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Spider-Man and His Amazing Show
TheMan30511 March 2003
As a kid I used to love this show. Unlike the Superfriends it balanced the humor with nice action sequences. Superfriends at times were a bit too silly but this show balanced it well. As well as having good plots. This was a very enjoyable show to watch and Iceman and firestar were amazing friends.

The only flaw this show has is that Frank Welker's Iceman sounds too much like Fred from Scooby-Doo.
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I don't remember lasting as long as it says it did.
Aaron137521 April 2003
I was thinking this cartoon was only on a couple of years, but according to imdb it was on for a good while. Well, I watched it when I was a kid and I remember it being one of my favorite cartoons...though when I started to collect the comics I realized it was a kind of weird team-up. Iceman being a member of the X-men and I am not sure how Firestar was used in the comics back then. I do know that it worked and I am not the only one who liked this series otherwise it wouldn't have been on for so long. One episode I remember had the three friends and some other marvel superheroes going to this house of some villain (it might have been Kraven), and the villain uses the superheroes weaknesses against them. He pitted Firestar and Iceman against each other, and the Submariner accidentally swam in a pool full of alcohol. In the end Spiderman saved the day, as he didn't have an apparent weakness.
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Definitely worth checking out!
Nic_hse3 November 2001
This was and is one of best Spider-Man cartoons ever made. Previous Spider-Man cartoons (there were two) didn't explain the origins of Spider-Man or his enemies. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends does this for Spider-Man, Ice-Man, Firestar and several of the villains. There were however some differences between the comics and the TV series. I must add that these differences will likely only be noticeable to Marvel comics fans.

First in the comics, Spider-Man and Ice-Man are much older than Firestar(10 years at least), so the idea of them all going to school together doesn't make any sense. Second the way Bobby Drake transforms into Ice-Man is way overblown, in the comics he merely wills the transformation and a coating of ice forms around his body. Lastly Ice-Man and Firestar were not members of the X-Men at the same time as shown in Firestar's origin story; when Firestar became a member of the X-Men, Ice-Man had long left the team.

Anyway these differences were probably done on purpose, the emphasis being on entertainment rather than realism. I enjoyed watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends twenty years ago and is definitely worth checking out!
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Ready, Spider-Friends? Go for it!
Indyfan8228 October 2001
This was one of my favorite Spider-Man cartoons I saw growing up. I also saw the other 80s Spider-Man cartoon where he's by himself, but I liked it better with Iceman and Firestar. There were more supervillians and more guest superheroes (like Captain America, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men) It was a very fun series which I very much enjoyed.
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Spider-friends, Go for it!
Mr_Garak29 June 2004
I loved this show as a kid, Spider-man, Iceman and Firestar all teaming up against the evil villains of new york city such as the Green Goblin, Kraven The Hunter and The Scorpion and many more.

I have a few of the episodes still on tape and I still love the show, even though the animation is seriously dated, the voice acting is superb for an 80's cartoon.

Frank Welker is easily recognisable as Bobby "Iceman" Drake in his Freddie "Scooby Doo" Jones voice as is Dan Gilvezan as Peter Parker/Spiderman voice as it's exactly the same voice he used for Bumblebee in Transformers.

I didn't recognize Linda Gary as Firestar though, guess that's what made her such a good voice actor.

But it was a classic show, alright it might not have the on-going storylines and spidey facing moral dilemmas as the 90's and MTV Spiderman shows have, but it was the 80's every kid back then who was a spider-fan loved these shows.

Bring on the DVD's of this show and the other Spider-man show of 1981 :)
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Big Movie Fan8 March 2002
Spider-Man cartoons have always been great and I think this series was probably the best.

Spider-Man teamed up with Iceman and Firestar every week to battle all kinds of villains. It was great fun watching the three superheroes battling the likes of Dracula. The voice artists responsible for the cartoon characters really seemed to put some emotion into the characters.

To the best of my knowledge this show hasn't been repeated in the UK that often since it first aired. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Spider-Man cartoons. And what can I say about Iceman? Wow!

Try and hunt down some videos of this show if you can.
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An Honest Review
generationofswine1 April 2017
When I was a little kid I was going to have an apartment with a statue that, when moved, turned the place into a super hero base of operation when I grew up.

Now I have a few computers and a Kindle Fire and they are all in plain sight and not hidden at all and the little kid that still dwells within me hates me for not disguising them...even though now everyone owns a computer.

Anyway, Spiderman, Ice Man, and the made for TV hero that ended up still having a cool presence but not as cool or important as X23 named Firestar round off a cast includes Aunt May.

I still love it...and that transforming apartment.

the series is cool and....then they visit the X-Men and you are in little kid heaven even though at the time I was too young to really know what Comic books were or who the X-men were or why Spidey couldn't be on the team but I knew, i knew that it was important and awesome and...

...and this is a reason why My generation, the last to really experience Saturday Morning Cartoons feels so bad for the kids that came after us that only had video games to keep them occupied early in the mornings when they were stuck waiting for mom and dad to wake up.
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every thing spider-man did should be on DVD
fish4spider-119 December 2005
this was good but not as good as the solo spider-man cartoons of the 80s these cartoons we never or hardly see the daily bugle why Ted Swartz never did do the voice of spider-man in this show is strange as this show was i think a follow up to the solo series of spider-man in the 80's though i did like the x-men as guests and seeing spider-man in the danger room other guest stars in show were the incredible hulk Dr strange prince namor captain America, x-men. some of the best shows here are the origin of the spider-friends the origin of firestar the origin of iceman. and my favourite along came a spider(spider-man's origin) for me tells spider-man origin the best out of all the spider-man cartoons

i hope these will be on DVD soon
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Excellent Series-- Best action cartoon of the 1980's!!
This is my personal favorite TV show of all time-- and my favorite action cartoon of the 1980's.. I still remember the great fun I had watching new adventure of Spider-man with the "new" heroes Iceman and Firestar (the latter of course, being totally new). It introduced me to X-Men and other aspects of the Marvel Universe. It had great writing and funny, witty exchanges between all three characters. For whatever reason, nowadays certain people look down on it-- usually because of the animation quality-- Most of it wasn't groundbreaking, but it wasn't "Rocky & Bullwinkle" either... Overall, it was very satisfying for me. I wish I could get the show on a DVD boxed set. I even emailed Disney/Buena Vista, who currently own the video rights. They sent me a nice disclaimer/rejection letter, along with my original missive..
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Team ups are good but...
Op_Prime18 April 2000
Spider-Man was a loner and always has been. It's fun to see one favorite character to team up with another favorite character but this went a little out of hand. This series had Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar (a character who did not exist in comics when this came around I believe) in an alliance against evil. Their alter egos also lived together in Aunt May's house. Really. I felt this show was not true in any way to Spider-Man unlike the other shows. It provides some enjoyment but not as much as the others.
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