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Season 1

12 Sep. 1979
Ida Makes a Movie
Ida makes a movie about garbage and submits it to a filmmaking contest. She wins, but they think the film was about war. Ida must come clean instead of accepting the award under false pretenses.
1 Sep. 1980
Cookie Goes to Hospital
Cookie doesn't feel good and has to go to the hospital. She has to have a procedure but she needs her doll and only Ida knows where it is. It's up to Ida to get it to her before her procedure.
1 Sep. 1981
Irene Moves In
A new girl name Irene moves onto Degrassi Street and her arrival causes infighting among the kids.
30 May 1982
Noel Buys a Suit
Noel's father is going to marry and he doesn't like it.
13 Dec. 1982
Lisa Makes the Headlines
Lisa starts a newspaper, but does she have all the facts on her first big scoop?
20 Dec. 1982
Sophie Minds the Store
Sophie has to watch the store while her mom is out of town and her dad is on bed rest. At the same time, Chuck is trying to raise enough money to buy a Christmas present for his dad. While at the store, Chuck offers to help Sophie but then something goes wrong. Now Sophie and Chuck have a problem that may cost them their friendship.
27 Dec. 1982
Casey Draws the Line
Noel wants to give away his pet rabbit. Casey and Lisa convince him to give the rabbit to them. Together, they make a pact to always take care of and love the rabbit. However, when their parents realize that their land is not correctly split they put picks down for the new fence. The girls realize that this will split the rabbit cage in half and may cause them their friendship.
2 Jan. 1983
Pete Takes a Chance
Pete wants to make money. He sees an ad in the paper and is convinced it's the best and quickest way to go. He borrows money from Lisa and promises to pay her back, but in the process of selling and buying he realizes he may not have enough. Pete has to decide what's more important: money or friendship?
1 Sep. 1983
Chuck Makes a Choice
Chuck's dad is in jail. Chuck is embarrassed and doesn't want Tina, the girl he likes, to find out. Chuck's brother Pete is in a play. Pete doesn't worry about what other people think and invites his dad to come watch him perform. Chuck has to decide between keeping the secret from Tina or letting his brother be happy.
9 Nov. 1984
Billy Breaks the Chain
Billy Receives a chain letter in the mail and doesn't if he should send it to others. Meanwhile Lisa, Casey and Pete want to use the abandoned clubhouse but have to get the Ok from a very busy Ida.
16 Nov. 1984
Catharine Finds Her Balance
Catherine's parents are getting a divorce. They are always fighting and she is caught in the middle. When Catherine makes the gymnastics team she is at a loss...who does she invite to come watch her compete? She is going to have to choose between mom and dad meaning one of them will be upset for sure. Hopefully she will make the right choice.
23 Nov. 1984
Benjamin Walks the Dog
Billy and Pete want to try smoking. First they have to save up enough money so they take a dog walking job. But Billy has to bring his brother with him everywhere he goes. How will he ever be able to try smoking when his brother is always around?
30 Nov. 1984
Liz Sits the Schlegels
Although the title makes it look like Liz is the main character, this episode follows the point of view of two characters. Liz is babysitting and wants to make a good impression with the kids, but Martin thinks he is too old to have a babysitter. So while Liz is trying her hardest to be good, Martin is making it difficult for her. They will have to work together for things to turn out well.
14 Dec. 1984
The Canards Move Out
Lisa's dad is having trouble finding work. So when a job opportunity comes around, he gladly accepts it. Only problem is they have to move away. How will Lisa handle having to leave her friends?
4 Jan. 1985
Martin Meets the Pirates
Pete's car wash is doing well. That is, until the Pirates show up. They're the neighborhood bullies and they're planning on expanding to Degrassi Street. If Pete doesn't do something, the Pirates are going to take over the neighborhood. But how will Pete defeat them on his own?
11 Jan. 1985
Connie Goes to Court
Mrs. Gonzales is having a baby and the class wants to have a party for her. They each need to contribute $5 for the party and everyone has, except Connie. When Casey drops $5 of the collection money on the floor, Connie gives it back to her. Casey didn't see it drop and thinks that Connie has now turned in her money. But when the collection is $5 short, Casey decides to get to the bottom of the matter. She needs to know where the money went before the party so they can buy the supplies they need.
18 Jan. 1985
Griff Makes a Date
Lisa comes back to Degrassi and everybody's excited to see her. The new student, Griff, thinks she's cute. Lisa likes him too so Casey helps her find ways to get his attention. But when she finally gets it, she finds out who Griff really is and she's not so sure he's such a good guy anymore.
25 Jan. 1985
Samantha Gets a Visitor
Lisa visits her cousin Samantha in the country.
1 Feb. 1985
Rachel Runs for Office
Rachel and Billy run for the same office.
8 Feb. 1985
Jeffrey Finds a Friend
Jeffrey finds out there are more important things then winning and gets a new friend in the process.
1 Dec. 1985
Connie Makes a Catch
Connie tries to impress a boy but nothing seems to work. Martin wants to fit in but he keeps falling behind. Lisa wants to go on a date but her parents won't let her. However, with time, each situation works out exactly the way it was meant to.
8 Dec. 1985
Karen Keeps Her Word
The kids make a pact in class that they will be a nuclear free zone. When they need money for a yearbook, Casey has to decide whether to tell the rest of the kids that their benefactor works for a company that indirectly works on nuclear missiles.
15 Dec. 1985
Ryan Runs for Help
Ryan gets in trouble when he tells a lie to Benjamin.
22 Dec. 1985
Martin Hears the Music
No one wants to be different or stand out in the crowd, but that's the problem Martin and Rachel have. They want to be treated the same as everyone else but don't think their friends will understand.
29 Dec. 1985
Lisa Gets the Picture
Lisa has to choose between spending time with her boyfriend Griff and her best friend Casey.
5 Jan. 1986
Griff Gets a Hand
Griff becomes upset when a friend of his dies. It makes him question everything including graduation.

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