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3 Jan. 1985
Oh, Donna
Elyse and Steven host a Lamaze class at their home. One woman who attends is not married and Alex becomes involved in helping her at the classes.
10 Jan. 1985
Auntie Up
Alex likes Mallory's favorite aunt Gertrude 'Trudy' Harris for one reason: the pair of airheads regularly go somewhere together, out of his way. After such trip, Trudy gets a heart attack, Skippy helps rush her to hospital but she doesn't survive. The Keatons hold her wake, but it gets a mixed crowd: Alex never canceled the garage sale. At the funeral, truly mournful Mallory makes a scene because the reverend's speech is fake, every detail wrong as he never met her...
17 Jan. 1985
Philadelphia Story
Alex has a cold but insists to work all night on his paper on the Declaration of Independence, after using it as an example to incite his dad Steven not to invoke inexperience to refuse appearing before Congress in Washington on the funding of PBS. Alex 'wakes up' in a dream as a Philadelphia stable boy, who hears with his uninterested mate 'Skipford', accidentally Thomas's neighbor-boy, Jefferson turning down John Adams' request to write the declaration, just because he would rather spend the night fluffing his wig, but Alex won't rest till he makes sure Thomas does ...
24 Jan. 1985
Birth of a Keaton: Part 1
The Keaton kids are utterly disgusted to have to participate every year in dad Steven's lame PBS telethon as his loving, fake-enthusiastic WKS-family, without ever having been asked, and don't hide it anymore. The parents think the asking is the problem, so Steven poses the open question- all three bail out instantly, Jennifer even without any excuse. After some prodding from adult strangers, who all enjoy Steven's colleagues' families' loyalty, even Alex ends up caving in- a good luck-card doesn't cure their guilt, so after Elyse volunteered to play guitar and sing, ...
31 Jan. 1985
Birth of a Keaton: Part 2
While everyone is at Steven's PBS station telethon, Steven is called home for plumbing issues. As Elyse sings for the telethon audience, she goes into labor. With snow storm complications, Elyse gives birth at the television station.
7 Feb. 1985
Cry Baby
Everybody else goes baby-crazy all the time, even Alex who can see the next Richard Nixon and Mickey Mantle rolled into one bassinet. Even losing her place in the center on family pictures makes Jen decide she hates 'rival' Andy and turns childish again, which Alex correctly calls regressive behavior. The kid has healthy longs, and a 'vocal volume' which keeps everybody awake, desperately trying to sing him to sleep. An attempt to make Jen the center of family attention again is professionally cried apart by Andy and baby-mania...
14 Feb. 1985
Don't Know Much About History...
Alex and fellow Leland student James Jarrett start up a joint tutoring business. Judging by the IQ of prospective tutees like William, who even needs to be told to go home, a fabulous market, but when both have an 'unprofessional' eye on Robin Green, the rivalry wrecks their cooperation as feared, apparently irreparably... Meanwhile Mallory wines dad has chosen a practical new car with more room for the baby but ugly 'like a fridge on wheels' and he bores everyone to tears with his reading the manual aloud.
21 Feb. 1985
Bringing Up Baby
Another row between Alex and Jen over the phone and another about Mallory abusing Alex's shirt make Steven and Elyse realize they desperately need more quality time. A restaurant dinner fails, neither can stop thinking about Andy and babies in general, she even burps the waiter...
7 Mar. 1985
Cold Storage
Alex wants to come along visiting grandma because she lives close to Lisa Tobin, Jennifer because she has cable TV. Elyse makes Steven first drop by for a 'reunion' with another couple which has twins, and gets more visitors with -to the others' regret- or without -to their own regret- crying babies. Mallory stayed home to work on a paper on the Louisiana Purchase (not about shopping, to her disappointment). Alex gave her permission to consult his 'archives' in the basement, but the trunk is too heavy, so Skippy comes down to help, but accidentally lets the door lock ...
28 Mar. 1985
Remembrances of Things Past
While at the family home to help their mother sell the house, Steven and his brother argue over childhood issues. As they argue, they also mellow.
26 Sep. 1985
The Real Thing: Part 1
Alex starts his sophomore year looking for a girlfriend in the freshman directory. He meets Tricia who seems to be everything he wants. However, after a spat with Tricia's roommate, Ellen, Alex finds that despite having nothing in common with Ellen, he is developing feelings for her.
3 Oct. 1985
The Real Thing: Part 2
Alex is an emotional wreck, still with boring Tricia he doesn't care for after kissing her intriguing roommate Ellen, who turned back to accept her Dennis's proposal to marriage, yet without a single guest. Alex even worries so much that the whole time allotted for a Leland test essay he would have aced elapses without him writing a single line. Next Alex insists to drive Ellen the train-station hoping to stop her, but is once more unable to express his emotions. When Alex has gathered the courage at home and drives back, her train has left the station- yet she is ...
17 Oct. 1985
Mr. Wrong
Mallory introduces her new boyfriend, Nick, to the family. He isn't well received, and Steven realizes that he needs to trust Mallory and let her make her own choices.
24 Oct. 1985
Designated Hitter
Jennifer has a boyfriend and feels a bit self-conscious. When the boyfriend is teased at school by a bully, Jennifer steps in to defend him. Alex asks Mallory to take and IQ test and is chagrined when she scores higher than him.
31 Oct. 1985
Don't Go Changing
Alex is feeling insecure about not being a part of Ellen's world of art and dance. Fearful that he might lose her, Alex decides to learn all he can about art and dance...including auditioning for a part at Ellen's dance class. Meanwhile, Steven is upset about missing Monday Night Football games because he and Elyse have joined a book club.
7 Nov. 1985
The Old College Try
Elyse is planning for Mallory's future by sending away for college applications. However, Mallory does not want to go to college. However, things change when an unlikely source (Nick) encourages her to go to college.
14 Nov. 1985
My Tutor
Alex hires 13-year-old tutor, Eugene Forbes, to help him bring his grade up in advanced geometry from an 89% to 90%. However, Eugene is immediately distracted when he meets Jennifer, and he struggles to learn how to stop being an intellectual genius and learn to be a 13-year-old kid.
21 Nov. 1985
Mr. Right
Nick is worried that the constant disapproval he receives from Elyse and Steven will ultimately cost him his relationship with Mallory. Eager to change, Nick turns to Alex for help. Unfortunately, Nick turns into another "Alex," and while he is now pleasing to Elyse and Steven, he turns off Mallory.
5 Dec. 1985
Just One Look
Steven and Elyse are nostalgically excited by a visitor he arranged: Richard 'Richie' Schofield, from their Berkeley hippie days, which the kids find just silly, even embarrassingly. However Elyse and Richie share memories without Steven, who is not amused to find out about their fling 22 years later. Sleeping on the hall makes the jealous husband even crankier. The trio has a restaurant dinner, he looses control. Alex reminds him of his own life lessons...
12 Dec. 1985
How Do You Sleep?
Alex hasn't slept in over a week. Lonely nights are spent triggering the smoke alarm, and even asking Skippy to spend the night. Elyse confesses that she has battled insomnia as well, and she is able to help Alex finally fall asleep.
19 Dec. 1985
You've Got a Friend
While Alex is in the shop where Mallory works, they catch Jessie Blake shoplifting. Dad Steven points out Milford home where Jessie lives is not an orphanage but specialized in problem children, often abused; Nick knows that is true for one of his cousins who lives there, but cant't remember his name nor the abusive Uncle's. Mallory decides to make the criminal her friend, despite Nick's warning one can't understand such kid, and indeed is repaid by more shoplifting... Meanwhile little Andy's greater interest for a toy's box then for its content reminds everybody of ...

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