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4 Jan. 1985
The Nightmare Man
After getting a lead on the man who kidnapped him when he was a little boy, Matt sets out to find him and bring him to justice.
11 Jan. 1985
A birthday party for Cousin Will turns sour when Matt is informed that he's parked on a roof, ready to jump.
18 Jan. 1985
Death Trap
Matt must rescue C.J. and Roy from small town oil embezzlers.
25 Jan. 1985
The Honeymoon Murders
An old college friend asks for Matt's help in solving the murder of his wife, killed hours after their wedding.
1 Feb. 1985
The Beach Club Murders
Matt meets his female counterpart while investigating the murder of two guests at a resort.
8 Feb. 1985
New Orleans Nightmare
A stewardess accidentally happens upon and photographs a murder and asks Matt to protect her.
15 Feb. 1985
Company Secrets
One of Roy's former intelligence associates tells him that a Russian agent whom they took down years ago and who swore vengeance is back. It's not long after that that the man is killed. So Roy tries to find the agents who helped him before the man gets them all.
22 Feb. 1985
Killing Time
After suffering his umpteenth concussion, Matt falls head over heals in love with an Irish heiress who is being brainwashed by her Irish-terrorist brother.
15 Mar. 1985
Death Watch
Matt Houston and his company investigate a drug ring.
29 Mar. 1985
Final Vows
Elizabeth, the object of Matt's affections, returns, and Matt decides to marry her.

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