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4 Jan. 1986
Heavy Sweat
After watching a run of Humphrey Bogart movies in air-conditioned splendor, Paul and Joey hit the street during the summers worst heat wave and begin to see suspicious criminal types at every turn.
18 Jan. 1986
What Goes Up
The Edison family become charmed by the amazing adventure stories of world famous balloonist Maurice Lafayette, who is in town while his daughter Elaine to raise funds for their next spectacular expedition.
1 Feb. 1986
Chips and Choppers
Paul and Joey find themselves in trouble when Paul climbs a fence to retrieve his remote control helicopter which has accidentally crashed onto the high security grounds of a computer chip research company.
15 Feb. 1986
Strictly for the Birds
Annie leaves Tom holding the shovel on a zoopoo detail at the Weston Zoo when she remembers her odder to help Paul find information fro his school project on ostriches.
15 Mar. 1986
The Live One
In an effort to promote family togetherness, Tom and Annie lure their parents into the annual Weston Fishing Derby. A comedic battle of the sexes ensures when the boys bait the girls into a competition.
16 Apr. 1986
Gone with the Windigo
After their campsite is ransacked, Annie insists on finishing the orienteering race and rallies the Weston team to a spirited finish, before accompanying Tom in a search for the Windigo monster. As night sets in, Tom and Annie follow the trail of the woodland marauder and Paul and Lance lose each other in the forest. Alone in the woods, Paul overcomes his fear and makes a startling discovery and Annie is saved from a poisonous snake by the mysterious Windigo.
23 Apr. 1986
The Secret of Windigo Lake
After agreeing to give himself up to the forest ranger to clear himself of the charge that he has been vandalizing the forest, Ken Bradley, (the Windigo), mysteriously disappears and Tom and Annie suspect foul play.
30 Apr. 1986
One Good Con...
The twins go on a treasure hunt when history teacher Orin Johnson quits his job and spend his life savings on a rundown piece of real estate in the hopes of finding a legendary pirate treasure.
14 May 1986
Smile for the Camera
The arrival in town of a movie talent scout catapults Toms interest in nature photography into the hectic world of fashion photography as first his girlfriend Brenda, and then a bevy of budding actresses flock to his door to have their pictures taken.
21 May 1986
Tarantula Blues
Tom and Annies hopes of hosting an elegant black tie party in honor of a well-to-do English guest turn into bedlam when Paul accidentally sets a tarantula loose in the house.
28 May 1986
The Case of the Friendly Fugitive
After finding a baby elephant, Paul and Joey decide to build a home for her and pledge an oath of secrecy to keep their pachyderm pet a permanent playmate.
4 Jun. 1986
Gems and Jelly Beans
The elephant is on the loose again; this time wearing a priceless, jewel studded harness, but when she finds her way back to Paul and Joey, the harness has vanished and her trainer is arrested for the crime.
11 Jun. 1986
The Maharajah of Weston
After discovering that the gems in the Pali Harness are fake, Tom and Annie set out in search of the man who made them while Paul is left to entertain the Maharajah of Pali.
18 Jun. 1986
Video Vengeance
An evening of watching video launches Paul into a new movie making career and Tom and Annie into an investigation of the origins of a doctored video tape that threatens to ruin the reputation of a family friend.
2 Jul. 1986
Pizza Poltergeist
When a mysterious presence threatens to close down Mammas Pizza Palace, Annie offers to run the restaurant for one day so she and Tom can witness the unexplained phenomenon first hand.
9 Jul. 1986
Invitation to a Mystery
When Tom and Annie are invited to the reading of George Kelsys video will, they, and two of Georges closest friends, find themselves involved in a mysterious treasure hunt in the old mansion.
3 Sep. 1986
Lance's Luck
Intent on saving the financially troubled Weston Lanes Bowling Alley, Lance persuades the Edisons to join his team in the annual pro/am bowling tournament.
10 Sep. 1986
One Way Ticket
When Lance is almost arrested for trying to use phony concert tickets, Tom drags Annie along on an investigation to track down the man who gave Lance the tickets.
17 Sep. 1986
The Mystery of the Maze
The twins move into their university residence and uncover a cryptic letter that hints of unsolved murder. Leaving Tom to juggle packing crates, Annie, Paul and Joey, set off to investigate, but when another clue is brought to light, Tom joins in the search to expose the body thats been buried for thirty years.
24 Sep. 1986
The Initiation
Tom is undergoing a torturous initiation into the engineering fraternity and Annie is having problems in biology. When the professor brings in some rabbits as test subjects, Annies outraged lab partner decided to take matters into his own hands and Tom is called in to help Annie save the student from expulsion.
15 Oct. 1986
The Revenge of the Plants
Tom is coerced into mixing up a batch of fertilizer for the seedlings Annie is germinating for her botany class. When an accident in the lab accelerates the growth of the plants at an alarming rate, Annie is thrilled, until Tom unearths a greenhouse conspiracy.
5 Nov. 1986
The Legacy of Bayfield Downs
Tom goes horseback riding with Collette Featherstone and Annie is invited to tag along. Before they know it, they are off on a treasure hunt for a lost time capsule containing a secret Collettes Father would rather have kept buried.
12 Nov. 1986
Money for Nothing
Paul and Joey decide to give all their money away and become hippies, but Nick has other plans for Tom and Annie. He knows of a pyramid money scheme thats guaranteed to make them all rich. As Tom is enticed by the lure of easy money, Annie holds fast in her stand against greed.
19 Nov. 1986
The Golden Goose Chase
Out shopping one day, Tom, Annie, and Nick see a fleeing criminal. A suspect is apprehended, but Annie is certain the police have the wrong man. While Paul and Nick practice for a spaghetti eating contest, Tom and Annies investigation leads them to a web-footed culprit.
26 Nov. 1986
How to Haunt a Haunted House
On his way to a Fifties revival dance, Tom thinks he sees a ghost in an abandoned house. Spurred on by Annie, Tom gives the house a through search with his scientific equipment that sends Annie on her own investigation of the illusive apparition.
3 Dec. 1986
A Message for Triton
The university computer goes on the fritz and the twins decide to find out why, Armed with software and security codes, Tom traces the footprints of a hacker bent on crashing the system in a countdown to technological chaos.
10 Dec. 1986
The Continental Twist
A foulup almost causes Annie to miss her trip to Italy, but a friendly travel agent solves the problem and gets invited to dinner. Nick is jealous and certain the travel agent has ulterior motives and drags Tom into a deadly web of international mystery and intrigue.
17 Dec. 1986
Vows from the Deep
Lance and Lulu have decided to get married, but no ones told her parents. As the big moment rapidly approaches, Tom and Annie rush to the aid of their old friend to get everyone to the pool on time.

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