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T.J. Hooker is my Favorite cop show of all time
w22nuschler22 August 2005
I did not watch this when it was originally on TV. I was only 12 at the time. I have seen all the episodes many times in syndication and I love them all. William Shatner is the greatest actor since John Wayne He has a little John Wayne & Dirty Harry in him in the role of Hooker. He gives his all in every scene he's in. I love the fact that he is Mr. Morality. He point outs the good guys and the bad guys and he busts the bad guys as it should be. We shouldn't have to hear people whining about the criminal rights, what about the victims. That's what this show brings us. Other than Adam-12 and Dragnet, I don't see right and wrong laid out to us in such a direct way.

The cast is also perfect. William Shatner is as good as he was in Star Trek. Adrian Zmed is a perfect partner. He is a rookie who is willing to learn from the master. They also have good chemistry especially when they are being funny. I always loved the light moments. Ramano was always trying to get Hooker to buy a new car, eat better or try something he believes in. Heather Locklear is the sweetest, most beautiful woman I have I ever seen. She was so sweet and sexy on the show. I liked how she was playing a good person instead of all the later roles where she wasn't very nice. James Darren was also very good. He and Heather had good chemistry, kind of like Shatner & Zmed did. And there was a balance of 2 veterans and two rookies.

The episodes all had good positives messages about drawbacks of drug use, the use of "Illegal" guns by criminals, dealing with a handicap and busting punks who break the law.

All in all it's the best cop show ever, followed close by Adam-12, Dranet & Chips. I love them all. They don't make entertaining cop shows like that anymore.
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Big Movie Fan15 February 2002
T.J. Hooker was the best cop show in my opinion for many reasons.

Firstly, the storylines and action scenes were very good. But the thing I liked most was seeing the superb William Shatner playing Hooker.

Hooker was human. He was divorced from his wife because of his dedication to the job. He was a great mentor to rookie officers and he always cared about the victims of crime. And he was persistent when it came to chasing the villains. In Hookers eyes, no crime was minor and every victim of crime was a human being with feelings.

It would be so hard to recommend certain episodes because they were all good. The 3rd episode of season 1 was good-Hooker was on the trail of two drug dealers who had killed a young girl. His dedication was second to none as he pursued the bad guys.

A great show. Hooker is the type of police officer I hope exists in real life.
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The TV equivalent of Dirty Harry
4-Kane20 January 2001
T.J. Hooker reminds me of Dirty Harry in some respects. Like DH, Hooker is tough, especially on the bad guys. He's a no-nonsense cop, but at least he still has some sense of humor.

This is one of the most underrated cop shows. It may not be the best police drama ever made, but it has its moments. Plus, it's good to see William Shatner having success outside Star Trek. And this series shows that he could (and still can) do exactly that.
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JJC-318 June 2004
TJ Hooker is/was one of the all time great cop shows. Adam 12 was boring in the extreme as was Dragnet. Hooker is a cop who refuses a promotion so he can continue to do the job that he is best suited for. A street cop who cares. Reed & Malloy and Friday & whoever looked like they could not wait for their shift to end each week. Sure it had the "super hero" feel to it, but you must remember that this was the TV cop format at the time. And the show has a great cast as well. Not like today, who really needs to see Dennis Franz's naked butt, not I that is for sure.
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Awesome cop show,William Shatner rocks!
jeffman5200129 December 2004
T.J. Hooker is a real cool cop show.William Shatner,a.k.a. Capt. James T. Kirk of Star Trek shows he can really act.Shatner was not given enough credit for his acting by people and critics on this TV series.The other great cast who is also great is Adrian Zmed(Bachelor Party),Heather Locklear(Melrose Place and Spin City),James Darren,who to us Star Trek fans is well known for his roll as holographic character Vic Fontaine on "Star Trek:Deep Space Nine",as Richard Herd is awesome,to us science fiction fans is well know in the mini series "V" and the 1984 sequel "V The Final Battle" as John,to us Star Trek fans,he played Lt. Tom Paris's father,Adm. Owen Paris on "Star Trek Voyager".T.J. Hooker is the type of cop that everyone needs in every cop precinct,he fight s for the victims.I like this show so much,it deserves more credit.This show still rocks.
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Awesome Show
megaparrot27 August 2005
I love this show mainly because I like William Shattner. I don't really care if it was based in reality or not. It was fun to watch. I don't believe William Shattners character was meant to imitate an average person but an ideal for all the things a good police officer.....a good person can represent. I do agree Adam-12 and Dragnet were, and still are great television shows based more on actual cases and real police work, but I don't think you can compare them. TJ Hooker was more like the A-Team. It's fun and entertaining. I love the fight scenes with William Shattner in this show. He uses the shame fighting style as in Star Trek. I recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of William Shattner.
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The best cop show ever! Absolutely great!
Rickyyy5 February 2002
The best cop show ever! Absolutely great! The cast was wonderful: Adrian Zmed, Heather Locklear, James Darren and William Shatner. The episodes were always exciting and full of action. The show was cancelled before its time.
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Captain Kirk as a Cop! What more can you want!?!?
Anthony Highsmith5 March 2016
OK First Off. Screw off anyone who disses the Shat. He was born to play a hero. And TJ Hooker is everything you want your hero to be. He is beast, He is human, He is emotional, He is caring, He is a signifier of justice, He is no holds barred, He will do anything to catch the bad guy. The only thing remotely bad about the show is Adrian Zmed. Who looks like it takes a little too much outta him to hit on the ladies if you know what I mean. Who wouldn't want to be handcuffed by Stacy? I'd still let her handcuff me today! There is 80s cheese. But the awesome thing is it is STILL AWESOME. The ep where Hooker chases down the rapist in the park. No way that scene would be filmed again. The dialogue was cheesy. The fight scenes for their time were good. But watching them again it's funny. But it's my favorite scene of the entire series. I am 32 years old. The series came out in 82. A year before I was born. And I got seasons 1&2 at Ollies. And I've watched the bejesus outta it. Car chases, Cheesy explosions, Cheesy Dialogue and I love it all!!!!! Don't buy it and expect a strict police procedural drama. If you want bad guys taken down and called "scum" and "punk". Get this!!!! Shat Rules!!!!! Every Precinct should be full if TJ HOOKERS!
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Awesome police drama!
OllieSuave-0074 February 2017
This is one of the first TV crime dramas that I have watched, starring William Shatner as Sgt. T.J. Hooker - a veteran policeman dedicated to be out on the streets battling crime and putting the low-lives where they belong.

Partnering with T.J. Hooker is rookie partner Vince Romano (Adrian Zmed) the beautiful Stacy Sheridan (Heather Locklear). The trio is the team to be reckon with, exhibiting much justice and generating lots of good guy vs. bad guy action. Plenty of adventures, great acting, suspense and humor, as well.

One of the greatest shows to ever come out of the 1980s, definitely remind you of the good old days of awesome TV!

Grade A
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Sign the petition at TJ hooker.com
laurmartin24 June 2007
I'm trying to get everything I can that James Darren was in released to DVD. He was the best actor and the best looking on this show. There are 16 signatures so far on the petition. More are needed. Actually if it wasn't for James Darren, who should have had his own show, I could care less, but he was on it so there you go. He's under rated as an actor because of his looks. This is unfair. He should have been a bigger star. It's not to late. He may be 70 but he's still alive. He's a good singer too. Sign the petition. They do have the five or six minute mini episodes on my space out but this is not good enough. He was very good in Time Tunnel also.
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