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6 Jan. 1986
Much Ado About Mitch
George volunteers to be a big brother to a boy named Mitch, but he would rather have writer and TV host Dick for his big brother.
13 Jan. 1986
Look Ma, No Talent
Michael's Mother shows up and thinks he doesn't have any talent, so he takes up dancing, painting, writing a novel and the violin trying to impress her.
20 Jan. 1986
Larry's Dead, Long Live Larry
Larry changes after a near-death experience.
27 Jan. 1986
Stephanie Nightingale
Everyone gets the measles and Stef ends up taking care of them while Michael can only talk to her through the front door of the Inn or by phone. George runs such a high fever that Stef calls the doctor to come in an emergency.
3 Feb. 1986
The Stratford Horror Picture Show
When the previous owners of the Stratford Inn become jealous of the inns new success, they try to scare everyone into thinking the Inn is haunted in hopes of getting the Loudens to sell the Inn back to them.
10 Feb. 1986
I Do, Okay?
Dick and Joanna renew their vows - sort of. Stef is Maid of Honor and George is Best Man.
17 Feb. 1986
The Snowmen Cometh
The town's snow carnival is in danger because there is no snow. In desperation, they turn to the only men who guaranteed snow for the carnival: Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.
24 Feb. 1986
Will the Real Dick Loudon Please Shut Up?
Dick is set to star in a home video version of his self-help plumbing book, but the director decides he lacks charisma and replaces him with an actor who knows nothing about plumbing.
3 Mar. 1986
He Ain't Human, He's My Cousin
George's only living relative, his boorish cousin Eugene, comes to visit.
10 Mar. 1986
Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter
Dick realizes he's been resting on his laurels as a writer when all of his attempts to get a book published under the pen name Dwight Schmidlapp are met with rejection.
17 Mar. 1986
Torn Between Three Brothers
A new waitress at the Minuteman Cafe comes between Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. Meanwhile, George protests Michael's decision to cancel the television station's reruns of Barnaby Jones.
7 Apr. 1986
Baby, I'm Your Handyman
An actress with a reputation as a man-eater stays at the Inn and takes a liking to George, much to Dick and Joanna's concern.
14 Apr. 1986
Replaceable You
When Michael goes to interview for a new job, he puts the television station's receptionist in charge of Dick's show, and she turns out to be a much better producer than Michael.
12 May 1986
Michael balks when Mr. Vanderkellen demands he sign a prenuptial agreement, feeling it indicates a lack of trust on Stephanie's part. Meanwhile, Dick breaks an irreplaceable music box given to the Vanderkellens by Winston Churchill.
29 Sep. 1986
Co-Hostess Twinkie
Dick is saddled with a perky co-host he doesn't want; Larry, Darryl, and Darryl name their pet pig after Stephanie.
6 Oct. 1986
Camp Stephanie
When his boss goes out of town, Michael volunteers Stephanie to run her girl scout troupe, but the girls aren't interested in Stephanie's shallow and materialistic ways, and Stephanie is horrified to learn she's expected to go camping with them.
13 Oct. 1986
Dick the Kid
Dick goes to a dude ranch for his vacation.
20 Oct. 1986
High Fidelity
Everyone in town assumes Joanna is having an affair with a man she meets in her wine tasting class.
27 Oct. 1986
Desperately Desiring Susan: Part 1
While spending all his time at WPIV producing the station's 5th anniversary show, Michael falls for his assistant, Susan, and breaks up with Stephanie.
3 Nov. 1986
Desperately Desiring Susan: Part 2
Stephanie is desperate to win back Michael after he dumps her, first by belittling his new girlfriend, Susan, and then by taking lessons in being nice from George.
17 Nov. 1986
My Two and Only
Larry feels abandoned after Darryl and Darryl begin spending all their time with a new friend.
24 Nov. 1986
Thanksgiving for the Memories
The Vanderkellens lose Stephanie's favorite childhood toy and try to replace it with a lookalike.
1 Dec. 1986
Utley, Can You Spend a Dime?
When Dick and Joanna learn that George has $50,000 in the bank, they encourage him to spend it in order to enjoy life, but he only ends up miserable.
8 Dec. 1986
Sweet and Sour Charity
Dick is chosen to lead a fund raiser for the town library, but it's Joanna's idea to have an auction that everyone actually accepts.
15 Dec. 1986
Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
Stephanie accidentally breaks her toe while dusting and plays up the injury for sympathy, but when her temporary replacement turns out to be a perfect maid, she becomes desperate to keep her job.
22 Dec. 1986
Saturday in New York with George
Dick is invited to a publishers party in New York. Joanna is unable to go with him since some good friends are due to arrive at the inn. After some prodding, Dick reluctantly agrees to take George with him.

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