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12 Jan. 1983
Sherry Baby
Mallory convinces Alex to go out with a Sorority girl in the hopes she'll invite her to join.
19 Jan. 1983
The Fugitive: Part 1
Elyse's brother Ned shows up suddenly with the FBI hot on his tail.
26 Jan. 1983
The Fugitive: Part 2
Ned considers his options with the FBI when the family becomes involved.
9 Feb. 1983
Margin of Error
Alex buys and sells stock on paper for a school project. He does so well, he decides to buy and sell for real, using his parent's stock account. Things go well, until they don't.
16 Feb. 1983
French Lessons
Mallory has a crush on Jeff, her French tutor, but his shyness prompts him to go to Alex for advice on taking her out with the usual results.
23 Feb. 1983
I Gotta Be Ming
Alex volunteers as a big brother but then lets his brother down when his schedule becomes too demanding.
16 Mar. 1983
Suzanne Takes You Down
Elyse tries to help her friend Suzanne through a rough patch by hiring her on as her assistant but comes to regret it when Suzanne forgets her place and takes over Elyse's business.
28 Mar. 1983
The Fifth Wheel
With their parents out for the night, Alex and Mallory argue over who has to stay to watch Jennifer, leading Alex to take her to a poker game with his friends.
4 Apr. 1983
Stage Fright
Alex preps Mallory for a high school television quiz show when he can't find anyone else to fill an empty spot on his team.
11 Apr. 1983
Elyse D'Arc
Steven and Elyse clash when Elyse's busy schedule keeps them from spending any time together.
28 Sep. 1983
Tender Is the Knight
Alex must contend with a childhood sweetheart staying at the house who is unlike any girl he's met--or liked--before.
12 Oct. 1983
The Homecoming
Mallory's boyfriend Jeff returns to Columbus and confesses to Alex he hates Princeton and is willing to do anything to get out of it--even ask Mallory to go steady with him.
19 Oct. 1983
The Harder They Fall
Teacher/parent interviews at Alex and Mallory's school become interesting when both Steven and Elyse contend with a rude, insufferable teacher.
26 Oct. 1983
This Year's Model
Mallory enters herself and Elyse in a Mother/Daughter Modeling contest but ends up regretting it when they win and Elyse steals her thunder.
2 Nov. 1983
Not an Affair to Remember
Steven faces temptation at work when his new production assistant takes a liking to him.
9 Nov. 1983
Speed Trap
Alex turns to amphetamines to get through a particularly stressful period of exams and scholarship applications.
16 Nov. 1983
Sweet Lorraine
Working at the school radio station Alex sets himself up a blind date with a fellow music enthusiast. This date ends up being the 39-year-old Lorraine. The two enjoy themselves as their relationship blossoms, but Alex's parents have problems with the age difference between the two.
30 Nov. 1983
Batter Up
When the pitcher drops out of Jennifer's softball team, Jennifer asks Arlene to be on the team. Arlene is not a sports person, and is unaware that she is only needed to fill the team with another player so as to not forfeit.
14 Dec. 1983
A Keaton Christmas Carol
With Christmas just around the corner. Alex finds himself lacking holiday spirit as the rest of the Keaton clan prepares for the celebration. On Christmas Eve Alex is visited in a dream by ghostly messengers who give him a view of his past and future Christmases along with a different perception of the holiday.
21 Dec. 1983
To Snatch a Keith
Steven & Elyse play mediator between a friend and his ex-wife. Steven & Elyse argue each others sides and begin their own arguments. The mediation does not work, but Steven & Elyse realize they need to always keep their marriage fresh.

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