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Season 1

22 Sep. 1982
Tales of the Gold Monkey: Part 1
Story of a ex-Flying Tiger pilot, and his mechanic and their Grumman Goose as they fight the Japanese, before World War II.
22 Sep. 1982
Tales of the Gold Monkey: Part 2
Sarah begins to develop feelings for Jake, and she insists on going with him to find the cargo he dumped so that she can investigate the gold monkey, which the American government is also interested in. Also accompanying them is the German officer who killed her partner. Meanwhile, Reverend Willie Tenboom and Princess Koji also go to the island to find the gold monkey.
29 Sep. 1982
A mysterious sailor calling himself Captain Ahab comes to Bora Gora and kidnaps Corky, forcing him to fix a broken part on Ahab's ship. Despite suffering from malaria, Jake goes after them.
13 Oct. 1982
Black Pearl
The Nazis are building a super bomb on an island near Bora Gora. Jake finds a part of the bomb on the body of an escaped native slave, so he decides to investigate.
20 Oct. 1982
Legends Are Forever
An old friend of Jake's shows up and convinces him to help fly medicine to a malaria-stricken Watusi tribe. But Jake's friend may have an ulterior motive.
27 Oct. 1982
Escape from Death Island
Jake and Corky fly an Englishman to an island near Bora Gora to visit his son in prison. They are caught trying to spring him from captivity, resulting in their own imprisonment. They won't survive long in the harsh living conditions enforced by the sadistic warden, so they must find a way to escape from the island.
3 Nov. 1982
Trunk from the Past
Years ago, Sarah's archaeologist father attempted to find the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Ka. Before he could finish his research he was murdered by a man dressed as the Egyptian god Anubis. Now, a chest containing all of his work is sent to Sarah. This is followed by the arrival of his assistant (who happens to be Sarah's ex-fiancé), who believes that the tomb is not in Egypt at all, but is actually on an island near Bora Gora.
17 Nov. 1982
Once a Tiger...
A plane is shot down while on its way to deliver a shipment of state-of-the-art scopes to the flying tigers. Knowing that these scopes could mean victory for whichever side claims them, Jake feels that it is his responsibility to find the wreckage before the Japanese do.
24 Nov. 1982
Honor Thy Brother
A Japanese fighter pilot looks to avenge the death of his brother, who was shot down by Jake during his days as a Flying Tiger. Also, Jack gets his eye back and Corky accidentally gets married to a native.
8 Dec. 1982
The Lady and the Tiger
While Jake is flying a routine job the Goose's engines fail and he crash lands on an island inside the Japanese Mandate. He is rescued by an Amish woman and her son, who agree to harbor him until he can find a way to radio his friends for help.
22 Dec. 1982
The Late Sarah White
A telegram from the Philippines informing everyone of Sarah's death is sent to Bora Gora. Jake doubts that she is really dead, and he and Corky go to Manila to find the truth.
5 Jan. 1983
The Sultan of Swat
Gamble Rogers, a famous American baseball player who also happens to be Jake's boyhood hero, arrives in Bora Gora on his way to play a goodwill baseball game in China. During his stay on the island, a young native girl is raped and murdered in his bedroom. Jake believes he is innocent, and he sets out to find the real killer.
12 Jan. 1983
Ape Boy
Jake, Corky, and Sarah are on their way to Tagataya to celebrate Bastille Day when Jake has to land his plane near a small island due to a severe storm. During their attempt to find the native fishermen of the island they come across a boy who has been raised by apes, and they struggle to decide whether they should leave him there or take him back to civilization. Meanwhile, an Englishman who is looking for the boy makes a deal with Princess Koji concerning the boy's future.
19 Jan. 1983
God Save the Queen
Jake and Corky fly a British Nobleman to a cruise ship only to find out that this man has planted a bomb on board, and he will tell the captain where it is only when he is given the royal jewels that are on board the ship with the Duke of Windsor.
26 Jan. 1983
High Stakes Lady
Jake agrees to accompany a woman to Tagataya to play in a high stakes poker game. While there, the Japanese capture Jake and the woman in order to reclaim a secret film that contains classified Japanese plans which were stolen by the woman, who is actually a spy.
2 Feb. 1983
Force of Habit
Two nuns carrying vaccinations to a poor village in China land on Bora Gora. Jake recognizes one of them as his former girlfriend and is suspicious of her motives, but when the clipper that is carrying the vaccinations is stolen, the two of them must work together to retrieve it.
4 Mar. 1983
Cooked Goose
While spending their honeymoon on a secluded island, a man and his bride are assaulted by mercenaries who seemingly work for Princess Koji. Jake, who was contracted to fly them to and from the island, returns to pick them up. There he finds the man beaten nearly to death and the woman missing. As an old acquaintance of the man, Jake vows to find his wife. Things become much more difficult, however, when Corky passes out while working on the Goose and allows it to catch fire.
11 Mar. 1983
Last Chance Louie
A man from Louie's past lands on Bora Gora. Louie tells Jake that the man is a deserter who is responsible for the massacre of the unit they served with during World War I, and that he vowed to kill the man if he ever saw him again. Later that night the man is shot, and Louie, who is standing over the man's dead body with a gun in his hand, is arrested. Louie refuses to tell the magistrate why he did it, but Jake, knowing that Louie is hiding something, vows to save him from the guillotine.
18 Mar. 1983
Naka Jima Kill
After narrowly escaping an assassination attempt, the Japanese Defense Minister flees to an island near Bora Gora. He is followed by his would-be assassin, who is a master of disguise and could be anywhere in the island chain, and it is up to Jake and his friends to smoke the assassin out. Meanwhile, Sarah's college roommate, now a successful reporter, lands on Bora Gora hoping for an interview with the Defense Minister, and she will do anything to get it.
25 Mar. 1983
Boragora or Bust
A miner who has lived on Bora Gora for forty years is finally rewarded for all his hard work when he finds platinum on his land. This turns Bora Gora into a boom town, with people from all over arriving in hopes of striking it rich. It also attracts an unscrupulous American businessman who plans to claim the old man's platinum mine for himself.
8 Apr. 1983
A Distant Shout of Thunder
After becoming nervous during a solar eclipse, Sarah inadvertently removes a statue of the fire god Pele from an ancient burial site on Bora Gora. This is followed by a series of odd occurrences, bad weather, and the eruption of a volcano thought to be dormant. A native who believes that he has been chosen by Pele attempts to convince the other natives that the god is angry because of Sarah's actions.
1 Jun. 1983
Mourning Becomes Matuka
Someone is trying to assassinate Princess Koji. After Todo is wounded while saving her life, she persuades Jake to act as her bodyguard until she can discover who is trying to kill her.

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