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Season 7

30 Oct. 1988
It Happened One Night
Steven & Elyse wants to take the entire family on a camping trip, but the three oldest do not want to go. After Steven & Elyse leave, the children feel guilty and head out to the campsite. Unfortunately, they get lost.
6 Nov. 1988
Designing Woman
Mallory gets an internship at a fashion company and is ecstatic. Mallory is happy to share her ideas with her co-worker, but then finds out the co-worker is stealing her ideas. Mallory confronts her, but nothing seems like it will change.
13 Nov. 1988
Steven is upset at the size of the electricity bill, and tries to reduce costs around the house. Andy finds a friend with Nick's nephew. Alex feels left out when Andy prefers to play with the nephew rather than him.
27 Nov. 1988
Beyond Therapy
Lauren is upset over the lack of communication and emotional sharing between she and Alex. Lauren suggests that they see a therapist to discover the cause of their problem.
4 Dec. 1988
Heartstrings: Part 1
After jogging with Elyse, Steven feels pains in his chest. He is taken to the hospital and they find out he had a heart attack. While in the hospital, everyone starts to meet other family members and patients who suffered a heart attack.
11 Dec. 1988
Heartstrings: Part 2
Steven has an operation to clear a valve from his heart attack. As they wait and worry, Elyse and the others remember events with Steven. They take comfort talking and sharing with other people waiting for their spouses.
18 Dec. 1988
Heartstrings: Part 3
Family and friends continue their vigil while Steven has his operation. The operation is a success and home they go. Steven has to adjust to restrictions in food and activity, while the family treat him as an elderly invalid.
1 Jan. 1989
Basic Training
Mallory and Skippy attend Career Day at Grant College. Skippy finds out he has no aptitude for any skill or job. He decides to join the Army. Skippy takes to Basic Training in usual form. Also, the family continues to treat Steven gently.
8 Jan. 1989
Deja Vu
Jennifer is starting to see Josh - whose older brother Jeff used to date Mallory. Mallory remembers all the hurt feelings from when Jeff dumped her and she advises Jennifer to stop seeing Josh.
15 Jan. 1989
Nick's Best Friend
Andy celebrates his 7th birthday and Alex tells him how to look just for gifts and not read the birthday cards. Nick is reunited with his dog from when he lived at home. One day with Nick, he runs in the street and is hit by a car.
29 Jan. 1989
Get Me to the Living Room on Time
Steven struggles for an idea for his next documentary. When Andy has his new friends visit, the Keatons find out the friends are from the retirement home. Steven sees this as his idea. When Joseph proposes to Eva, his son protests.
5 Feb. 1989
The Job Not Taken
With Alex looking for a job, his friend Paul recommends him for a job where he works. Alex is offered the position, but then finds out his new job is to replace Paul. Paul is fired, and Alex feels guilty having his job.
12 Feb. 1989
The Wrecker's Ball
Mallory has a new passion - massage. Also, Elyse finds out the first building she designed is slated to be torn down and the space used for a mall. Elyse and the family fight city hall to keep the building from being destroyed.
19 Feb. 1989
My Best Friend's Girl
Jennifer has her learners permit; Steven & Elyse compete to show who is better driving instructor. Also, Skippy has trouble meeting girls, so Lauren decides to be a matchmaker. As Skippy & Lauren work together, he falls in love with her.
26 Feb. 1989
'Til Her Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away
Mallory is ready to buy a car, but she needs a co-signer on the loan. Steven refuses to do it because Mallory wants to drive on a cross-country trip with Nick. Mallory turns to Nick's father for a co-signer.
5 Mar. 1989
Simon Says
A 10-year old girl has a crush on Alex and he cannot escape her. Jennifer & Simon work together at a fast food place for a school project of teens in the workplace. Simon pays more attention to Jennifer than customers and is inept.
12 Mar. 1989
All in the Neighborhood: Part 1
Steven's black friend Gus & his family move into the neighborhood. Gus' family is threatened, the house vandalized. The Keatons try to reason with neighbors and have Gus stay. Neighbors gather to help clean the vandalized house.
19 Mar. 1989
All in the Neighborhood: Part 2
Steven's black friend Gus & his family move into the neighborhood. Gus' family is threatened, the house vandalized. The Keatons try to reason with neighbors and have Gus stay. Neighbors gather to help clean the vandalized house.
2 Apr. 1989
They Can't Take That Away from Me: Part 1
Alex's girlfriend Lauren is attending a conference for a few weeks, and Alex is conducting an economic class at Leland College. A student in the class needs tutoring. Alex and Marty find a mutual attraction.
9 Apr. 1989
They Can't Take That Away from Me: Part 2
Lauren returns from her conference, and Alex tells her he is interested in Marty more than he should be. Alex has to choose between the two women. As his graduation from college begins, Alex makes his choice.
16 Apr. 1989
Rain Forests Keep Fallin' on My Head
In Jennifer's Natural Science class, they study ecology. Jennifer goes from trying to save the environment to an obsession. She wants to change everything the family does or has. Steven & Elyse have her talk to a counselor.
23 Apr. 1989
Wrap Around the Clock Part 1
Andy has to make a time capsule for a school project. Everyone contributes something unique to the box. As items go in the box, the family reminisces about the item and their lives at those times.
7 May 1989
Mr. Keaton Takes a Vacation
While Nick's apartment is painted, he needs to stay somewhere else. The Keatons reluctantly let him stay with them for the week. Steven takes off from vacation so he can monitor the stay. Being together for long periods, Steven and Nick bond.
14 May 1989
Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore
As Alex packs his items for a move to New York, each family members has a chance to say their individual goodbyes. Nick & Skippy show up for their goodbyes, as well as his former girlfriend Lauren.

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