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7 Jan. 1982
Julie tries her best to fit in at the New York School for the Performing Arts, with a little bit of help from Doris and Montgomery.
14 Jan. 1982
Passing Grade
Coco and Lydia vie for a part in a show. Danny wants to meet Johnny Carson and becomes a waiter.
21 Jan. 1982
Tomorrow's Farewell
The school board has come to evaluate the school. Each of the kids are interviewed and we get a glimpse of their background.
28 Jan. 1982
Alone in a Crowd
Bruno is afraid of performing in public and must learn to overcome his fears.
4 Feb. 1982
To Soar and Never Falter
Bruno is in love with a dance major named Kathy Murphy. When he is to write a piece of music for her, she performs for him and gets injured. It turns out that she has Multiple Sclerosis.
11 Feb. 1982
The Sell-Out
When Bruno's dad buys him a new synthesizer, Bruno feels the need to get a job to help pay for it. Meanwhile, Julie wonders why Coco is suddenly so rude to her while they are doing a very important number together.
18 Feb. 1982
The Strike
The School Of The Arts is plagued by a teachers' strike just as the kids are set to work on a musical production of Othello. Meanwhile Leroy is cast for the part of Othello, but feels he just can't speak the way the script was written.
25 Feb. 1982
Street Kid
Doris, while pretending to be a hooker, meets a real hooker named Tracy, and tries to help her out.
4 Mar. 1982
But Seriously Folks
Danny starts taking caffeine pills to juggle school and his new midnight gig at a comedy club. Meanwhile Doris has her first screen-test for a hamburger commercial.
11 Mar. 1982
Come One, Come All
Montgomery's mother, a famous movie star, has agreed to direct the school variety show. The only problem is she wants to use it to showcase herself.
18 Mar. 1982
The Crazies
Doris learns that sometimes honesty is not always the best policy. When Shorofsky is hospitalized, Bruno realizes that he is important to his life.
25 Mar. 1982
When Julie gets replaced by a mannequin in a production number, she feels unimportant until a reporter threatens to do an expose on her.
1 Apr. 1982
A Musical Bridge
Montgomery tries to get Bruno to cash in on his songwriting abilities.
15 Apr. 1982
A Big Finish
The janitor has a secret. He was a famous Broadway dancer and he is hiding a friend (also a famous dancer) and a dog in his office.
29 Apr. 1982
Leroy wants his mom to come to the last show of year but she is in Detroit. Shorofsky's old flame visits and tells the students about the holocaust.
6 May 1982
A Special Place
Budget cutbacks prompts the School Board to fire one of the school's teachers.
30 Sep. 1982
And the Winner Is....
Bruno's script is chosen to be produced and he is given the chance to choose the cast. Unfortunately he can't make up his mind as to whom to choose.
7 Oct. 1982
Your Own Song
Coco tries to get along with a learning disabled student.
14 Oct. 1982
Julie's dad is getting remarried, and Julie does not like it one bit. Also, Leroy tries out for a touring dance troupe.
21 Oct. 1982
Class Act
A famous dancer visits the school wooing Lydia but not having the same compassion for her students
28 Oct. 1982
Lydia takes a part time job teaching aerobics at Richard Simmons club. Mr. Shorofsky tires to prevent Bruno from entering a scholarship contest.
4 Nov. 1982
Students cry racism when a ballet teacher won't let Leroy's girlfriend have a solo part.
11 Nov. 1982
Solo Song
A blind substitute teacher interferes with Lydia's preparation for a performance that the school board will attend.
18 Nov. 1982
Coco auditions for a big part in a movie. Doris goes on a crash diet.
25 Nov. 1982
Miss Sherwood finds blacked out words in a student's book. Coco tries to convince her boyfriend Julio to go back to school.
2 Dec. 1982
Childhood's End
When her grandmother dies, Coco questions her decision to become a performer. The kids attempt to find Julie's stolen cello.
9 Dec. 1982
Doris tries to reunite her father and brother after years of apart, while the students share Miss Grant's need to impress her former teacher.
16 Dec. 1982
A Tough Act to Follow
Danny's grief over the death of Mr. Crandall threatens to cause his expulsion, but help comes from an unexpected source.

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