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5 Jan. 1985
Boom Boom Edison
Annie and Tom are pre-occupied with a series of tests they are undergoing to gain acceptance into the student Summer Astronaut Orientation Program, and theyve given Paul permission to use the workshop to find a cure for his incurable hiccups. While Annie and Tom are fulfilling the sleep deprivation part of their testing, Paul sets chemistry in motion and accidentally concocts a dangerous explosive compound!
19 Jan. 1985
Team Rubberknees
Annie has her heart set on breaking the 45 year old speed record for tricycles and has enlisted the help of Tom to design and build the record-breaking trike, and none other than Barney Rubberknees Youngfield, the original record holder, as her coach. During Annies training, the team begins to suspect that someone is out to sabotage Annies plans.
2 Feb. 1985
Go Fly a Kite
Tom and Brain plan to launch a model rocket and they borrow and install a teachers valuable altimeter in the rocket to record the height of their victorious launch. Their troubles multiply on the day of the launch when the rocket veers out of control, gets lost in the forest, and Paul in charge of security claims there are spies in the forest who are after the rocket!
16 Feb. 1985
Dark Horse
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2 Mar. 1985
Alive or Dead
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16 Mar. 1985
Rescue at Sea
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6 Apr. 1985
Bases Loaded: One Girl Out
Annies all girl baseball team has organized a fund-raiser game, complete with a celebrity baseball player, in order to buy uniforms which they need to join a League.
20 Apr. 1985
Running on Empty
Annie and her best friend, Gayle, are training fro an important race that could lead to the Olympics. Gayle is determined to go for the gold, and in her zeal to excel, goes overboard in her diet to lose weight.
4 May 1985
Let Them Eat Cake
The great Edison Bake-Off is on when Annie and Tom agree to enter a baking contest. Comedy ensues when Tom concocts his masterpiece in the kitchen in the tradition of the great male chefs, and Annie prepares her cake in the workshop using scientific method.
18 May 1985
Monkey in the Middle
The Edisons discover a surprise visitor when Tom drives Mrs. Edison home from the airport a monkey who has a mysterious past and is being pursed by two men.
1 Jun. 1985
Everyone a Rembrandt
A mysterious incident that occurs while Tom is working in the Fine Arts Section of the library leads him to suspect that an art forgery crime has been committed.
15 Jun. 1985
Darkness at Noon
A solar eclipse is about to take place over Weston, and Tom plans to take pictures. His efforts are soon over-shadowed by a scientific solar eclipse team that rolls into town under the leadership of the charming Ned Rafferty.
6 Jul. 1985
Home Sweet Home
Tom gains his independence by moving into the spare room above the workshop, allowing Paul to take over his old room.
20 Jul. 1985
Robbers and Robots
While Tom and Annie act as weekend house sitters for the Clancys, Toms voice activated robot is stolen, along with every stick of the Clancy furniture!
4 Aug. 1985
Mind and Body
Tom is fed up with being the science nerd, and has chosen to try out for Lances hockey team instead of preparing his entry as class representative in the National Brain Olympics Competition.
17 Aug. 1985
My House Is Your House
Tom and Annie have volunteered to help their friend Millie prepare for her daughters upcoming visit by redecorating her entire apartment. When their plans fall through, the Edisons are forced to improvise.
1 Sep. 1985
The Case of the Missing Guitar
While rock star Debbie Delicious visits her home town of Weston, her priceless one-of-a- kind guitar is stolen, and ransomed for ten thousand dollars. Meanwhile, Paul has rented the room above the workshop to a Mr. Joseph Bell, a person Paul is convinced to be the legendary Sherlock Holmes!
21 Sep. 1985
The Case of the Odd Job
A high paying new job has turned Lance into an over-nigh success, buying gifts, cloths and cars like there was no tomorrow. Annies suspicions about Lances odd job are confirmed when his employers vanish, leaving Lance out of a job, and deeply in debt!
5 Oct. 1985
The Final Mystery
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19 Oct. 1985
The Fix
Toms friend J.J, the schools star basketball player, is experiencing a run of bad luck during games, and to make matter worse, rumors are spreading that J.J. is deliberately choking or fixing the game.
2 Nov. 1985
Water Witch
While visiting the Blakes farm to observe a well drilling, Tom, Annie, and Paul witness a long-time feud between Bud Howard, a Hydrologist who uses science to locate wells, and Noah Sedgwick, a water witch who douses for wells with a forked stick.
16 Nov. 1985
The Mole People
While filling in on a friends paper route, Paul and Joey meet the famous horror film star Nigel Rodgers, who claims his yard is being overtaken by the dangerous and terrifying Mole people.
7 Dec. 1985
All That Glitters
While exploring the wilderness for fossils, Annie and Lance discover a cave, but before Tom can follow them inside, the mouth of the cave collapses, trapping Annie and Lance inside.
21 Dec. 1985
Star-Crossed Lovers
Tom is trying to design an experimental set of laser headphones, Annie is designing the lighting board for a local theatre group, and Lance has designs to meet the girl of his dreams, Juliet in the theatres production of Romero and Juliet

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