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6 Jan. 1985
The Trouble with Grandfather
Grandfather Stratton announces his retirement just to have some fun.
13 Jan. 1985
Special Friend
Rick becomes a peer counselor and tries to help a student whose attitude is worse than his grades.
27 Jan. 1985
What's Cookin'?
Rick's suggestion for a Stratton Flour Mills promotion lands him a job at his grandfather's company.
3 Feb. 1985
Marry Me, Marry Me: Part 1
Kate is concerned that her relationship with Edward is not moving forward, which is her subtle way of saying that she wants to get married and have a family. But Edward still reeling from his first marriage is hesitant. But when Dexter tells him he should marry her, he proposes and Kate accepts. When Ricky learns of this, he's not exactly thrilled. Which leads Edward to blurt that this is what Kate wants which she over hears.
10 Feb. 1985
Marry Me, Marry Me: Part 2
Following Kate's spat with Edward, she decides to leave town for awhile. Edward wanting to see her tracks her down to the cruise ship she's about to leave on. When she decides to go, Edward is heart broken. But she returns and agrees to marry him.
17 Feb. 1985
Rick and the Legend
Edward suspects Rick's new friend of being a thief.
24 Feb. 1985
Trouble with Words
When Alfonso is not doing well in school, Dex thinks he is spending too much time on his dancing. And when Alfonso's grades don't improve, Dex forbids from entering a dance competition. But Bruce Jenner who is trying out some exercise equipment Edward has developed, thinks he knows what Alfonso's problem is.
3 Mar. 1985
Hot Shot
A pair of scalawags use Rick in their scam to sell faulty cameras.
10 Mar. 1985
All the Principal's Men
When Rick reveals that the cafeteria's been substituting horse meat for beef on his cable-access show, the principal wants to know his source.
17 Mar. 1985
Return of the Paisley Conspiracy
Edward forgets Rick's father-and-son banquet when he and an old buddy revive their singing career.
24 Mar. 1985
The Secret Life of Ricky Stratton
Rick feels bad about himself when he sees how gorgeous his computer date is.
7 Apr. 1985
The Babysitters
Rick babysits a girl he suspects was taken from her mother by her father.
15 Sep. 1985
Head Over Heels
Whitney Houston who's a friend of Kate's comes for a visit. And when Dex meets her, he falls for her. Ricky and Edward try to get him to loosen up. And they do such a good job that Dex is no longer paying attention to his work and is even thinking of moving to be with her which doesn't make Alfonso happy.
22 Sep. 1985
Mrs. Stratton Builds Her Dreamhouse
Edward allows Kate to redecorate the house, which becomes chaotic for him and Rick.
6 Oct. 1985
Poor Evelyn
Rick's mom comes for a visit. And they discover she's broke. And she refuses to take money from Edward. So Rick asks Edward to give her a job and let her stay with them. And on her first day, she causes nothing but problems.
13 Oct. 1985
Promises, Promises
Rick tries to decide if he should buy a promise ring for a girl at school.
27 Oct. 1985
The Great Baseball Card Scheme
When Edward's father visits, he has an episode and the doctor tells him to rest. But he gets bored. He needs to do some kind of trading. And when he sees Ricky trading baseball cards, he comes up with his own way to upgrade the card's value. And Ricky becomes just as ruthless when he trades.
3 Nov. 1985
The Trouble with Harry
Kate's uncle Harry overstays his welcome at the Strattons' and even pretends to own the house to impress his old rival.
10 Nov. 1985
One Strike and You're Out
Rick negotiates with his grandfather on a labor dispute regarding minimum wage being paid at his restaurant.
17 Nov. 1985
Race with Eagles
Edward must run up the steps of the Empire State Building for a fund-raiser.
24 Nov. 1985
A Magnificent Obsession
Rick tries to win back his girlfriend when she leaves him for the captain of the football team.
1 Dec. 1985
Judgment Day
When Edward lectures him about his poor geometry grade, Rick goes crazy trying to improve it.
8 Dec. 1985
The Barbarians
Edward's father invites him and Ricky to join him at a lodge. And it is there that he unleashes his wild side. When one of his lodge mates plays a prank on him, he sets out to get back at him with Edward and Ricky's help.
15 Dec. 1985
Three Musketeers
Freddy writes a letter that catches the attention of Congressman Tip O'Neill.
21 Dec. 1985
Second Class Parent
While Edward is out of town, Kate gives Rick permission to go to Fort Lauderdale for winter vacation.

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