you can tell this was a children's series, but it's damn entertaining one. The acting can be silly at times, but sometimes you have to just accept a well made show's faults and just roll with it. The stories and the writing were what really attracted me. This was a series aimed at children but written with older audiences in mind, so I can still watch this one as an adult and not feel guilty. The series always dealt with famous historical figures, but who cares? The show had plenty of wit and zany enthusiasm going for it. That other great time travel series Quantum Leap would be there later to deal with the more regular folk. At the end of each episode Meeno Pulce would give a quick narration over the closing credits, telling you that you could learn more about the historic figures visited in this episode through reading, "Take a voyage down to your local library, it's all in books". Unfortunately NBC canceled the show after 1 season. The show couldn't compete against the hard hitting 60 Minutes, and perhaps the complex plots was something that couldn't be sustained. I'll always remember this show though. It's a shame that back in the 80s moron shows like The Dukes of Hazzard lasted for six years and Voyagers! only stayed on the air for one.
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Sweet memories, what a loss
Abby Rexroth30 July 2011
A lot of fans of this show were half my age in 1982-83. I was 14 and in high school. I had a terrible crush on Jon-Erik but the show was so good his beauty just enhanced a great show. I am 43 now and I never forgot it. I was reading an article on Solei Moon Frye and remembered her big brother Meeno Peluce. Then I thought about Voyagers and how I hadn't seen it in almost 30 years. I went hunting. I found several episodes...Thank You Youtube! I also thought I would look at the show with critical eyes like I do Dallas and Dynasty now. I was so wrong; I was thrust back to a simpler time, it really was a great way to learn, if we had more educational shows like that today maybe the United States children wouldn't be so "dumbed-down".
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A great show canceled too soon!
gingasnaps24 October 2006
Voyagers! was an excellent show that could have gone far and taken us on many historical adventures, it was appealing both to children and adults. The teaming of late actor Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce was wonderful, they had great chemistry and timing in their roles as Voyagers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones. Most of the plot lines were so fun to watch and follow, you really did learn some interesting facts along the way. This show is a great addition to the time travel genre and it even inspired another excellent show, 'Quantum Leap.' Jon-Erik was strikingly handsome, funny and charming as the confused pirate/Voyager and Meeno Peluce had a rare natural talent that only children could have, the ability to be lovable and a pain all at once! I highly recommend finding and watching this show to any sci-fi/time travel buffs!
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Autobogg26 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of my favorite shows in 1980's. It mirrored another movie about a little boy from the U.K. who gets caught up with thieving time travelers and famous people in history called, 'Time Bandits' (which was much "darker"}. It even had the same 'bomb falling whistle' sound when they entered a new time era from that movie. Bogg was clueless about history but Jeffrey was a genius at it. Of course, Bogg got all the women. Alternate histories were explored like crazy and "bad" things in history were allowed to happen. It touched on good issues like Jeffrey glamorizing criminals (Billy the Kid) and Bogg falling in love with the deaf future 'wife to be' of Alexander G. Bell to a retired old man Voyager becoming a hero again after giving up on life and saving Marco Polo's life. Some episodes are on YouTube but where is the DVD collection?

For dtucker86 from Germany

The Voyagers did end up on Titanic and met a woman Voyager trying to keep the painting 'Mona Lisa' from sinking with the ship but Jeffrey wanted to warn the captain and no one listened to him except Molly Brown. Bogg mentions to Jeffrey their job is not changing history but making sure it happens as it is known and the ship sinks. In the final episode 'Jack the Ripper' was just an evil Voyager named, Drake attempting to "destroy history" by killing Nelly Bly but he wasn't the real Jack. Hexum was new to Hollywood with Voyagers and years later accidentally shot himself on the set of 'Cover Up' but it was not a suicide.
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Underrated Time Travel Series
Bats_Breath10 August 2001
"Voyagers!" was one of the best time travel shows I have ever seen. But a bad time slot up against 60 Minutes on Sundays spelled doom for Voyagers! I was about 6 or 7 years old when this show came out. No one my age even remembers this show, and I don't even bother with anyone significantly younger than me remembering Voyagers! The show centered around the adventures of 12 year old Jeffery Jones and his dimwitted 20 something adult companion Phineas Bogg. Bogg is a Voyager but is ill equiped for time travel, Jeff being a history whiz(and every other type whiz) is able to help Bogg out. Like "The Greatest American Hero", "Voyagers!" features a hook with a lost instruction book. In this case, Bogg's guide book. If Voyagers! was given a 2nd Season as it so rightly deserved, then I am certain Jon-Erik Hexum would still be with us. Tragically Hexum accidently killed himself a year after Voyagers! left the air.
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What t.v. should be about
myklrichter24 July 2000
I remember this show clearly from when I was in 4th grade and was quite devastated when it was cancelled. This show helped spawn a love-affair with History and learning. I so greatly wish that more shows like it were to be made....but instead we must be flooded with cr*p like, "Making the Band" and "Full House". If anyone knows when the Sci-Fi Channel plays these episodes -- please let me know!!
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Historic In Many Ways...
DeanNYC13 February 2006
There are several things to note about "Voyagers!" The first is that this was a part of a master plan by NBC Program chief Brandon Tartikoff to merge entertainment with education, and to provide kids with intelligent programming, not the usual dreck that seemed so prevalent in the 1980s.

The concept of the show was deceptively simple. There are a team of men and women who keep track of "history." These "voyagers" each have a hand-held device called an "Omni" which gives them their location, the date and a signal if history is "wrong." They all go back and forward through time to correct any "mistakes" that may have occurred in time and keep the world on track.

One voyager is named Phineas Bogg (an obvious play on Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg from "Around The World In 80 Days"). However this particular voyager didn't pass his history exam and landed on the windowsill of Jeffrey, who just happened to be a whiz kid in history. Together, they became "Voyagers!"

The serious problem the program had was in its construction. In one episode, Germany had somehow won World War I. The voyagers traveled back in time and discovered that famed flying ace Eddie Rickenbacher had nothing to do. That's because the Wright Brothers hadn't invented the airplane. So they had to travel again and discovered Orville and Wilbur were arguing over a girl in their bicycle shop instead of working on their flying machine. So the Voyagers had to set them back on track.

It had to have been extremely difficult to write such elaborate plots that both were well known enough for an audience to relate to and yet capable of making sense in the plot of the show. As brilliant as some of these episodes were, the question is how many related subplots could there be for any moment in history, before you get into material that isn't in the library? With such a limitation, with production costs being what they were for an early 1980s s/f program and with ratings being lower than desired, "Voyagers!" was not viable for more than a year. Looking at the series now, it would have made for a brilliant "Harry Potter" style string of films, since there really aren't enough historic events to have made it to the famed 100 episode level.
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it's still great after 25 years!
goodkarma29 February 2007
I didn't get the chance to watch that show as a child, since it was only aired once here in 1989. However, I recently found out this show exists (I love time travelling shows) and it's still a great pleasure to watch it. It's kind of obvious that the show must have had quite a small budget, but they still managed to put a lot of details into the episodes. They even travel to Austria (where I live) once and I'm surprised at how accurate the whole scenery was (although it was doubtlessly filmed in the states). street names, signs, accents, German words. Everything perfectly right. I also love the moral values that the show brought to its viewers. Phineas Bogg - although he's a hopeless womanizer and knows practically nothing about history - repeatedly claims he doesn't drink alcohol and he doesn't want Jeffrey to play with weapons. The interaction between Jeff and Phineas is one aspect I truly love about the show. He's the perfect father (or rather big brother) figure any kid could have.

Sure, the special effects are really funny for modern viewers - but we have to admit we are spoiled by cgi effects, so it's no big deal. Let's just hope they release the show on DVD sometime. That one is really worth remembering.
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I used to love this show!
Micahp18 November 1998
I used to watch this show as a kid and absolutely loved it. Sci-Fi channel re-runs it from time to time and I heartily recommend you recording it for younger children to watch. It's cool and educational too.
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Very fond memories
Scapercat3 September 2004
I absolutely loved this show when I was a kid. It was one of the highlights of my week and I've never forgotten it. I was an ardent fan and viewer of this show (I was 11 years old at the time) and was so disappointed when it failed to show up on my TV screen. I didn't know at the time that it had been cancelled...all I knew was a show I loved had just disappeared.

I haven't seen this since I was 11 so all my memories of it are from childhood. I would love to see it again. Was it as good as I remember? I figured it most probably was after seeing all the other reviews from viewers who have seen it more recently. It certainly got me interested in history and the past when I was a kid. It was educational as well as being great fun. No other show I remember from childhood taught and entertained the way Voyagers did. There has been so much rubbish pumped out on our TV sets for years and it's sad that fun, educational TV like Voyagers just fall by the wayside. Sadly kids of my generation and kids today just get fed mostly pap. If it sells it's swell..long as a show is making money who cares what kind of rubbish it is...sigh....
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Voyagers! - Lots of FUN, Adventure, and Family Friendly
jpii_996 August 2008
Released by Scholastic Books, this series is clean, fun, and full of historical tidbits and settings. Voyagers are time travelers who basically give historical figures a nudge in the right direction so they fulfill their destinies, and history goes right.

In each episode there are 2-3 different places/events covered that relate to a main story (i.e. Slavery with Harriet Tubman/Spartacus with a message we are "all created equal"). You see presidents, Lawrence of Arabia, Titanic, Salem witch hunts, Thomas Edison, Harry Houdini, World War I and II, Marco Polo, Mona Lisa, etc., along with brief cameos of famous figures for added historical fun, like Francis Scott Key (Star-Spangled Banner) and baby Moses.

This series is great for kids and everyone interested in history. Even my 71-year-old father enjoyed Voyagers (and remembers it when it aired in 1982 when I was young). It has action, adventure, amusing situations, and the characters never stay in one setting too long so there is no time for boredom.

I see many people not know simple historical facts like who is the first U.S. President. This ignorance is horrifying. Get Voyagers! and enjoy an entertaining show while learning history in the process.
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The Best way to learn!!!
Tazio Ratnayeke6 November 2006
I remember this series very well, because in the mid eighties it kept me occupied as toddler! As a Uni-History student, and someone for who history is a hobby, I think Voyagers was the best.

It gave to history what no other documentary or series could for a toddler. It let you walk through that era while actually captivating a young mind whose attention span would be hard to grasp on such great historical episodes. Literally seeing a time through the present day eyes of the heroes. Okay I do admit, the kids dodgy stripped t-shirt could have been changed. But it worked, doing assignments and reading books that weigh a ton, my mind still wonders down the streets of whatever era or battlefield, much in the same way that the heroes did. I am eternally grateful to whoever made this series! Its a shame that this series isn't out on DVD. Its an even bigger shame that they don't make series like this or movies like this either. The love of history is all but extinct. Current Cinema and movie makers who concentrate on blood and guts and twisting the historic facts to please an audience of adolescents who know nothing of the rich tapestry of the past is now the norm. Sad!
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"Voyagers" Reviewed And Revisited.
happipuppi1326 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It's hard to believe as I type this,that it's been 24 years ago this month since the debut of this show. I was 14 and just started high school but not even for the sake of "being cool" or "acting my age" could I not watch this show.

The show (although never mentioned) is somewhat based on the 1981 British/American movie "Time Bandits". In that movie people traveling through time end up passing through a boys bedroom also,so the connection is quite obvious. Thankfully,this show was nowhere as "dark" as that movie.

Phinaes (fin-ay-us) Bogg s hurtling through time one night and accidentally lands in Manhattan circa 1982 and accidentally into Jeffrey Jones' (Meeno Peluce) bedroom! Phinaes uses a guide book to travel and tell him how historical events are meant to turn out,unfortunately Jeffry's dog eats it!

He and others like him must time travel to make sure all goes right or else history is changed for the worse! He also has a pocket-watch like Omni which when when the light is red,history is wrong and green when all is right again.

Jeffrey makes up for his dog's lack of manners by agreeing to go on missions with Bogg (as long as he's back home at the same time and never missed). Together they meet and help the likes of Teddy Roosevelt,Spartacus,Harry Houdini and Thomas Edison (who as an inventor)takes the Omni apart to see how it works! He fixes it of course.

They even save Gen. MacAurther by making sure he's not at Pearl Harbor when it's attacked,otherwise America would lose World War 2. (Sorry,they can't stop the entire attack.)

Overall,this show was not just for children but for the whole family. Yes,it's educational without having to be named such but it's also just great entertainment. If it comes out (or is out)on DVD,buy it!

I couldn't understand at the time why it was canceled either but that's the way things go in TV.

I do like to think had it been renewed John Erik-Hexum might still be around. He'd have been 50 next year in November (2007). (END)
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The best TV show ever
m_hebner13 August 2000
I was only 5 years old when Voyagers first came on and I understood it even at 5 years old and I loved it and I hope Voyagers comes back on TV again. I was happy when it came back on for a little bit on the Scfi channel. I recorded a bunch of episodes of Voyagers on the Scfi channel so I could watch them when ever I want. This is a great show for the whole family and eduacational. If the show ever comes back on I strongly suggest you watch it because it is a wonderful show.
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drkjedi1-226 March 2004
John Erik Hexum didn't commit suicide. Sadly he was playing with a prop gun loaded with blanks under the misguided assumption that blanks can't hurt you. He shot himself in the head playing around and sadly died. It was not suicide. But it did cause a huge shake up in the industry and changed the way shows and films handle their props and weapons on set. He shouldn't have died and if the props people in charge had been doing a good job and not let him play with the gun he wouldn't have. Very sad...very sad...but it helped to promote better safety for future shows. But we lost a wonderful talent when John died. And people wonder why folks are against guns in general..even "Safe" weapons aren't safe.
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great educational show!
dtucker8610 October 2003
Jon Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce starred in this series about two "time travelers" who go throughout history and set it straight. They run into all kinds of amazing adventures and meet everyone from Joe Louis to Abraham Lincoln. This show was loads of fun for a history lover like me. It always delivered on every episode and I don't know why they had to cancel it. It was on ABC on Sundays right after Ripley's Believe It Or Not. I used to watch it at my grandparent's house in Fairmont, West Virginia. They even had an episode once about Jack The Ripper! How many of us have ever wondered what would happen if we could re-write history and change the past? This series was a godsend for all of us who have thought about that. I only wish that they had done an episode about where they are trying to prevent the sinking of the Titanic! That would have been something I would have enjoyed watching. Jon Erik Hexum was a fine young actor who had amazing chemisty and charisma that marked him for further and greater things. Unfortunately, he never got the chance. After this show, he got a role on Cover-Up, a successful series, but committed suicide.
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I still love Voyagers!
rosanne-628 April 2006
I loved Voyagers when it was on TV and I still love it now- I just bought the DVD set off ebay and I've been watching it every night since. I'm on maybe my third or fourth time through already but I never tire of seeing how great Jon-Erik Hexum was with Meeno Peluce. People have criticized the acting but you really have to keep in mind that it was a show for kids.

I loved that Phineas Bogg was setting a good example for children to watch- he did not swear and there were several instances in the show where he declined alcohol and said right out that he didn't drink, plus he was a gentleman and never hit a woman.

I have seen several fan fiction stories on the web written by fellow Voyager enthusiasts and I enjoy reading most of them. I heartily wish that someone would develop a series of books like was done with Dr. Who. I cherish those. Yvonne Jocks wrote an excellent story by the name of Renaissance which takes Phineas and Jeffrey through a voyage but it hasn't been finished yet and I am just dying for it to be completed.
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The best time travel show ever! History made fun
targemul22 January 2004
I remember running home on Saturdays to watch this show. It either started at 1 or 2 p.m. After playing tennis at our local club, I would make sure I didn't miss it. This was the pioneer of all time travel shows. Not only did "Voyagers!" open up the world of time travel in movies/shows before it became common in such movies as "Back to the Future" and "Star Trek", but it made learning history fun.
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This was a great show!! They should bring it back!
David W. Mosher8 March 2003
I used to watch this show all the time, it's really too bad that the shows producers or the network that produced it, doesn't revive the series, it had a great concept that encouraged kids to read and learn about history, as well as entertain them at the same time.

Many fans of the show wish that they could travel through time and "Make things right", too bad they couldn't have stopped the show from being cancelled in the first place!

I even got an Omni a while ago and it really takes-me-back to the 80's!
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Still my favorite!
Stace-94 January 1999
"Voyagers!" is still my favorite show after almost 16 years. It was very entertaining and educational. It made learning history fun for everyone (even adults). There is also an "unofficial Voyagers page" with fan fiction and fun facts about the show. I wish SciFi channel would show this series again. I haven't seen it in over five years. I loved Jon-Erik Hexum, and will remember him forever.
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"Bat's breath!"
Blueghost18 September 2017
I told myself I wouldn't review too many TV series with my account, but this show brings back some good memories. Aimed at my age bracket, and kids that are slightly older and kids much younger, as well as the whole family, this show really brings some decent respectable TV entertainment to all audiences. Older high school students and college and older types might get a little impatient with it or think it quaint, but really the show is meant for everyone.

It's not high drama, it's light hearted adventure that follows the adventures and misadventures of a trained time traveller and his serendipitous prodigy. We follow them to meet one historical figure after another throughout history.

The limitations are of course that we don't go to really exotic locations like the great wall of China in medieval Cathay, nor equally India, Burma or the ancient Ethiopian Empire. But we do get to visit mockups of American and European (or rather Mediterranean) historical places.

I wonder what a show like this would be like if you could have doubled or tripled the budget for sets and locations. I mean really film some of those stories in actual ruins or in authentic reproductions of ancients places. That would be something. But, regardless, the show is what it is, and should entertain the family. Or, if you're a middle aged guy like myself, then it should deliver as a respectable and enjoyable nostalgia blast.

Grab a copy and check it out again. Good stuff.
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Great educational show
rdoetjes-931-14154723 February 2014
Back in the 80s they knew how to make exciting TV for kids. This show is no exception and unlike The A-Team and Knight Rider this show actually teaches kids history and literature in a fun and exciting way.

Sometimes the pro-American sentiment lays a bit too thick on it but we've to remember that this was the early 80s. Also at times the historical accuracy is a bit simplified for the younger viewers and to facilitate the required conflict for the story. Time Travel is in theory very sensitive to the butterfly effect but that is often skimmed over, which keeps it possible to focus on the story.

I do really love the little of the cuff facts as for example: Jeffery sees a German soldier barely older than him. He exclaims the fact and his co-star explains that the Germans uses everyone in this stage of the war, young or old.

Kids these days have a very poor and black and white understanding of history. A shot like this could polish their poor knowledge up in a fun way. Therefore I think this could be brought into the 21st and rebooted targeting the ages 10-16. We've had Quantum Leap for the older audiences in the 90s which did very well.
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Old episodes...
twofeathersnmi17 August 2013
I love watching old episodes and picking out actors that are now famous, like Gregg Henry played Teddy Roosevelt in the 2nd one. Try it some time and see who you can find. I have done this with old shows like Miami Vice, Hill Street Blues and Andy Griffith show. I would like to see if anyone else likes to do this and see their comments ans see who you have found as well. I watched this show with my kids back in the 80's, it came to a very sad end when John Erik Hexum was killed on set. At the time it had a huge following, many people were sad when it came to an end including myself. It would be nice to see this show picked up by someone else and re-made as it was interesting and educational as well.
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Blast from the Past!
ShelbyTMItchell27 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I remember this show before Jon Erik Hexum's death from the show "Cover Up" a year later in 1984. He had great acting skills and had he lived, he would had been bigger than Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Along with the handsomeness and beefcake to add to him.

He plays not too bright "Voyager" Phineas Bogg who is more brawn than brains. As he accidentally drops into the apartment of 12-year old Jeffrey Jones(Meno Peleuce) who lost his parents in a car accident on a camping trip. And unhappily living with his aunt and uncle, whom the uncle sees him as a liability. Due to their wealth and wanting to travel. As they are childless.

As his trusted omni which guides him to making sure history stays on track as if it is red, that means history is wrong. But when it is green, it means it is right. As his small omni, shaped like a pocket watch, goes back to only 1970, which accidentally malfunctions to go to 1982. As Phineas is dressed as a pirate. As he was that before being a Voyager.

It is the year 1982, the year that the show premiered as Jeffrey's dog grabs a hold of the Voyagers history guidebook to give him a guide into correction history as Jeffrey and Phineas but Phineas omni saves them and they go into the year of the Baby Moses somewhere in BC.

At first they don't get along and bicker a lot. But after learning about Jeffrey's parents and that Jeffrey had a father as a history professor. Which the young boy gets his history and smartness from. Phineas forms a fatherly and big brother bond with Jeffrey despite their differences and Phineas falling in love with different women during the series run about.

Too bad that the show was up against "60 Minutes." And that no show about time travel then and now, has not been a hit. As it mainly was a hit with kids.

But still Hexum and Peluce have great chemistry and acting. What would had been if Hexum had lived. A great career ahead of him. But really he ad Peluce made the show.
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Have you watched the Voyagers on VHS or DVD?
djrmp31 January 2003
I have always been fascinated with any shows or movies pertaining to time travel. I remember this series from 1982 and it captured my attention very well. It definately provided an additional educational benefit as well as the standard TV entertainment. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that may have watched these episodes on VHS or DVD or any information as to when the series may surface for commercial purchase. In addition to this, if anyone knows if the series is playing on any US or Canadian cable or satellite channels, please advise.

Thanks. RMP
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