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2 Jan. 1986
Nothing But a Man
Dad Steven postulates for the job of regional PBS manager, interested in programming clout rather then the pay raise - despite his poor performance, he got the job, in fact in advance. The family is disappointed he's home much less, except Alex, who even acts as dad's though appointment book keeper. Alex is terribly worried for his beloved baby-brother Andy's manhood when the kid takes a ferocious fancy to a doll Ellen gave him. Steven starts feeling guilty never to be available for the children's activities, enough to...
9 Jan. 1986
The Disciple
Jennifer is tired of being outclassed by classmates, so she asks academically always excelling Alex (who won the Thomas Dewey best student achievement award three years in a row) to help her prepare a social studies presentation on how a bill becomes a law. Alex accepts, provided they do it his way, all the way: after reading at Ivy league level, while he pretends in class to be a quarry worker too dumb to understand what he fetches, he attends -queing her- a brilliant show with lights, music, patriotic panache and the flawless story, complete with the printing on ...
16 Jan. 1986
Where's Poppa?
Alex is in charge of this year's Leland parents students day. His girl-friend Ellen is angry because Alex personally invited her father, corporate lawyer Franklin Reed, whom she rejected as 'foul materialist' years ago, he's happy to learn she has a rich family and gets her to agree. When Franklin drops by, the men prove birds of a feather, but will father and daughter make up?
23 Jan. 1986
Fool for Love
Ma and Jen hardly notice the mustache Alex grows for the homecoming speech as former valedictorian in Harding High-school. Skippy hopes Mal just uses Nick to make him jealous, but of course she refuses to go with him to the homecoming dance; the sweet pup is heart-broken but convinces Alex to find him a blind date, any human female will do- it's Dr. Sylvia Wagner, a divorced psychiatrist who is researching adolescent social life and sees him as a voluntary study subject, even for him no catch but they go, hoping absurdly to make Mallory a bit jealous. Nick hates ...
30 Jan. 1986
When Alex, as Leland chess club champion, duels reputed Soviet guest Ivan Rozmirovich, he takes it as a personal and patriotic challenge, stirred by a telegram from the White House. The match is commented by desperate dad Steven and American chess-master Eric Nordstrom whose seemingly silent-succinct style at his debut is likely to be his undoing as commenter. After endless equal quality, Ivan's last move before adjournment is an obvious attempt to throw the game, but why? The boys meet in a bar, and Alex learns the official pressure totally spoiled Ivan's love for ...
6 Feb. 1986
Engine Trouble
Alex committed the surprising error to vent his conviction there are male and female fortes in the feminist home, so he gets stuck following the same elementary car mechanics course as ma Elyse, the architect, who proves more gifted at it. It gets embarrassing when Alex keeps bumbling like any self-respecting nerd covered in grease while she gets 'consulted' by Nick's hunky mate Clete... Meanwhile the girls must try to keep dad Steven in bed, who refuses to admit he's sick.
13 Feb. 1986
A Word to the Wise
Alex and Ellen have been together for six months. The family decides to tell Ellen some of the things Alex has done in his life before she met him.
13 Feb. 1986
A Word to the Wise: Part 2
Part 2 continues with a memory show. Skippy joins the Keaton family to share some of his Alex-related stories to Ellen.
20 Feb. 1986
Art Lover
Steven accepts works of art for WKS's 1986 auction, reluctantly even Alex's 'fiscal-surrealist' bank yard eviction drawing (at age 5) and an abstract welded sculpture by Nick, which only gets a bid from filthy rich, glamorous art lover Victoria Hurstenberg, who calls him an irresistible hidden talent. Nick brings more of his works for a private show at the Keaton house, and becomes her protégé. Only Mallory and naive Nick need weeks to realize the airhead didn't get to see Nick since miss (!) Victoria offered her patronage not for his 'art' but for his company. Just ...
2 Mar. 1986
Teacher's Pet
While Andy's inability to handle a toy the box recommends from an age two month younger makes worried pa Steven determined the toddler needs to go to preschool, which ma Elyse forbids, Alex enjoys the rare honor to be picked as professor Spanos's teaching assistant for economics. An arrogant professorial air and ruthless strictness come naturally to 'Mr. Keaton, or Sir', but he talks Ellen out of changing to another course to assure impartiality. Once Alex grades her first paper C- their relationship -which is forbidden under college rules too- is in danger...
6 Mar. 1986
My Buddy
As Jennifer is growing up, Steven is feeling that he is no longer an important part of her life. Meanwhile, Alex attempts to refute a traffic ticket.
1 May 1986
Once in Love with Elyse
Elyse is quite happy to collaborate closely at the architects firm with younger Paul Kenter, but he confides to their boss Raymond to have a problem: he fell secretly but passionately in love with the happily married mother of four. Unsuspecting Elyse asks him over for a family dinner to celebrate landing a major account. Paul confesses to Steven, but still keeps quiet to Elyse. When Steven tells her, she is first flattered, then hears Paul has quit his job and intends to leave the country...
8 May 1986
Paper Chase
Four weeks to graduation, and Mallory is in danger of flunking history and not graduating. She needs a "B" on the final exam. Mallory realizes that her future is on the line as she buckles down and studies for her exam.
25 Sep. 1986
Be True to Your Preschool
Andy starts his first day at preschool. Andy's favorite time is Sharing Time. Alex feels he should learn how to deal with a dog-eat-dog world and tells Andy he does not have to share. This does not go over well at preschool.
2 Oct. 1986
Starting Over
Alex's girlfriend Ellen left for Paris and Alex is heartbroken. He finally decides to ask someone out. Mallory & Jennifer help him to change his appearance for the date, and he tries to have Sharon change her appearance to look like Ellen.
9 Oct. 1986
The Freshman and the Senior
Mallory has to work with a partner for a college paper and is teamed with a senior citizen. The experience gives her a different outlook on college classes and life. Alex tries to find out what his parents have written in his will.
16 Oct. 1986
My Back Pages
A college friend of Steven & Elyse's visits. Matt wants to restart their college magazine. Steven agrees. As the staff talks about holding demonstrations and getting arrested, he realizes he has changed from the radical years of college.
30 Oct. 1986
Beauty and the Bank
Alex takes a job as a bank intern and finds out his boss is not what he expected.
6 Nov. 1986
Mrs. Wrong: Part 1
Mallory feels the pressure of college life and home life. She feels it is too much to handle. As she talks to Nick, she starts to dream more of a married life with a family than going to college. Mallory and Nick decide to get married.
13 Nov. 1986
Mrs. Wrong: Part 2
Mallory's determined to marry Nick so she decides to elope. Alex follows her to stop them but only after they left for some time. And when Steven and Elysse learns of this they freak and Steven hopes Alex stops them. But while waiting for the justice of the peace to be available, Nick has second thoughts about what they're doing.
17 Nov. 1986
The Big Fix
When ma Elyse invites Terry Bridgeman, her former architecture collaborator before her Andy-pregnancy, for dinner, she learns his girl-friend left him and succumbs to match-making. Alas Elyse picks neighbor woman Liz Obeck, who gave even Alex sleepless nights and tells pa Steven men fall for her only to be dumped by bunches too and she has a steady friend. By the time Steven passes the message, Terry is smitten with vamp Liz... Nick helps Alex to a free gift for Andy's fellow toddler friend Cindy, a doll the orphanage refused, but the boys must dress it...
20 Nov. 1986
My Brother's Keeper
Skippy is disappointed when he cannot get into a fraternity, so he asks Alex to help him. Alex talks to the fraternity brothers, and Skippy gets accepted. Turns out, the fraternity wants to use him as The Big Stooge on campus.
4 Dec. 1986
High School Confidential
Nick wants a job at the YMCA, but is turned down because he does not have a high school diploma. Mallory helps her study for an equivalency test. Jennifer is upset with her father for his conversations during car pool.
11 Dec. 1986
Paper Lion
Alex works with a professor on an economics paper. Alex reviews the final content and finds the hypothesis is incorrect. The professor wants to submit it as is. Alex and Mallory have a difference of opinion when it comes to Andy's wardrobe.
18 Dec. 1986
My Mother, My Friend
Mallory brings a friend home from college who immediately becomes pals with Elyse. Mallory's friend Allison is studying architecture, so she and Elyse spend a lot of time together. The "B" plot is just as interesting and provides much fun as Alex and Steven play many games of Scrabble. Of course Alex gets money involved. They both invent words and the episode ends with the stakes very high.

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