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Season 2

25 Sep. 1982
Second Chance
The past comes back to haunt Hooker when he and Romano discover a serial killer known as 'The Barber' has returned and Hooker must protect the only survivor from the killer's first wave of attacks years ago; this is the first appearance of Heather Locklear as Officer Stacey Sheridan.
2 Oct. 1982
King of the Hill
Hooker and Romano come up against a pair of rebellious speed racers looking to finance their souped-up cars via a crime spree.
16 Oct. 1982
The Empty Gun
Romano struggles with the cold hard reality of being a cop on the street when he fails to shoot a cop killer. When the killer gets released on a bargained-down technicality by lying, Hooker and Romano strive to bring him to justice.
23 Oct. 1982
Blind Justice
It's a race against time as Hooker and Romano seek to protect a blind witness to a robbery from a murderous, thieving duo intent on knocking off box offices. Watch for a special performance by The Beach Boys.
30 Oct. 1982
Big Foot
A serial rapist is on the loose and women across the city are terrified. With Captain Sheridan and the news media breathing down their necks, Hooker and Romano are convinced the suspect in custody isn't the real culprit.
6 Nov. 1982
Terror at the Academy
When a sniper is taking out cops, the department tries to find out who it is. In the meantime, Hooker is training cadets at the academy and one of the cadets is the shooter. When Hooker meets him, he has an uneasy feeling about him. Hooker then does a background check on him and discovers that he is using the identity of a man whom he served with in Vietnam and Hooker learns that the man is some kind of mad dog killer and criminal. The man then plants explosives at the academy and threatens to blow it up unless they give him what he wants. When he booby traps the ...
13 Nov. 1982
The Survival Syndrome
Romano is wounded while foiling an auto theft and a TV news crew's distorted video implies Hooker shot an unarmed suspect. Hooker sets out to rebuff the D.A.'s investigation by busting the ring and finding the evidence that will exonerate him.
20 Nov. 1982
Deadly Ambition
When an old friend of Hooker's is shot while trying to stop a robbery at the store where he works as a security guard. A detective who's extremely ambitious suspects that Hooker's friend was the crew's inside man who got a change of heart and that's why he got shot. Hooker tries to prove him wrong. In the meantime, the detective is leaning on his snitch, to give him something. But he knows the crew personally and he and the leader try to find a way to get him to back off.
27 Nov. 1982
A Cry for Help
An ambitious drug lord directs a street gang to deal high-grade heroin in Hooker's beat, meanwhile setting up a hearing-impaired teenage gang member to take a murder rap, but Hooker suspects the boy is innocent and vows to help him.
4 Dec. 1982
Thieves' Highway
Hooker teams with an independent trucker and a pet orangutan to stop a trucking boss's attempts to start a war.
18 Dec. 1982
The Connection
Hooker and Romano will stop at nothing to squash a PCP operation after a schoolgirl hallucinating on angel dust tries to fly from atop her high school and a rookie cop friend of Romano's is almost killed when acting as an undercover narc.
8 Jan. 1983
The Fast Lane
The tragedy of teenage drinking hits Romano in the heart when he learns the young son of his fallen war buddy is an alcoholic supporting his habit by selling booze to his high school classmates and who is now escalating into bigger crimes.
15 Jan. 1983
Too Late for Love
Romano's in love with a fashion model and deaf to Hooker's suspicions that she's a member of a ruthless ring of fur coat thieves.
22 Jan. 1983
The Decoy
When a serial killer's latest victim is a police officer, a plan is made to send a cop to lure him out. Stacey who knew the one who was killed, offers to do it. While her father reluctantly allows her to do it, Hooker is worried.
29 Jan. 1983
The Mumbler
While investigating armored-car thefts, Hooker sympathizes with the sister of one of the suspects.
5 Feb. 1983
Vengeance Is Mine
When the daughter of a cop who's an old friend of Hooker's is raped by someone she knows. The guy is apprehended but manages to find a way to get released. Hooker sets out to try and get enough evidence against the man. while his friend decides to break the law to get him.
12 Feb. 1983
Sweet Sixteen and Dead
A young prostitute is killed by her pimp which was witnessed by a former prostitute who works at a shelter that helps them. Hooker tries to find her before the pimp.
19 Feb. 1983
Raw Deal
Hooker and Romano team up with a Gamblers Anonymous counselor to bust a drug lord who blackmails compulsive gamblers into serving as drug mules.
26 Feb. 1983
Requiem for a Cop
A friend of Hooker's who was a cop turned P.I. was killed while he was investigating some arson fires. Hooker thinks he was killed by the arsonist because he was getting too close.
5 Mar. 1983
The Hostages
Sibling robbers hold Stacy, Fran and several hospital patients in exchange for their wounded father.
30 Apr. 1983
Payday Pirates
Hooker and Romano team up with Jim Corrigan and his new rookie partner Stacy Sheridan to catch an armed robber who preys on people cashing their paychecks, among them Fran Hooker, whom he pistol whips and leaves in danger of blindness.
7 May 1983
Lady in Blue
A shootout with a pair of gun shop robbers leaves a policewoman critically injured and emotionally traumatized. Hooker and Romano set out to bust the illegal weapons ring while also encouraging their colleague not to give up on life.

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