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Season 6

13 Sep. 1987
The Last of the Red Hot Psychologists
Back to school; Jennifer in high school and Andy in kindergarten. Alex and Mallory return to college. Alex is asked to participate in a psychology study by a co-student, Lauren. They get off to a bad start, but slowly find the attraction.
13 Sep. 1987
The Last of the Red Hot Psychologists: Part 2
Alex and Lauren continue with the psychology test, and their attraction to each other continues. Alex impulsively kisses her during a session. Worried about crossing the line, they are hesitant but work things out.
20 Sep. 1987
Dear Mallory
Mallory gets a job as an advice columnist. With the first issue, she includes her home address & phone number. Mallory gets constant calls and visits from everyone who wants help. Later, she finds out her advice has not been helpful.
27 Sep. 1987
The Other Woman
Andy is disappointed when Alex keeps missing their together time because he is with Lauren. Alex apologizes by taking Andy to a carnival, but also takes Lauren. The day does not go as planned. Alex and Andy talk, and things are worked out.
4 Oct. 1987
Dream Date
Jennifer has an admirer at school, Simon, who carries her books and buys her gifts. He likes Jennifer but she does not like him. She likes someone else who does not notice her. She decides to go with Simon to use him to get to the other.
18 Oct. 1987
Super Mom
Elyse gets caught up in work projects to the point of working a lot of overtime. This leaves little time for her family where everyone is confused as to who does what duties and keeping the house moving. Elyse realizes something has to give.
25 Oct. 1987
Walking on Air
An intern job opens at the station where Steven works. He thinks Mallory should get the job. Mallory does not want to the job. She avoids her father so he does not keep asking. The Keatons try to solve a cereal contest to win a $5,000 prize.
1 Nov. 1987
Invasion of the Psychologist Snatchers
Lauren's old boyfriend visits and Alex is insecure about his relationship with Lauren. Alex does not see what Lauren sees in him (Alex) when Eric seems better on every level.
8 Nov. 1987
The Way We Were
The Keatons are delighted by a surprise visit from Elyse's Aunt Rosemary. The Keatons start to notice a difference in her actions, and Rosemary finally admits she is becoming forgetful. A doctor diagnoses onset Alzheimer's disease
15 Nov. 1987
Mister Sister
Nick applies for the janitor position at Mallory's sorority and becomes an honorary sorority member.
22 Nov. 1987
Citizen Keaton
Mallory runs for class president and Alex becomes her campaign manager.
29 Nov. 1987
Father Time: Part 1
Steven's brother Rob and children, Marilyn & Jonathan, visit after his divorce is finalized. He now works as in outdoor telephone repair. His daughter Marilyn is having a hard time with her parent's divorce and takes it out on the Keatons.
6 Dec. 1987
Father Time: Part 2
While visiting the Keaton's, Rob's daughter Marilyn stays out all night with a guy she just met. Rob realizes he lost parental control. Rob and Steven talk about marriage, happiness, and children. Rob takes another chance to talk to Marilyn.
13 Dec. 1987
The American Family
Lauren is writing a paper on the family unit and uses the Keatons as an example. With Lauren's questions, the family reminiscences about the events that help demonstrate the answers.
16 Dec. 1987
Anniversary Waltz
With their 20th wedding anniversary, Steven wants a small gathering, Elyse wants a large party. Everything goes wrong, from the party planning, roof leaks, plumbing issues, to everyone arguing about everything.
20 Dec. 1987
Miracle in Columbus
Money-hungry Alex gets a job as a mall Santa. While Alex sees the holiday as a financial event, he gets caught up in the reason for the season when a little girl only wants her father home for a Christmas gift.
10 Jan. 1988
The Play's the Thing
The local theater is producing a radical play that Steven wrote in the 1960s. Steven wants Elyse to play the lead. At the first performance, things go wrong and it ends up with two leading men. The audience is underwhelmed.
17 Jan. 1988
The Spirit of Columbus
Nick is ecstatic when one of his art works sells for $200. Alex sees a money making venture. He convinces Nick to mass produce his "one of a kind" artwork. As Nick works, he loses his interest in art because it is no longer fun.
24 Jan. 1988
The Blues Brother
Alex is DJ for a radio show for his college. He plays a blues track and announces the singer/player is dead. The blues singer calls the station and says news of his death is premature. He agrees to visit the radio station for a talk.
7 Feb. 1988
Read It and Weep: Part 1
Jennifer writes a report on "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" for her English class even though it's now on a list of banned books. She becomes the focus of a battle over rights of free speech.
14 Feb. 1988
Read It and Weep: Part 2
Jennifer's actions spur on a public meeting with the School Board to discuss if "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" or other books should be banned from being read by students.
21 Feb. 1988
Quittin' Time
Mallory finds a box of old love letters between Steven & Elyse. Andy copies them to send to a school girl he likes. Lauren stresses from working on senior thesis. Alex tells her to take a break. She does, and starts watching soap operas.
28 Feb. 1988
Spring Reminds Me
A former neighbor, Evelyn, visits the Keatons. Her daughter was Mallory's friend, but recently committed suicide. Evelyn begins to think Mallory is her own daughter. Steven finds a box of magic items and tries all the tricks with the family.
6 Mar. 1988
The Boys Next Door
Roger, a former childhood neighbor of Elyse's visits. Roger was considered a nerd as a child, but is now a millionaire. He wants Elyse to be his date for a college reunion.
13 Mar. 1988
Sign of the Times
Andy becomes the official School Buddy for a new child starting at the school. Josh is deaf. He and Andy become good friends. When the other classmates tease Josh, Andy refuses to talk anymore until the teasing stops.
20 Mar. 1988
Return of the Native
Cousin June visits the Keatons, on holiday from her university studies in London. Memories bubble up when she starts talking about dating boys and a trip to Florence, mostly embarrassing moments for Keatons (from previous episodes), such as weird dates and teachers or the 'home hotel' Alex ran with Skippy and the girls...
1 May 1988
Father, Can You Spare a Dime?
Nick's art class at the community center has ended, and he wants to open his own art school to continue working with children and art. Nick is refused a loan, and he asks his father to lend him money. His father is hesitant.

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