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6 Jan. 1983
The love bug bites as Sherwood registers with a video dating service; Bruno falls for an older woman; and a singing cowboy lassos Doris' heart.
13 Jan. 1983
Star Quality
Leroy narrowly escapes being failed out of school with the help of an elderly tap dancer and a little boy.
20 Jan. 1983
Sunshine Again
Shorofsky and Bruno both promise a show's dress rehearsal to different people. Doris is worried that her grandmother may move into her parents' home.
27 Jan. 1983
Love Is the Question
A young man learns about friendship and trust when he finds himself in love with Julie Miller.
10 Feb. 1983
Blood, Sweat and Circuits
Bruno accepts a challenge from Miss Sherwood to try to create "art" from a computer and when the school acquires one, he's delighted, until he learns that the machine's purpose is to replace Mrs. Berg.
17 Feb. 1983
Friendship Day
Preparations for "Friendship Day" at School of the Arts has put everyone at odds with each other.
24 Feb. 1983
Not in Kansas Anymore
Doris slips, hits her head and dreams she's entered the "Land of Oz".
3 Mar. 1983
The Kids from Fame in Concert
This episode was comprised of excerpts from the Kids from Fame live concert in the United Kingdom.
10 Mar. 1983
...Help from My Friends
After a series of school lockers are vandalized, Dwight finds a suicide note and Doris tries to enlist her friends in helping her find the note's author.
31 Mar. 1983
Ending on a High Note
In order to appear in a show with a famous actor, Leroy and Danny become involved coaching a boys' choir in basketball.
7 Apr. 1983
U.N. Week
Students from "a more academically prestigious" school visit the School of the Arts for U.N Week and act snobbishly towards the kids.
15 Oct. 1983
Gonna Learn How to Fly: Part 1
The excitement of a new school year is dampened when Bruno's father suddenly dies and he is forced to drop out of school.
22 Oct. 1983
Gonna Learn How to Fly: Part 2
Leroy and Christopher try to settle their differences in a fist fight, while Bruno gets a waiters job where he can also play his music.
29 Oct. 1983
Hail to the Chief
Problems occur when the President of the United States decides to visit a benefit show at the school.
5 Nov. 1983
Fame on Tour: Happy Birthday Israel
This "episode" was comprised of excerpts from the Kids from Fame concert in Israel.
12 Nov. 1983
Leroy helps Sherwood learn how to talk jive, so she could reach a student with a problem; and helps Billy Hall become a better dancer.
18 Nov. 1983
Bruno falls for Lisa Connors, who just happens to be Shorofsky's student teacher.
26 Nov. 1983
Danny is forced to choose between friends when he discovers Chris cheated on a test, using Holly's answers.
10 Dec. 1983
Break Dance
Chris and Michael coach two rival gangs, who agree to settle their differences with a break dance competition. While Coco leaves school to pursue her career.

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