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Season 6

14 Sep. 1987
Here's to You, Mrs. Loudon
When a 16 year old guest at the Stratford develops a crush on her, Joanna has a hard time turning him down.
21 Sep. 1987
Prima Darryl
Larry, Darryl, and Darryl have their relationship turned upside down when Larry discovers he isn't the oldest brother.
28 Sep. 1987
Inn This Corner
Dick and Joanna's new friends decide to open an inn right next door, and it ends up being such a success, it steals all the Stratford's business.
5 Oct. 1987
Me and My Gayle
George's 40-year high school reunion gives him the chance to admit his feelings to an old crush.
12 Oct. 1987
Reading, Writing, and Rating Points
Michael steals an idea for a new program from a new student at his television production class.
19 Oct. 1987
Vintage Stephanie
Stephanie panics when she discovers she's no longer "blossoming". It takes Larry, Darryl, and Darryl's sage advice to break her depression. George buys blue jeans.
26 Oct. 1987
Take Me to Your Loudon
It's Halloween, and the townspeople believe the town is about to be invaded by aliens.
9 Nov. 1987
Till Depth Do Us Part: Part 1
When their relationship hits a rut due to a series of boring dates, Michael and Stephanie seek help from a couples therapist who advises them to break up.
16 Nov. 1987
Till Depth Do Us Part: Part 2
When Michael and Stephanie decide to get married in order to return a spark to their stagnant relationship, Dick, Michael's Best Man, has reservations about how seriously they are are taking the marriage.
23 Nov. 1987
Telethon Man
Dick hosts a telethon to rescue the financially strapped WPIV.
7 Dec. 1987
Laugh at My Wife, Please
When Joanna is asked to be a tour guide at the local museum, she asks Dick to write her a speech about the history of Vermont, but he delivers one filled with terrible jokes. Meanwhile, George agrees to lead Darryl and Darryl around while Larry is away on vacation.
14 Dec. 1987
Support Your Local Shifflet
Dick encourages Officer Shifflet to go on strike for a raise, but when the town makes due without a policeman, Dick feels guilty and hires Shifflet to work at the Stratford.
4 Jan. 1988
My Three Dads
Larry, Darryl, and Darryl decide to adopt a child, but when the only one the adoption agency will give them is a 17-year old, they try to cram a lifetime of parenting into one month.
11 Jan. 1988
A Friendship That Will Last a Lunchtime
Stephanie becomes friends with Buffy Denver, Dick's annoying former co-host.
18 Jan. 1988
Presence of Malice
A vindictive critic in the local newspaper targets Dick's performance on Vermont Today, while Larry, Darryl, and Darryl create a sensation when they find a pancake that looks like Paul Anka's head.
1 Feb. 1988
Would You Buy a Used Car from This Handyman?
Dissatisfied with his life as a handyman, George quits to become a used car salesman. Meanwhile, Michael and Stephanie build a "Snow Steph" on the Stratford's front lawn but are horrified when it begins to melt.
8 Feb. 1988
The Buck Stops Here
George spots the Great White Buck, which legend says brings luck to the town, but disaster strikes when Dick kills it with his car. Meanwhile, a persistent guest pursues Stephanie.
15 Feb. 1988
Attention WPIV Shoppers
Michael puts a home shopping program on Channel 8.
22 Feb. 1988
The Big Uneasy
Dick and Michael attend a conference in New Orleans in order to sell Vermont Today into syndication, and an executive wants to buy it, provided Michael sleeps with her.
7 Mar. 1988
Draw Partner
As the Stratford awaits its 5000th customer, Dick is thrilled to learn he'll be working with a famous illustrator on his next book, but when he meets her, he can't stand her.
14 Mar. 1988
A Midseason's Night Dream
Dick, George, Stephanie, Michael, and Larry all have a series of strange dreams.
21 Mar. 1988
Michael takes over as producer of WPIV's nightly news, but his new informed outlook on life drives a wedge between him and Stephanie. Meanwhile, George announces he has given up on being a Red Sox fan.
2 May 1988
The Gleeless Club
Joanna becomes upset when she and Dick audition for the town's new glee club but only Dick is accepted.
9 May 1988
Courtin' Disaster
George begins dating a new woman, but her ex-boyfriend threatens to beat him up.

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