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7 Jan. 1984
The Lipstick Killer
Hooker and his team track a psychotic nurse-killer who sends flowers to his future victims.
14 Jan. 1984
The Snow Game
A drug ring is responsible for the execution-style murder of narcotics officer.
28 Jan. 1984
Exercise in Murder
Stacy disappears while posing as a TV aerobics dance instructor to help crack a series of murders and thefts.
4 Feb. 1984
Hooker's Run
Hooker tries to get something on a criminal whom they have trouble getting anything on. When the informant he sends gets killed Hooker tries to get his ex, a hooker to testify against him. They later learn that the criminal has someone on the inside looking after him, someone he knew since he was a kid. When the safe house is hit Hooker and the girl go on the run. But they have to find some insulin for her cause she's a diabetic.
25 Feb. 1984
Hot Property
Hooker and his colleagues take part in a drugs raid at a scrapyard. Afterwards, the body of a policeman is found; he wasn't involved in the raid and Hooker begins to suspect the officer was corrupt. Meanwhile, Stacy, who logged in the heroin seized, crosses paths with her former fiance, a lawyer who (unbeknown to her) has links to the same drugs gang. When he engineers a switch whilst the drugs are in transit to the LCPD laboratory, Stacy is suspended and eventually decides to quit the force. Hooker must solve the case, whilst saving both Stacy's career and her life.
3 Mar. 1984
Death on the Line
The latest victim of the Marina Rapist - and the first to survive - is known to Hooker, but she resists his request to admit what really happened for fear of losing her boyfriend. Even when one suspect is killed whilst trying to escape a crime scene, Hooker isn't convinced the Marina Rapist's crime career is concluded.
10 Mar. 1984
Death Strip
While posing as a male stripper for a drug investigation, Romano witnesses a murder.
24 Mar. 1984
Psychic Terror
Hooker is ordered to work with a psychic to find a kidnapped little girl. The psychic has visions showing where the child is and Hooker uses police investigative work, and together they find the girl.
5 May 1984
Gang War
Hooker and the department have been working on getting two Hispanic gangs to settle their differences. But when an attempt is made on one the gang leaders and the ones who did it were wearing the colors of the other gang but the other gang swears they didn't do it. But when more attempts on other gang members are made a war is brewing. Hooker tries to get them to calm down. What they don't know is that an arms dealer wants them to go to war so he can sell them weapons.
12 May 1984
Hooker and Romano come across what appears to be a robbery in progress. they go in and when they confirm it, they try to call for back up but some kids who were spray painting take the cruiser leaving them with no way to call for back up. They confront them and eventually Romano is hit and Hooker gets trapped in the elevator with one of them with no ammunition.
13 Oct. 1984
Night Vigil
Stacey walks in when a robbery is being committed and is shot. They learn that she was shot with bullets that penetrate the protective vests that police officers wear. Hooker is determined to find the one who shot her even if it means jeopardizing his career.
20 Oct. 1984
The Two Faces of Betsy Morgan
Hooker tries to help a teenage prostitute after several murders in the red-light district.
27 Oct. 1984
Hooker pursues two robbers at high speed, resulting in the injury of a pregnant teller.
3 Nov. 1984
Hardcore Connection
A friend of Hooker's who is working vice is shot and killed. Investigations show that he appears to be on the take. Hooker doesn't believe it and is determined to clear his friend's reputation, helped by a former prostitute.
10 Nov. 1984
Anatomy of a Killing
Hooker works with another cop, who's a friend to get some drug dealers. But during their investigation, they discover that his friend's daughter is not only involved with the people they are looking for but she's also an addict.
17 Nov. 1984
Target: Hooker
Romano faces the possibly permanent loss of his sight, and his girlfriend dies, when Hooker becomes the target of a vengeful killer.
24 Nov. 1984
Model for Murder
Stacy poses as a model to help Hooker uncover the identity of the murderer of a high-fashion model who also worked as a prostitute.
1 Dec. 1984
A Kind of Rage
Corrigan's behavior changes drastically after he receives a blow on the head during an undercover investigation of bag-lady murders.
15 Dec. 1984
The Confession
A female Episcopalian priest whom Hooker knows is raped. The man is later caught. But when he goes to her and confesses, she chooses not to testify.
29 Dec. 1984
Grand Theft Auto
While searching for Romano's stolen sports car, Hooker encounters a Gypsy girl determined to exact vengeance for her uncle's murder.

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