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2 Jan. 1984
Kirk Goes for the Juggler
Kirk meets the woman of his dreams but struggles to accept her chosen profession.
9 Jan. 1984
Jug of Wine, Loaf of Bread & Pow
Joanna is bound to convince Dick and Stephanie that a man and a woman can be just friends after a professor asks her out after attending his poetry night.
16 Jan. 1984
An old beau of Stephanie's arrives at the Stratford with his new fiancée in tow--Stephanie's best friend from high school.
23 Jan. 1984
Curious George at the Firehouse
George joins the volunteer fire department.
30 Jan. 1984
Book Beat
A guest-spot on a local cable TV show called Book Beat lands Dick a potential new career; Kirk convinces Joanna to star in a commercial for the Minuteman Café.
6 Feb. 1984
Kirk Pops the Question
When he finds out that Cindy is planning a trip to Europe next year, Kirk decides to ask her to marry him.
13 Feb. 1984
Best Friends
Kirk plans to sell the Minuteman Cafe, which will result in a fast food restaurant next door to the Stratford Inn, unless Dick admits Kirk is his best friend.
27 Feb. 1984
Kirk Ties One On
Kirk and Cindy's plans to get married at the Stratford are thrown into disarray when Kirk faints every time the minister begins the marriage service.
5 Mar. 1984
Go, Grandma, Go
Kirk and Cindy's honeymoon is delayed when Kirk's grandmother Blanche arrives for a visit--with a stolen car.
12 Mar. 1984
Leave It to the Beavers
George invites Dick to join his fraternal order, but the other members don't want Dick as a member.
19 Mar. 1984
Vermont Today
A local TV station offers Dick his own public affairs show.
26 Mar. 1984
Send Her Ella
Stephanie stubbornly refuses to stay home to mind the Inn when Dick, Joanna and George head to the annual town Maple Syrup Festival.
16 Apr. 1984
New Faces of 1951
Dick and Joanna plan a birthday party for George but can't find anyone in town to invite.
15 Oct. 1984
Tell a Lie, Get a Check
Charged with selling the Minute Man Cafe after Kirk leaves town, Dick and Joanna resort to lying about the restaurant's numerous problems to a prospective buyer, while Michael tries to get Dick to record a degrading promo for his television show.
22 Oct. 1984
Twenty Year Itch
Dick becomes jealous when Joanna decides to keep a date with her old college boyfriend that they made twenty years ago.
29 Oct. 1984
A Hunting We Will Go
Michael decides to film Dick's duck hunting trip with George, Chester, and Jim, but things go awry when their boat floats away, leaving them stranded in the wilderness.
5 Nov. 1984
Miss Stephanie
Larry announces that he plans to marry Stephanie, despite the fact that she's dating Michael.
12 Nov. 1984
But Seriously, Beavers
George enlists Dick to help roast him at his Man of the Year ceremony for the Beavers, but gets upset when Dick's jokes hit too close to home.
19 Nov. 1984
Tickets, Please
Stephanie collects several parking tickets driving Dick's car, but Dick ends up having to pay them.
26 Nov. 1984
Poor Reception
Michael hires Stephanie to be the television station's new receptionist, but her terrible performance forces him to fire her.
3 Dec. 1984
The Fan
Joanna has her doubts but Dick is delighted when 'Tracy', a star struck admirer, wants to set up a fan club.
10 Dec. 1984
Happy Trails to You
Dick is sued for $500,000 when another author accuses him of plagiarism.
31 Dec. 1984
Georgie's Girl
George begins dating the sister of his friend Dutch, but frets when he realizes he doesn't love her and must breakup with her.

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