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7 Jan. 1983
Steeling the Show
Steele and Laura are hired to track down Veronica Kirk, a former B movie actress from the 1940s. When the actress is located, she informs them that someone is trying to kill her. Initially, all of Kirk's claims are discredited, and it appears that the aging actress is as crazy as Kirk's daughter claims, but as additional clues surface, Steele and Laura realize that someone really is out to get her.
14 Jan. 1983
Steele Flying High
After Laura presses him into serving as an honorary chairman of a conservation committee devoted to saving the habitat of the bald eagle, Steele stumbles upon the death of the environmental researcher whose report on land area being considered for purchase by Steele's committee is overdue. Believing the death is no accident, Steele, doing his best Bogart impression, and Laura investigate.
21 Jan. 1983
A Good Night's Steele
Lab security is compromised, records destroyed, morphine is being stolen and a staff physician is missing. Ms. Holt and Mr. Steele infiltrate a hospital sleep clinic as physician and insomniac to solve the mysteries.
28 Jan. 1983
Hearts of Steele
Ms. Holt and Mr. Steele masquerade as battling (and slightly alcoholic) spouses to discover who is attempting to kill their divorce lawyer client.
11 Feb. 1983
To Stop a Steele
Ms. Holt is hired (as long as Steele is not involved) by jeweler, Albert Harrod, to locate an stolen flawless 60 carat diamond that had been "hidden" among much less expensive items. Mr. Steele is hired (as long the agency is not involved) by jewel thief, Morrie Singer. He was commissioned to burgle the Harrod gem vault, but found it empty. Who has the hot rocks and are the two different cases involving the same jeweler connected?
18 Feb. 1983
Steele Crazy After All These Years
A woman from Mr. Michaels college days seeks help solving the mystery disappearance of a mutual friend. It appears an poltergeist is murdering former members of her 1960's anti-war group.
25 Feb. 1983
Steele Among the Living
Remington and Laura set out to find an artist who recently disappeared. During the investigation, they are hounded by second-rate private investigator Leo Blitzman, who plants electronic eavesdropping devices in order to track their every move.
4 Mar. 1983
Steele in the News
Steele and Laura investigate the murder of two news team personnel at a local television station.
15 Mar. 1983
Vintage Steele
Laura is reunited with a former lover when he seeks the help of Remington Steele investigations after finding a corpse in vat of wine. The investigation eventually leads to a nearby monastery, where Steele and Laura learn the identity of the corpse as well as the identity of the killer.
22 Mar. 1983
Steele's Gold
While protecting artifacts of olde California, a murder committed during the exhibits costume party sends Ms. Holt, Mr. Michaels and Mr. Steele on a golden trail to recover the journal of prospector Arnold Dobbs.
5 Apr. 1983
Sting of Steele
A murderous casino owner hires the agency to locate a con artist (a man from Mr. Steele's past) who swindled his operation. Ms. Holt's annoying mother is back.
12 Apr. 1983
Steele in Circulation
Alfred Hollis thinks that he is helping his new friend, Angelica, by "borrowing" $2.3 million slated to be shredded by the Federal Reserve Bank where he works. The money is stolen from him. Mr. Steele stops Alfred from suicide and works with Ms. Holt to recover the money before the bank notices that it is missing.
20 Sep. 1983
Steele Away with Me: Part 1
Laura returns to Acapulco after a dying man leaves a tuna stuffed with diamonds and wrapped in an Acapulco newspaper on her doorstep. Steele joins her while trying to avoid a dogged IRS investigator, Mildred Krebs.
20 Sep. 1983
Steele Away with Me: Part 2
Laura returns to Acapulco after a dying man leaves a tuna stuffed with diamonds and wrapped in an Acapulco newspaper on her doorstep. Steele joins her while trying to avoid a dogged IRS investigator, Mildred Krebs.
27 Sep. 1983
Red Holt Steele
Someone is trying sabotage R.J. Stonewell's aviation company. She goes to Remington Steele Investigations for help, but R.J.'s mysterious rival is so intent on ruining Stonewell Aircraft, Ms. Holt's home is bombed in an attempt to kill Laura and stop the investigation.
11 Oct. 1983
Altared Steele
A man who cannot remember his name hires Remington Steele Investigations to find out who he is and why someone may be trying to kill him. Steele and Laura soon discover that their client is leading a double, or rather quintuple life, with five different wives to go along with five different professions. Can Steele and Laura determine which wife is trying to kill their client before it is too late?
18 Oct. 1983
Steele Framed
It appears to a panicked Mr. Steele that he has killed an perspective client with Ms. Holt's car. Who was the victim? Who is the creep shadowing Mr.Steele? Why is this happening?
1 Nov. 1983
A Steele at Any Price
An investigative reporter has disappeared after making a major purchase from an art auction house. Her news paper colleague asks Remington Steele Investigations to find her.
8 Nov. 1983
Love Among the Steele
Ms. Holt and Mr. Steele investigate a mystery involving an 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster, which is said to be "the key to something of great value".
15 Nov. 1983
Scene Steelers
Two very bad actors accuse each other of attempted murder when a pet parrot dies after tasting a bit of the TV Dinner they were to eat while filming an commercial. It is up to Miss Holt and Mr. Steele to keep the filming on schedule.
29 Nov. 1983
Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws
Ms. Holt and Mr. Steele must protect a child from mobster relative.
6 Dec. 1983
My Fair Steele
A terminally ill tycoon hires the Remington Steele Agency to locate the twin sister of his self centered adopted daughter.
13 Dec. 1983
Steele Threads
Ms. Holt and Mr. Steele work under cover to expose industrial espionage in the world of high fashion.

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